Fell ow Aloha State Republicans:

The rail project's finances are the very definition of a scandal.  Yet in 2016, Hawaii Republicans are throwing away one of the most potent political issues of the 21st century by letting Democrats get away with murder.
Republicans sitting at home or at work are scratching their heads:  WHY is my party being silent??
Here are the simple facts about the giant scandal which Fritz Rohlfing and other party leaders are deliberately overlooking for the benefit (i.e. "protection") of Democrats and RINO's:
OCTOBER 2015:  Hawaii Democrats have overspent on the rail project for years and then demand a 5-year, $1.5 Billion tax extension to finish project.  In pushing for the tax extension, Democrats assure taxpayers that financial projections for rail construction are based on the most accurate and realistic data.
JANUARY 2016:  Hawaii Democrats assure the public that this tax extension would be enough to finish the rail project, while secretly knowing the rail project's financial bleeding at HART was worse than Democrats admitted.  Still, Democrats approve 5-year, $1.5 Billion extension of the rail tax saying it would be enough.
JANUARY 2016:  Hawaii Democrats (with the help of their buddies in the news media) are hiding the fact that property taxes will have to be increased by at least 10% forever to operate and maintain the overpriced rail system forever ( or 9% increase, if you still believe rail planners after all their rosy, bogus projections).
APRIL 2016:  Weeks later, after getting their lucrative tax extension, Hawaii Democrats finally admit that they've overspent again and don't have enough money to finish rail project, even after factoring in $1.5 Billion more over 5-years.  HART admits they don't have enough money to finish project; possibly running an additional $300 to $800 million over budget.  City audit reveals that Democrats at HART have secretly overspent and they've blown through all that money.
THAT'S RIGHT:   Democrats knew the rail project's financial bleeding at HART was worse than they said . . . DEMOCRATS WERE LYING WHILE THEY WERE PUSHING THROUGH A $1.5 BILLION TAX INCREASE.
WHAT are Republicans doing about this explosive and impactful issue?  Exploiting it for political gain?  Nope.  Promoting a competing plan to fix rail or provide alternate traffic relief?  Nope.  Speaking with a united voice against overtaxation and government waste?  NopeThe party of Fritz Rohlfing is sleeping on the job.
The issue of the decade 
which easily unites Republicans and shames Democrats is being ignored by GOP leaders.
*** No party rallies.  No party PR.  No party ads.  No party canvassing.
No party phone banking.  Nothing but silence and inaction. ***

Sadly, even if Republicans wanted to take a stand, party leaders from Fritz Rohlfing to Pat Saiki to David Chang to Beth Fukumoto have DECIMATED our party organization.  Under the state party's leadership in recent years, our 4 county party organizations, 51 district organizations, and 246 precinct organizations are completely unorganized, dysfunctional, and not doing jack squat to replace D's with R's.
While party leaders have had YEARS to ramp up an organization to take on the Democrats, they knowingly procrastinated, broke every rule in the book, and utterly failed to build a serious party.
The destruction of the Republican Party of Hawaii is nearly complete.  The Hawaii GOP has become silent, neutral and disorganized.  Closet Democrats and RINO's have run our party into the ground.
A Hawaii GOP in full surrender mode.  This is what party donors get for their money - this is what members get for their support - this is what candidates get for their courage - this is what volunteers get from their leader.
It's no wonder that so few Republicans have stepped up to be candidates in 2016.  They know that Rohlfing and party leaders have done nothing to help prepare the battlefield for brave GOP candidates; leaving each candidate having to do all the heavy lifting of voter education and persuasion and identification and mobilization by themselves against a well-oiled Democrat Machine . . . a machine which knows that our party's leaders like Rohlfing are a joke.
THE BOTTOM LINE:  In 2016, Hawaii voters are no more likely to believe that they will get different results by electing Republicans than Democrats . . . BECAUSE WE HAVEN'T TOLD THEM HOW WE'D BE DIFFERENT.  What a damn shame.  Another two years frittered away.
*** Make no mistake, Democrats are NOT missing the boat to exploit this rail scandal for political advantage.  For instance, Ernie Martin has been savaging Kirk Caldwell over rail as he ramps up his mayoral challenge. ***
For the Hawaii GOP, unfortunately, it's too late to save 2016;  all thanks to the party's RINO leadership.  But starting now, we can take bold steps to salvage 2018 and beyond for our GOP candidates - local, state and federal.
So let's turn things around.  If you really want to change Hawaii, then join HIRA today.  Hawaii has a bright future as a red state with a Republican majority.  Let's get started!!
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