Under Par

Logan Underwood 11 Birdies and an Eagle
shoots -8 to take the OVERALL Championship

Web.com Junior Players Tour

Marsh Landing Country Club and Glen Kernan Country Club
July 30 and 31, 2018

Hard to believe it’s the end of the 2017-2018 Tournament season already. Man time has flown by! I guess if the ole adage (time fly’s when you’re having fun) is correct we had a lot of fun along the way. I know I did and the NFJG TOUR Staff totally agrees that this year was a great deal of fun filled with outstanding golf on outstanding golf courses, from familiar faces of dedicated NFJG TOUR supporters. This season brought out many new faces from referrals of those so dedicated to NFJG TOUR to grow the junior program here in our own back yard.

In the past five years we’ve grown together quite a bit and we’ve turned the heads of those organizations interested to figure out how we do what we do. You know what? The answer is simple. We do what we do because we truly care and we have dedicated PGA, LPGA and other outstanding staff who are dedicated to growing the game for our kids, here in the Greater Jacksonville arena. I’ve said it a hundred times. We’re blessed with great parents from all walks of life and we have loving partnerships who CARE and provide needed dollars! We’re diversified and we believe in inclusion for all. Our program builds for the future and we offer more opportunity to play higher level golf than any other organization I know of at our level and that’s how it should be while we encourage our members to play on this outstanding local junior tour to make it BIGGER and BETTER every year. 

When you look at the “Incentives Program” list on the website it gives you the general idea of our goal to provide junior golf opportunity at a low cost and at great courses. The Staff’s greatest satisfaction is to watch our junior players grow, mature and navigate their way to top of the charts. My staff and I routinely talk about those who have passed through the ranks of the NFJG TOUR and WOW are there some impressive players and so many more to be added to the list. We read and hear about them all the time and it’s truly an energetic feeling to know that they once played on the NFJF TOUR and that we had something to do with their direction in golf and in life. So, to our 15 players who are headed to the college ranks we wish you all the best and know that we will be watching you as you grow your future and every once in a while your name will come up in our conversations.

Sweet deal! ……..

It's the END OF THE ROAD. New Season starts September one
The Annual Awards Banquet will be filled with fun on the mats as junior players compete for prize. This year as in the past FOOT-JOY will be our main sponsor. The Banquet marks the end of the season, but no worries the NEW SEASON starts September 1 with a discounted members registration fee when you register before October 1, 2018. Details will be out soon. Spread the word, "THE TOUR IS COMING"

The NFJG TOUR Shootout provided by the Web.com TOUR and presented by Legacy Trust will be hosted at Atlantic Beach Country Club on September 19, 2018. NFJG TOUR Players will play alongside Web.com TOUR Players and future PGA Player TOUR stars. Eight NFJG TOUR Player earned their way in this event:

  • Logan Underwood and Kylie Turner
  • Peyton Bilings and Lisa Colee
  • Jack Barned and Reni Jancsik
  • Andrew Riley and Marissa Cardenas

Sell the BEACH BUCKS card and you earn enough dough to pay for or partially pay for your trip to Scotland come July of 2019. Each card sold gets you $20. Sell a hundred and it's $2000. I did, so I know you can to. My $2000 will go to deserving NFJG TOUR Members wanting to be part of this RYDER CUP effort. Let me know if you want to be part of the Ryder Cup Team?

Interested in going to Scotland and
Selling Cards are:
  • Jack Aschenbach
  • Lynne Kirkpatrick
  • Mike Charrie
  • Jack Hardy
  • Jayden Williams
  • Sam Harrell
  • Add your name here

Our NFJG TOUR Ambassador Russell Knox after returning from a successful European trip is in the World Golf Championships-Bridgestone Invitational. In round one he shot -3 and is tied for 21st. Give out a ROOOOO and send your best wishes!

Player Incentives thanks for our Sponsors and Foundation Partners
Annual Awards Banquet at TOP GOLF!

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Hosted by
The Golf Club at South Hampton
Connor Dzion Memorial Golf Postponed
until Saturday, November 24, 2018

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