SLHTA’s Quarterly General Meeting

Several crucial matters related to the hospitality and tourism sector were discussed last Tuesday when the Saint Lucia Hospitality & Tourism Association (SLHTA) hosted its Quarterly General Meeting at Harbor Club St. Lucia in Rodney Bay.

Hosted under the theme, “Creating Connections, Building Linkages”, the lively discussions were held as the Association continues to focus on the importance of linkages within key sectors of the economy, namely agriculture, arts and craft, manufacturing, and small business enterprises. The need for building strong alliances among allied members, developing relationships and acquiring mutual benefits with the accommodation sector were also underscored.

“Regarding the introduction of our new strategic plan to cover the work of the Association over the next three years, we found ourselves as an associated body, being called upon more and more to get involved in the discussions on conservation, environment, crime and security, developmental standards – it runs the full gamut,” Azeez explained.

He added that: “This represents about thirteen or so bodies or organs that we sit on, actively campaigning and explaining to them the impact of these issues on tourism, and working to build coalition so that we can work towards consensus and influence policy and legislation that can guide or regulate the growth of the tourism industry.”

The December 17 Quarterly General Meeting was in response to calls made at last August’s AGM for more fora to be hosted where members can discuss and be apprised on the operations of the SLHTA.
Head Tax set to take effect from 1st April 2020

The SLHTA Secretariat wishes to advise members that further to a discussion between the Honorable Minister for Tourism and SLHTA CEO, it has been brought to our attention that the Accommodation Head Tax, set to be implemented on 1st April 2020 will be charged to guests at check-in. This model is designed to ease the impact of the tax on existing contract arrangements, ensure implementation as of 1st April 2020 and supplement financial resources for the Tourism Authority for the next financial year. 

The accommodation based Head Tax, as approved by Cabinet, will be two-tiered, not applicable to guests under the age of 16 years and applied as follows:
US$ 3 per night per guest staying at a hotel with an average ADR below US$120; and
US$6 per night per guest staying at a hotel with an average ADR above US$120
This fee is to be applied to all non-sharing platform accommodation providers.
The rate of value-added tax (VAT) on hotel accommodation providers will be lowered from 10.0% to 7.0%.
In the coming weeks, the Tourism Authority is to spearhead further discussions with the sector on the most effective modalities through which accommodation providers will collect and remit the fee to the Tourism Authority, to ensure high compliance levels, amongst other aspects related to implementation of the fee.
AA Non-Stop Flight from Chicago

On December 21st 2019, Saint Lucia welcomed an inaugural nonstop American Airlines flight from Chicago, with festive celebrations in each destination to commemorate the occasion.

To honor the departure of the first flight, Minister of Tourism Honorable Dominic Fedee greeted passengers at the gate in Chicago before takeoff. The atmosphere was convivial and Minister Fedee helped to build excitement for passengers embarking on their Saint Lucia vacation by providing details about the destination while passengers listened to live steel pan music, photo opportunities with Saint Lucians attired in colorful National Wear and enjoyed breakfast treats. During the flight, several lucky passengers won prizes including a complimentary return stay in Saint Lucia and branded gifts.

Upon landing in Saint Lucia, the flight was welcomed with a water canon salute and live music by local steel pan youth band the Laborie Pan Project. In a press conference at the airport, Minister Fedee presented a plaque to the American Airlines airline crew... Read More
The Travel Foundation: Lionfish on the Menu Project

Our goal is to contribute to the eradication of the invasive lionfish species, supporting the conservation of native reef fish stocks around Saint Lucia. To achieve this, we aim to demonstrate the economic value of catching and selling lionfish by building supply-chain links between fishing co-operatives and tourist restaurants.

The rapid and devastating invasion of the lionfish in the Caribbean Sea is threatening the survival of coral reef systems, reducing native fish numbers by up to 80%¹. In Saint Lucia, lionfish populations are increasing, but consumption is low.

This is partly due to the misconception that the fish is poisonous and can’t be eaten (although the spines are venomous, with correct handling they can be easily and safely removed).

We have delivered a training workshop for hotel chefs and purchasing managers, supported by the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association, to encourage the chefs to put lionfish on the menu, as well as to train them in how to safely handle and process the fish. The workshop was followed by the inclusion of lionfish as a mystery ingredient for Saint Lucia’s high profile, annual chefs in schools culinary competition.

For more information on this project please visit
SLHTA Congratulates the winners of our Xmas Raffle 2019!

1st prize - Jade Mountain
One night stay All-Inclusive for two in a pool sanctuary
Won by: Verna Wilson

2nd prize – Ladera Resort
Two night stay, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and beverages included with meals Won by: Simon Hercules

3rd prize – Calabash Cove
Weekend for two including breakfast and dinner
Won by: Candice Isembert

4th prize – Anse Chastanet
Two nights all-inclusive for two in a hillside deluxe room
Won by: Yaris

5th prize – St James’s Club Morgan Bay St Lucia
All-inclusive three night stay for two
Won by: Bernelle Edwin

6th prize – Bay Gardens Hotel and Inn
Weekend for two including breakfast
Won by: Douglas Isidore

7th prize – Sea Spray Cruises
Sunset cruise for two
Won by: Yenver Caezar

8th prize – Jade Mountain
Lunch for two
Won by: Bryan Preville

9th prize – Cap Maison
Dinner for two at Naked Fisherman
Won by: Chrystal George

10th prize – Sandals Grande St Lucia Spa & Beach Resort
Dinner for two
Won by: Chanda Isembert

11th prize – Anse Chastanet
Day pass for two including lunch
Won by: Yvette Henry

12th prize – Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa
Day pass for two
Won by: Ortis Howell

13th prize – Marigot Bay Resort and Marina
Dinner for two at The Rum Cave
Won by: Jermyal Paul
SLHTA TEF Xmas Hampers

The Tourism Enhancement Fund is set to embark on its annual Xmas Hampers distribution to spread the seasonal cheers and goodwill to families in need. Annually over 250 hampers are distributed to needy families islandwide containing sanitary products, food items and other household supplies. This year the SLHTA has been inundated with requests for support from a number of communities and is exploring increasing the number of hampers to 300. The hampers are usually distributed directly by the TEF and through churches, community groups and the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.
Crime and Citizen Security
Crime and Citizen Security has been indentified as a key area for support and advocacy for the SLHTA in 2020. Over the past few months, the SLHTA has been working closely with its own consultant and representatives from the Prime Minister’s Office to discuss pertinent matters related to this topic. A comprehensive review of current measures being taken to mitigate crime has been shared with members at the recent Quartely General Meeting of the Association.

Last week the SLHTA CEO met with the proprietor of the Hummingbird Beach Resort to discuss some of their concerns regarding this topic and to learn first hand how they are being effected. As members continue to register their concerns with noise pollution, user conflict issues and environmental degradation due to mass tourism activity, the Association has shortlisted this issue as a key area for targeted interventions over the coming year. Closer collaboration with key stakeholders is critical for us to successfully address these issues and we look forward to strengthening these ties. Members with concerns are encouraged to register these with the Secretariat at or contact our Crime and Security Liaison Officer at
Scribble Design Studio

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Scribble Design Studio based in Rodney Bay is a full-service graphic design and advertising company.

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Caribbean Society of Hotel Association Executives Leadership Conference – 19-20 January 2020, The Bahamas

Caribbean Marketplace – 21-23 January 2020, The Bahamas
Têt Rouge Saint Lucia    

Têt Rouge is a charming getaway located in La Pointe, Choiseul – a community at the base of the Gros Piton (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), where people of Carib ancestry continue their traditions of molding clay into pots, twining vines into baskets, and other local crafts, cuisine and cultural activities.

At Têt Rouge you can watch the boats go by on the Caribbean sea, glance over your shoulder at the majestic Gros Piton, take a splash in the infinity pool, read a book on the terrace, watch the sunset… Or go for a hike up the Gros Piton, take a swim in the sea, snorkel or scuba-dive, visit one of the many waterfalls, tour a plantation, explore any of the many St. Lucian natural and cultural attractions…

Simply Beautiful, Têt Rouge is the perfect place for a relaxing romantic vacation or for an adventurous group looking to create lasting and treasured memories... Read More
Sea Spray Cruises Vacancy
We currently have 2 openings for experienced Crew Members and invite suitably qualified individuals to apply.

Send your applications to Sea Spray Cruises via Email at or call (758) 458 0123. Our office is located in the Rodney Bay Marina, and interested persons can email or drop off a CV or Resume.
For more information on Vacancy Notices, visit our website at
...Culinary Corner...
SLHTA Members are reminded that the Lobster Fishery is currently open until February 29, 2020 . As you would recognize, the efforts to effectively manage the lobster fishery depends heavily on compliance. To ensure that a local fishery continues to provide fresh, local lobsters to establishments such as yours, both lobster fishers and lobster purchasers must comply fully with the laws in place to prevent the lobster resource from being overfished.

In this regard, the Department of Fisheries reminds your establishment of the following:

A MINIMUM SIZE LIMIT OF 9.5CM FOR LOBSTERS: Any lobster you purchase MUST have a carapace length of at least 9.5cm (see diagram attached on how to measure the carapace) to ensure that it is an adult lobster and that it has laid eggs at least once before being removed from the fishery. A lobster ruler or veneer caliper can assist your purchasing staff to verify that each lobster meets or exceeds the aforementioned size limit. Do not purchase or have in your possession under-sized lobsters.  
BERRIED LOBSTERS (Lobsters carrying eggs) ARE NOT ALLOWED: Your purchasing staff MUST inspect each lobster to ensure that it does not have eggs or show that the eggs have been scraped off (refer to the attached diagram for instructions). Do not purchase or have in your possession lobsters carrying eggs.

SPEARED LOBSTERS ARE NOT ALLOWED: Your purchasing staff MUST inspect each lobster to ensure that it has not been speared or hooked. Spearing or hooking of lobsters is illegal as it does not allow for a sub-legal sized lobster to be released and likely to survive once caught using a spear gun or a hook. Do not purchase or have in your possession speared or hooked lobsters.

MOULTING LOBSTERS ARE NOT ALLOWED: Your purchasing staff MUST inspect each lobster to ensure that it is not moulting (soft bodied or in the process of shedding its shell). When moulting lobsters are more vulnerable to injury and capture, and are therefore protected under the Fisheries Act. Do not purchase or have in your possession moulting lobsters.
Razmataz Tandoori Restaurant    

Tandoori cuisine was unknown in St Lucia until our Executive Chef Dipendra Bahadur K.C arrived her with a clay oven from Nepal in 1995.

His skilful preparations of fresh local ingredients have proven immensely popular throughout the years with worldwide accolades and awards achieved.

Every spice is blended and caressed to fulfil maximum authentic flavour for each individual dish.