In addition to serving as Town Clerk, June Vogel has taken on several other Town duties, including operational responsibilities of the St. Germain Memorial Cemetery following the Cemetery Association Board of Trustees' decision to disband and transfer all cemetery lands and all association assets and records to the Town effective May 1, 2020. While June has felt rewarded by the personal relationships that have come from helping families during times of loss, she is also needing to reduce her work load a bit. She has informed the Town Board of her desire to pass the duties of Cemetery Sexton to someone else effective April 30, 2023.

June encourages anyone even remotely interested in the position to contact her for details about the job. She can be reached at 715-891-0699 or by email at The following links also provide more information about the Town Cemetery:

The Town Board hopes to name a replacement Cemetery Sexton within the next few months to enable time for training and a smooth transition before cemetery activities begin increasing in the spring.

Please pass this message along to anyone who might consider being considered for this position.
The St. Germain Town Board of Supervisors provided this message. If you wish to contact any of the Town's officers, please visit the "Elected and Appointed Officials" page of the TOWN WEBSITE.