Are You on Top of Annual Medicaid Renewals for Your Patients?
Medicaid/FAMIS enrollees must renew their coverage annually.  For some newly-enrolled adults, Medicaid renewal may be right around the corner, even if their New Adult Coverage just began on January 1. That's because adults who were enrolled based on their eligibility for another public benefits program have a renewal date tied to that program.
  • Adults who were automatically transitioned to the New Adult Coverage (from GAP or Plan First) will maintain the annual renewal date from their prior program.
  • Adults who completed an Express Application (either as SNAP enrollees or as parents of a child enrolled in FAMIS Plus) will need to renew by their SNAP recertification date, or their child's renewal date.
  • When possible, the local Department of Social Services (LDSS) will attempt to renew an enrollee without contacting the enrollee. This is called an ex parte renewal.
  • Adults who completed the  full application should expect to get a renewal packet around  10 months after their coverage began . Many newly-eligible adults may find that their local DSS is able to complete their annual renewal  ex parte , so they do not need to complete any paperwork at renewal time.
When LDSS renews an enrollee  ex parte , s/he will get a  Notice of Action that shows that his/her Medicaid/FAMIS coverage will continue for another year. If the LDSS cannot complete an enrollee's renewal  ex parte , s/he will get a prepopulated renewal form in the mail. S/he  can then complete the renewal by:

  • Calling Cover Virginia at 1-855-242-8282
  • Going online to and "Associating" his/her case with his/her CommonHelp account (Note: The enrollee will need a Case Number and a Client ID number to do this). From there, s/he can select "Renew My Coverage" and complete the renewal online.
  • Correcting any information on the prepopulated renewal form, signing it, and mailing it to the LDSS.
Join us for the next Monthly Medicaid Expansion Technical Support Calls
We want to continue to touch base monthly to see how enrollment is going and if there is anything we can do to support you. VHCF staff provides updates and will answer your questions. It's also a great opportunity to brainstorm and learn from other TPC users. The next call will be Wednesday, April 10th at 10:00am . RxRelief  Virginia grantees are required to participate, but all TPC users are welcome to join the call to learn & share information. No registration required. Call-in details will be emailed on April 8th.

Registration is Open for the Spring 2019 Medication Assistance Roundtables

It's that time of year and all TPC-related staff are encouraged to attend. These Roundtables are designed to bring TPC users together to discuss the ways each utilizes The Pharmacy Connection, exchange ideas, and share accomplishments and challenges. Changes in healthcare related to Medicaid Expansion, maximizing access to medications, rebuilding patient caseloads and innovative ways to help patients and PAP updates are just a few of the topics that will be covered. You don't want to miss one of these sessions! Register today for a session near you!

May 21- Abingdon
May 22- Roanoke     
May 30- Oakton
May 31- Suffolk
June 4 - Richmond

Highlights of Important PAP Updates & Resources

AZ&Me is no longer accepting new patients for Bydureon BCise. New patients can still apply for Bydureon as this product is not affected.

Bayer US Patient Assistance Foundation has combined all available patient assistance program products onto one application and is now available in TPC. Answer a few simple questions to find out if your patient(s) may be eligible for assistance.

Daiichi Sankyo Open Care Program will no longer be accepting any new patients or refills for Welchol or Savaysa after April 15, 2019. The program encourages all refills to be placed prior to April 15, 2019 as this will be the last fill for current patients. No other new medications are expected to be added to the program at this time and the program will be closing.

Otuska Patient Assistance Foundation stopped accepting applications for Abilify Tablets effective March 31, 2019. Currently enrolled patients will continue to receive Abilify Tablets for the remainder of their current enrollment period. For possible free brand or low-cost generic alternatives, please check out this resource and share with providers.

Rx Outreach now offers 30-day supplies on select medications. Search for your medication(s) here to see the low cost fee. Other available quantities and fees vary by medication, but many are offered in a 90-day or 180-day supply.

Check out other PAP Program Changes in the Research section of TPC for more information on recent changes and updates to the system!

Breathe Hope: Access to Pediatric & Adult Nebulizers

Global Links' Breathe Hope Program recovers nebulizers from people across the US and shares them with partners in resource-poor communities at home and abroad. Domestically, the program works with community partners such as safety-net clinics to provide home-use nebulizers for underinsured patients with limited means. Since 2016 when the Breathe Hope Program became available via TPC, the program has distributed 947 nebulizers to 39 organizations via TPC.

Applications are available in TPC by selecting Nebulizer under the Supply Formulary for a patient on the Medications screen. The only cost to the organization is a $10 handling fee per nebulizer and shipping costs. It is suggested that a minimum order of 5 Nebulizers be placed. An electronic version of the application is currently in the works as an alternative option for easy submission. Once it becomes available, the link will be included in TPC. If you are interested in learning more about this program or have questions, please contact Sree Kodavatiganti by email or 412-361-3424.

Free Mobility Equipment for the Uninsured & Underinsured
The F.R.E.E. Foundation (Foundation for Rehabilitation Equipment & Endowment) is a volunteer-led non-profit that provides mobility rehabilitation equipment to help people regain their mobility and independence.

F.R.E.E. collects, sanitizes, repairs and gifts donated mobility equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, power chairs, canes, crutches, hoyer lifts, bath & toilet aids to uninsured and underinsured adults in Virginia. When F.R.E.E. donates equipment, falls and medical costs drop by over 80%. 

Locations are in Roanoke, Richmond, South Hampton Roads, Lynchburg, Northern Shenandoah Valley and Williamsburg. Check out the applications by area. A physician's prescription is required with an application. If you are looking for equipment outside of the state of Virginia, please check out

FundFinder Helps Quickly Identify Financial Assistance for Diseases from Charitable Foundations

A free resource created by the PAN Foundation,  FundFinder streamlines information about disease specific program funds and the status of fund availability from 8 charitable foundations all in one place. You can sign up for email or text message notifications to learn when a disease fund that may be closed at the time of research opens up for financial assistance. To be eligible for charitable foundations, patients typically must have health insurance for the qualifying medication. Each foundation has individual eligibility requirements. Check out FundFinder FAQs.

Help Spread the Word about SignUpNow (SUN) - Training about how to help Virginians apply for Medicaid/FAMIS!
VHCF has conducted 53 SignUpNow workshop and trained more than 2,100 helpers since October 2018! We're not done yet! Check out to find a SUN training near you.

Please share information about SignUpNow with colleagues, especially those who work in non-healthcare organizations who may interact with eligible individuals and families. More than 150,000 Virginians still need help applying for the New Adult Coverage.

SignUpNow teaches the "ins and outs" of the eligibility requirements, application procedures, and post-enrollment information for Virginia's state-sponsored health insurance programs:
  • New adult coverage
  • Programs for children and pregnant women
  • Plan First
  • Low Income Families with Children (LIFC) program
SignUpNow  participants will be able to provide hands-on assistance to individuals and families who want to apply for Medicaid or FAMIS. Been to SignUpNow in previous years? It's worth attending again. The 2019 workshops now cover important information about the new health coverage, as well as updates to other state-sponsored health insurance programs (Medicaid/FAMIS).

To see the full list of training dates and locations or to register, please go to .

Upcoming TPC Trainings
Sign up for a TPC training session if you are new to your organization and need to learn the basics, if you currently use TPC and are looking to refresh your skills or want check out additional advanced features.

April 25 - Online
June 3-Norfolk
June 6 - Online

Please check out the rest of the schedule and register for a session here! If you are looking for training in your area and don't see a location near you, please let us know.

TPC FAQs - Some of the most frequently asked technical support questions

Q: How do I see what new patients were added to TPC in a specified time frame?
Go to the Reports menu. Select the New Patients report under the Patient Reports category. Enter the date range based on patient entry date you wish to view. The report can be exported to excel for additional sorting capabilities.

Q: How do I add my own reminders to the TPC Message Center?
Select a patient and select Add a User Message in the Action Menu. Include a subject, date and specific message before you click Save. The message will then be available to process through the Message Center at your convenience and tracked in the detailed history as completed.

Check out more FAQs and Training Videos under TPC Help!

TPC Annual Survey

Each year, VHCF conducts an annual survey of those who use TPC and uses the responses to help plan and consider future software enhancements and other types of changes that can be made to better support you. We are always looking for ways we can help you and your patients. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Please stay tuned to your email as the survey will be coming in early summer after the latest enhancements become available!