More than 200,000 Adults Now Enrolled in Medicaid! 200,000 More to Go!
New eligibility rules for Medicaid coverage began January 1!  Over 400,000 Virginians became eligible for health coverage under new Medicaid eligibility criteria (MedEx) January 1, 2019. The Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS), Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS), and the Cover Virginia Call Center (CVCC) have made every effort to ease the application and enrollment process for the new coverage. Thanks to them, the hard work of many Medication Assistance Caseworkers (MACs) and community organizations around the state, more than 200,000 newly eligible Virginians have already enrolled in Medicaid! Check out the New Health Coverage for Adults Expansion Dashboard for more details about enrollment statistics including enrollment by locality. Read about one creative approach to reach newly-eligible adults here .

The road trips continue! Come to a SignUpNow Training to learn more!
SignUpNow  teaches the "ins and outs" of the eligibility requirements, application procedures, and post-enrollment information for Virginia's state-sponsored health insurance programs:
  • New adult coverage
  • Programs for children and pregnant women
  • Plan First
  • Low Income Families with Children (LIFC) program                    
Been to SignUpNow before? This year's workshops cover important information about the new health coverage, as well as updates to other state-sponsored health insurance programs (Medicaid/FAMIS). Please, join us!

SignUpNow workshops are FREE. Seating is limited, so register early! Workshop specifics and online registration are available on the SignUpNow website.

Helping Patients with Higher Income Levels
Patients with income levels between 139-200% of the FPL still need your help. They are not eligible for the new health coverage. You can run the Patient by Income Level report in TPC to help identify those patients in need. There are also more than 90 PAPs currently in TPC that help patients at income levels above 200% of the FPL. Check out the list of programs in TPC  under Research and select Programs for more information.

Join us for Monthly Medicaid Expansion Technical Support Calls
We want to continue to touch base monthly to see how enrollment is going and if there is anything we can do to support you. It's a great opportunity to brainstorm and learn from other  TPC users. The next call will be Wednesday, February 13th at 10:00am RxRelief 
Virginia grantees are required to participate, but all are welcome to join the call to share information.If you are interested in participating, sign up here to receive the call-in details.

Additional Enhancements Coming Soon to TPC
VHCF is in the midst of making some efficiency enhancements to TPC. Some of these include:
  • Ability to multi-select and process reorders, generate call-in messages and check on receipt of medication messages
  • Ability to enter multiple dates & track the amount of time spent in the "Other Programs" section
  • Ability to manually set the number of medication refills remaining
  • Addition of the NPI# to reorder screen and reorder reports
  • Additional Medicaid reporting features, and More!
TPC Annual Survey
Each year, VHCF conducts an annual survey of those who use TPC and uses the responses to help plan and consider future software enhancements and other types of changes that can be made to better support you. We are always looking for ways we can help you and your patients. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Please stay tuned to your email as the survey will be coming in February!

Highlights of Important PAP Updates & Resources
Genentech Patient Foundation was previously known as Genentech Access to Care Foundation. In the past, applicants had to complete 2 forms to determine the best program fit for patients. Now, there is one enrollment form for all medications. This change has been merged into one program in  TPC.

Sanofi Patient Connection now offers Toujeo Max Solostar, a higher capacity insulin pen.

Amicus Assist is a new program now available in  TPC that provides access to Galafold for Fabry disease, a rare genetic disease.

Rigel OneCare Patient Assistance Program is now available in T PC. This program provides access to Tavalisse, a Hematology/Oncology product.

NC MedAssist has a revised medication formulary and all updates have been incorporated in  TPC. If you have any questions about medication availability, please contact  TPC staff.

Rx Outreach, a non-profit pharmacy offers clinics that sign up to be a Preferred Clinic a 5% discount off the cost of every medication on its formulary! There is no cost to you to sign up. Please contact Erika Black at 314-627-6221 to learn more about this great opportunity.

Check out other PAP Program Changes in the Research section of TPC
for more information on recent changes and updates to the system!

TPC FAQs - Some of the most frequently asked technical support questions 
Q: How do I show receipt of a drug/pharmacy card to obtain medication for a patient from a PAP via TPC on the "Check on Receipt of Medication" screen?

Q:Is there a way to turn off the Medication Label Print prompt if my facility does not have the need to generate and print labels for medications?
Check out the answers here and more FAQs and Training Videos under TPC  Help!

Upcoming TPC Trainings

Sign up for a TPC training session if you are new to your organization and need to learn the basics, if you currently use TPC and are looking to refresh your skills or want check out additional advanced features.

February 7 - Norfolk
February 12 - Online
March 22 - Roanoke
April 18 - Online
March 13 - Online
June 3  - Online

Please check out the rest of the schedule and register for a session here! If you are looking for training in your area and don't see a location near you, please let us know.