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Today, April 21, 2019, we celebrate RESURRECTION. Yes, and, well, we should. The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead changed the course of world history forever. Beloved, Jesus was dead; but He was not defeated. So, on Sunday morning, He realized an AMAZING TRIUMPH! Why amazing? Because nobody really knows quite "how" it all happened. But, the things we do know about that epic event, indeed, are pretty amazing. 

One thing we know is this: His was a Seismic Triumph. This term is associated with earthquakes. The Scriptures record that Christ's resurrection was punctuated by a strong quaking of the ground where the lifeless body of Jesus had been laid (Matt. 28:2). It was a Startling Triumph. Along with the quake, there appeared an angel, who authoritatively moved and audaciously sat upon the stone, which had been set and sealed to secure the tomb (v.2). The century of soldiers stationed there were so alarmed and astonished by this seismic event that they fell like dead men (v.4). But, for the women who came to anoint His body, and a few of His other disciples, it also was a Sensational Triumph. Seeing His freshly raised body and hearing His familiar voice, evoked feelings and utterances of great joy from those brave women who encountered Jesus as they raced from the sepulcher to tell Peter and the other disciples, "I've just seen Jesus; I know that He's alive!" (John 20:18). Yes, for Him and all who place their faith in Him, it was an Amazing Triumph. Read more >>

Easter Weekend Schedule

Saturday, April 20 |  Annual Prayer Breakfast
"The Lord Who Hears and Delivers"
Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner, Guest Messenger
8:00 am | Prayer Service in the Sanctuary followed by Breakfast in the Norwood Center

There will be no Saturday Evening Worship Service

Easter Sunday | April 21
Worship Services | 6:00 am Sunrise, 7:45 am, and 11:00 am
Sunday School Easter Presentation | 9:45 am in the Sanctuary

Jesus the Son of God, whose love for us is never ending,
As we reflect upon His sacrifice,
We find our joy and our sorrow blending.

What a price He paid for you and me to save!
We're talking about "the Son of God,"
Who don't have to go to anybody's grave!

As we commemorate His agony upon the Cross
For the redemption of man's multitude of sin,
Don't you find both joy and sorrow
In your heart - in a most unique blend?

We cry at first as we reflect upon His agony,
And then we jump for joy
When we then realize
That His agony set us free!

What a wonderful reflection of Jesus rising again in three days,
Despite the blood and sorrow of the Crucifixion
With His challenge to you and me
That we will not allow our faith to be restricted!

Deacon Lawrence Graham: Lifelong Relationship with God
By Auburn Mann

For Deacon Lawrence Graham, it has always been about service. Raised in New York, the only boy of three in a single-parent household, he had to grow-up a little more quickly than most. "I started working at 10 years old," Lawrence says, "so when a lot of my friends were playing basketball and other sports, I had to learn how to take care of my sisters and be a help to my mom." 

Graham grew up attending Second Canaan Baptist Church in Harlem. "My mom kept us in church every Sunday, so I had a strong foundation and a very good sense of responsibility from an early age." It was here where he was introduced to and accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. " I didn't have any brothers to protect me, I didn't have anyone to look out for me, so at a very young age, I started counting on God to do that for me." God became his Protector in the streets, Instructor when he had to learn new lessons and Advisor when making critical decisions. "We have a strong bond that took me from that very young age to this point in my life where I have my own family and my church family as well." 

Mortgage Liquidation: Giving Back to God
By Anne Latimer

Everything we have is a gift from God. In gratitude for God's generosity, we dedicate a portion of these gifts - our time, talent, and money - to further God's Kingdom. Psalm 24:1

"All of our gifts, all of our belongings, all of our money belong to God." That's the perspective on stewardship of Rev. Wilbert Mills and Sister Audrey Mills, relatively new TPCBC members, who also serve on the church Mortgage Liquidation Committee. "God gives to us and we are to be good stewards as to how to use it. The first step of good stewardship," Sister Mills explained, "is for kingdom building and for the church to be a gracious-giving church."

Guided by the biblical principles of stewardship, the Millses have successfully helped two southern churches liquidate their mortgages and enhance giving among their congregations. In 2012-2013, the couple spearheaded the Second Calvary Baptist Church in Norfolk, Virginia, toward the retirement of $450,000 mortgage debt in less than a year.  Read more >>

More Than Enough: Part 2
By Min. Sharon M. Prather

Now hear this! On December 12, 2013, the call to liquidate the church mortgage in 2014 went forth during the Annual Church Forecast Meeting. I was present at that meeting and afterward wrote an article entitled "More than Enough for 2014." We fell short of that goal, and the matter has been presented once again to the congregation. In seminary I learned one of many important principles: if a word or idea is repeated in a passage or text, take heed because repetition is important!

Thus, at the Church Forecast Meeting held January 15, 2019, Deacon Alonzo Cockrell, Chair of the Mortgage Liquidation Campaign, and Pastor Robinson issued a clarion call to the congregation to eliminate the existing church mortgage by 2021, if not sooner. Like the Israelites enslaved in Egypt, I wondered "How can bricks be made without straw?" (Ex. 5:6-17) But seriously, I know nothing is impossible with God (Lk. 1:37). Following is my paraphrased biblical account of what can happen when the people have a mind to work. Read more >>

Dr. Hattie Washington's (Aunt Hattie) Cookbook  Selected for National Award

Dr. Hattie N. Washington's cookbook, "Aunt Hattie's Cookbook: Southern Comfort Food Favorites," was featured at a special Event at the ASALH (Association for the Study of African American Life and History) 93rd Annual Black History Luncheon on February 16, 2019. The Theme for Black History Month was "Black Migration," and Aunt Hattie's cookbook depicts many of the southern recipes that have "migrated" north from the south.

This national honor is especially meaningful, because the 2019 ASALH Black History event commemorated the 400th anniversary of the first Africans forced to migrate to America in 1619. Of even greater significance to Aunt Hattie is that the Africans were taken to her home state of Virginia.

Thus, Aunt Hattie was one of ASALH's 2019 "Featured Authors" at a book signing event - highlighting her beautifully and colorfully illustrated cookbook (hardcover and softcover) with her collection of southern comfort food favorites. Aunt Hattie also delighted participants with a tasting of her signature homemade Bread Pudding with her Honey Butter Rum Sauce drizzled on top. Yum! Read more >>

Dates and Ministers for the 2019 Spring Revival Services

April 30 Dr. Rickey B. Harvey
Mt. Olivet Baptist Church
141 Adams Street | Rochester, NY 14608
May 7 Bishop Willard E. Saunders, Jr.
Senior Pastor
Created for So Much More Worship Center
701 Cherry Hill Road | Baltimore, MD 21225
May 14 Dr. Charlene Monk
New Horizon Christian Faith Church
Landover, MD
May 21 Tawana Williams
"The Hope Coach"
Tawana Williams Outreach, Inc.
4414 Pinehurst Drive N | Wilson, NC 27896
May 28 Pastor Bankole Akinbinu
Baptist Grove Church
7109 Leesville Road | Raleigh, NC 27613
June 4 Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III
Senior Pastor
Friendship-West Baptist Church
2020 W. Wheatland Road | Dallas, Texas 75232
Revival Lecturer
During all six services
Dr. A. Michael Black
Dean & Site Director
Lancaster Bible College/Capital Seminary & Graduate School
7852 Walker Drive, Suite 100
Greenbelt, MD 20770

Edwina Neely Book Signing

In April, Edwina Neely was invited to sign her latest book, Children Are Gifts: A Parent's Guide to Raising Gifted, Confident and Happy Children, at the Living Well Store in Silver Spring. The event, sponsored by Radio One and hosted by Praise 104.1 FM's Cheryl Jackson, drew visitors from all over the area to secure their autographed copy of the book.

Children Are Gifts is available on and in the TPCBC Bookstore. For more information, please visit

Parents' Corner
By Edwina Neely

"He is not here. He has risen from the dead as He said he would." Matthew 28:6

Those were glorious words to hear that Jesus was alive! Praise the Lord we serve a Risen Savior!! The resurrection may be difficult to explain to a young child, but since spring is a time of resurrection, this is a perfect time to illustrate what it means.

Everything that has looked dead for so long has new life popping out. It is really exciting to take a walk with your child and discover RESURRECTION. Right now in the DMV, if you look closely you can see resurrection taking place. The trees have tiny pink, green or orange buds or blossoms on them. Look on the ground and see how many different colors of flowers you can see. Look for little white flowers; they are called snow drops. You will also see purple and yellow flowers and green sprigs of grass. There is an amazing flower that's blooming now called "The Lenten rose." It blooms throughout the Lenten season. In the yards you will see yellow daffodils and yellow forsythia bushes. Purple, pink and white hyacinth will be coming up soon, sharing their sweet fragrance. Make it fun and see who can find a yellow flower or purple flower or whatever colors you see. Remember, while you are walking, be sure to talk with your child about resurrection. Read more >>

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