August 1, 2022
In Brief
In this edition of the Monday Morning Messenger, the association highlights and clarifies the current Railroad Commission requirement on LPG accident and incident reporting.

In our second story of the morning, TPGA reminds everyone of what extreme heat can do to tires and the importance of summer tire maintenance to keep your bobtails and service trucks safe on the roads and highlight our member tire program.

Lastly, triple digits are predicted for much of Texas this week. As these high temperatures persist, they can take a toll on outdoor workers, especially new employees, those of prolonged absence, and employees with everyday medical conditions. Read our third story of the morning to learn more about acclimatization as well as to read more about what signs and symptoms there are for the variety of different heat-related illnesses. There are several.
Don't forget to check out our Quick Links section for more information on propane calendars. It is the last week to order. Also, get fast access to the TPGA store, propane wildfire safety, and our upcoming Propane Emergencies Training.
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  • Heat Safety for Outdoor Workers
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What Are Your Requirements to Report LPG Incidents to the RRC?
TPGA wants to remind members about the Texas LP Gas Safety Rule ยง9.36, the Reporting of LP-Gas Incident/Accident rule. The rule requires, at the earliest practical moment or within two hours "following discovery," a licensee owning, operating, or servicing equipment or an installation shall notify the Railroad Commission.

But not all incidents require reporting; the below outlines when you are required to report:
(1) caused a death or any personal injury requiring hospitalization;
(2) required taking an operating facility out of service;
(3) resulted in unintentional gas ignition requiring an emergency response. Keywords here are "ignition" and "requiring emergency response."
(4) involved the LP-gas installation on any vehicle propelled by or transporting LP-gas. A representative of the Commission has mentioned that you do not need to report a little fender bender where LP gas was not impacted.
(5) caused an estimated damage to the property of the operator, others, or both totaling $5,000 or more, including gas loss;
(6) could reasonably be judged as significant because of rerouting of traffic, evacuation of buildings, or media interest even though it does not meet paragraphs (1) - (5) of this subsection; or
(7) If the incident must be reported to any other state or federal agency (such as the Texas Department of Public Safety or the United States Department of Transportation), then report it to the Railroad Commission.

A report must be made by telephone to Railroad Commission's 24-hour emergency line at (512) 463-6788 or 844-773-0305.

Following the initial telephone report, the LP-gas licensee who made the telephone report shall submit a properly completed LPG Form 20 to AFS.
Summer Tire Safety
& Discount Tires for Members
As Texas experiences record heat and ongoing triple-digit temperatures, TPGA wants to remind our members of the importance of tire maintenance for bobtails and service trucks.

A recent article by Tire Review reports, "The key to staying on the road this summer is to stay on top of regular tire inspections. Routinely checking your tires for proper inflation, tread depth, and irregular wear or damage can help prevent unexpected blowouts and increase the safety and lifespan of your tires."

Tire Review explains how "Heat is a tire's worst enemy. The hotter a tire gets, the more likely a failure is to occur. Extreme heat causes tire rubber to deteriorate quicker and increases the air pressure in tires. This combination on a hot summer highway can be deadly, as it causes the tire sidewalls to expand and contract, breaking down the steel belts, increasing your chance of a blowout and, ultimately, decreasing the tire's lifespan."

Should you need to replace a tire, don't forget that TPGA has partnered with the TXTA to offer, members discounted tires through propane retailers' local tire dealers.

Through our partnership, approved members can receive discounts on top brands, including Michelin, BF Goodrich, Cooper Tires, Goodyear, and Yokohama.

Complete this TPGA tire enrollment application, buy tires through local dealers and get special pricing once approved.
Protect Yourself & Workers
from Extreme Heat
With triple digits still predicted for much of Texas, TPGA wants to highlight how to protect your workers from heat-related illnesses. Whether employees are setting tanks or filling bottles, the sun can take its toll.

Heat affects workers differently. Pre-existing conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure may affect how a worker is affected by the heat.

Acclimatization is a physical change that allows the body to build a tolerance to working in the heat. It occurs by gradually increasing workloads and exposure and taking frequent breaks for water and rest in the shade. Complete acclimatization may take up to 14 days or longer, depending on factors relating to the individual, such as the increased risk of heat illness due to certain medications, medical conditions, or the environment.

New workers and those returning from a prolonged absence should begin with 20% of the workload on the first day, increasing incrementally by no more than 20% each subsequent day.

During a rapid change leading to excessively hot weather or conditions such as a heat wave, even experienced workers should begin on the first day of work in excessive heat with 50% of the normal workload and time spent in the hot environment, 60% on the second day, 80% on day three, and 100% on the fourth day.

Encourage workers to have sufficient rest, shade, and fluids.
When any heat-related illness symptoms are presented, promptly provide first aid.
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