July 25, 2022
In Brief
In this edition of the Monday Morning Messenger, the Texas Propane Gas Association highlights part 2 of using the PERC Dispensing Propane Safely Training for initial certification and walks members through the process of how they can use the PERC Dispensing Propane Safely Course materials to hold in-house in-person training or hire an outside instructor at their propane company for new employees.

In our second story of the morning, TPGA highlights a resource offered by PERC for on-the-job field training with worksheets that employers and managers can use to assess new employees' understanding and ability to dispense propane.

Also, with record heat and more time indoors, you may experience downtime. In our third story of the morning, TPGA highlights all the on-demand safety & technical courses PERC has available so employees can brush up on their propane knowledge, everything from cathodic protection to cylinder requalification.

Lastly, the propane industry has been quite successful in leveraging one Texas grant reserved for large fleets. Read more about this competitive TCEQ grant that just opened for your large customer fleets.
Don't forget to check out our Quick Links section for links for more information about ordering propane safety tip wall calendars, how to unlock the savings at PSC, how to access the Clean School Bus grant, and for fast access to sign up for the Propane Emergencies Training.
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  • In Brief
  • Dispensing Propane Safely Part 2
  • On the Job Training Worksheets
  • Downtime this Summer
  • Grant for Large Fleets
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In-House Training for
Initial Certification Cylinder Filling/Motor/Mobile Fuel
In addition to the on-demand online training, employers can have their employees or contracted outside instructors give the PERC Dispensing Propane Safely Course in person, and employees receive initial certification or continuing education.

The in-person Dispensing Propane Safely Courses must be administered by a company approved by the Railroad Commission.

For a company to become approved to give the training,
1.      Companies must complete PERC Based Training Application
2.      Pay a non-refundable $300 registration fee per company;
3.      Companies must submit all course materials for review by the Commission, even if downloaded from PERC directly.

Full details of the approval process are detailed in the new LP Gas Safety rule §9.55.
PERC Dispensing Propane Safety Instructor Materials
PERC has nearly everything a company or outside instructor needs to hold an in-person class, including
  • PowerPoint with embedded videos
  • Instructor Guide, which includes checks for understanding,PERC final exams, and blank certificates
  • Printable student workbooks for each module

Use the below direct link to access instructor materials. LOGIN IS REQUIRED. REGISTRATION IS FREE.
Dispensing Texas Rules Training
In addition to training employees using the PERC Dispensing Propane Safely curriculum, the RRC requires that you must train & test your employees on the following LP Gas Safety rules: §9.135, §9.136, §9.137, §9.141(d) / (g), and NFPA 58 § in Figure §9.403.

Instruction on the above-mentioned rules can be any format, whether it be a document you pass out, PowerPoint, etc.

TPGA is in the process of creating rule(s) instructional materials that can be used for in-person training. Once rules materials are completed and approved by the Commission, we will provide it to members for their use.
On the Job Training Worksheets
for Cylinder/Motor/Mobile Fuel
Although long unenforced Advanced Field Training requirements have been removed from the LP Gas Safety Rules, employers and managers may use these optional On the Job Training (OJT) field instruction objectives as part of your training for any of your new DOT cylinder and motor/mobile fuel fillers. You can use this for any of your new personnel, regardless of whether they undergo PERC dispensing or RRC training.
These OJT worksheets aim to (1) determine whether the employee has the appropriate level of knowledge in performing tasks and (2) to help the employee reach a comfort level in performing this task so that they are confident when performing the task on their own.

Available OJT worksheets for dispensing propane include:
  • Dispensing Propane Safely: Small Cylinders
  • Dispensing Propane Safely: Purging New Cylinders
  • Dispensing Propane Safely: Filling Motorhomes & ASME Mounted Tanks
  • Dispensing Propane Safely: Autogas

These OJT worksheets are available for download in the PERC Learning Center. Please find the direct link below, login is required. As a reminder, it is FREE to register and use the PERC Learning Center.
Got Downtime This Summer?
Brush Up Your Skills with These OnDemand Propane Classes
Dispensing Propane Safely and CETP courses are not the only courses offered by the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC).

PERC offers other FREE on-demand safety & technical training that propane professionals can take online, including:
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Consumer Safety Education
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Cylinder Delivery Driver
  • Cylinder Requalification
  • Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT)
  • Fundamentals of Liquid Transfer
  • Gas Check
  • Hazardous Materials Training (newly released replaces OSHA DOT First 90 days course that is being retired September 1, 2022)
  • Mobile Crane Safety
  • Preventing Bobtail Rollover
  • Propane Personal Safety
  • Restoring Service After an Interruption of Service
  • Static Electricity
  • Transport Operator
  • Uncontrolled Release of Propane

Propane professionals can access this on-demand extracurricular training at https://training.propane.com/, register, log in, click on Safety & Technical Training, and take training as time permits in their schedule.
Texas Clean Fleet Program Grant
Now Open for Large Fleets
The Texas Commission on Environmental (TCEQ) is providing an estimated $16 million in grants for fleet owners in Texas to replace aging diesel fleet vehicles with new alternative fuel vehicles. Grants may reimburse up to 80% of the cost of the new vehicles.

Grants are available for entities who own and operate a fleet of 75 or more on-road vehicles in Texas and who apply to replace at least 10 of those vehicles with new alternative fuel vehicles like propane autogas.

Priority is given to projects with the lowest cost/ton of NOx reduced, the largest amount of NOx reduced, and fleets operating in the nonattainment counties and Clean Transportation Zone counties.

In the last grant round:
San Antonio ISD replaced 7 diesel school buses with propane
Alvin ISD replaced 16 diesel school buses with propane
Hays CISD replaced 10 diesel school buses with propane

TCFP grant documents, including the request for grant applications and project application, may be found at https://www.tceq.texas.gov/airquality/terp/tcf.html
or contact the Propane Council of Texas at info@propanecounciloftexas.org for grant writing questions and help.

The deadline to apply is September 16, 2022.
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