June 13, 2022
In Brief
In this edition of the Monday Morning Messenger, the association shares our insights on new LPG forms proposed by the Railroad Commission.

Also, the June magazine, out now, is your complete guide to everything at Crossroads and a plethora of other stories and resources. 

Additionally, last year made changes to its business deductions. Find out what businesses can now take 100% deduction of in our third story of the morning.

Lastly, TPGA breaks down everything you will find next week at the Crossroads Propane and Southwest Fuel & Convenience Expos in San Antonio.
Don't forget to check out our Quick Links section for links to information on San Antonio nightlife, San Antonio Riverwalk FAQs, the TPGA compliance store, and a link to complete the propane sales report due this week.
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  • In Brief
  • Proposed RRC Forms
  • June Magazine
  • New IRS Deductions
  • Top 10 Reasons to Come to Crossroads
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July 4, 2022
TPGA & PSC office closed for
Independence Day
TPGA Insights on
New RRC LPG Forms Proposed
The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) is accepting public comments to proposed revisions to LPG Form 7, Cargo Tank Registration/Re-Registration, and other proposed new forms as the result of the recent “proposed” LP Gas safety rule changes. Previously, cargo tank and container delivery registration, re-registration, and transfers were all in one form, Form 7.
RRC is proposing to split Form 7 into now (3) forms:
1.LPG Form 7 Cargo Tank Registration/Re-Registration
2.LPG Form 7A Container Delivery Unit Registration /Re-registration
3.LPG Form 7T Cargo Tank and Container Delivery Unit Transfer

TPGA supports changes to Form 7 Cargo Tank Registration/Re-Registration will streamline the bobtail registration and renewals. TPGA had several complaints from members on qualifying for the 10-year bobtail requalification period, and RRC has responded with proposed updates for Form 7.

As a reminder, bobtails under 3,500 gallons made of SA-612 steel in dedicated propane service qualify for a more extended requalification period of every 10 years vs. every 5 years.

No longer will marketers have to send separate emails or letters to RRC stating that your bobtail is made out of SA 612 steel and in dedicated service. Once adopted, all this information will be incorporated into form 7.

Additionally, RRC is introducing a new LPG Form 16P that allows an individual that has completed the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) Dispensing Propane Safely course & exam, and submits the proper documentation, to receive a DOT cylinder filler certification. Also, RRC has introduced PERC Outside Instructor Application to apply with the RRC to administer PERC-based courses that will result in DOT cylinder filler certifications for the attending students.

TPGA believes the proposal of LPG Form 16P and the PERC Outside Instructor form is premature. RRC has just received comments on the “proposed” LP Gas Safety Rules. The final rules have not been adopted, and it seems the Commission is anticipating that the proposed rules on which the association and our members submitted several comments will be adopted “as is.” The Commission should wait until the final Dispensing Propane Safely rules are published before proposing and adopting corresponding forms.

Public comments on the proposed forms will be accepted through June 21, 2022. To view the revised and new forms and submit a comment, visit the RRC website at https://www.rrc.texas.gov/forms/proposed-form-amendments/ under “Alternative Fuels.”
June Texas Propane Magazine

The June issue of Texas Propane magazine is out. Check out all our Summer stories:
  • Everything You Need to Know for Convention (Next Week)
  • New Traffic Huddle Driver Safety Meeting
  • New PERC Initiatives & Training Approved
  • Builder & Contractor Propane Resources
  • Calculating Gas vs Electric Savings
  • Propane with Purpose: Small Texas Town Turns to Propane to Keep Taps Running
Temporary 100% Tax Deduction for
Business Restaurant Dining
As propane companies and vendors head to Convention in San Antonio, TPGA just wants to point out that businesses may now enjoy a temporary 100 % tax deduction from IRS for expenses that are paid for food or beverages provided by a restaurant.

From January 1, 2021, through December 31, 2022, businesses can claim 100% of their food or beverage expenses paid to restaurants as long as the business owner (or an employee of the business) is present when food or beverages are provided and the expense is not lavish or extravagant under the circumstances.
What You Will Find at Next Week's TPGA Crossroads Propane Expo
In addition to the Regulatory Pavilion reported on last week, here's what marketers will find at the 2022 Crossroads Propane Expo & Conference hosted by the Texas Propane Gas Association (TPGA) in partnership with the Southwest Fuel & Convenience Expo presented by the Texas Food & Fuel Association (TFFA) on June 21-22, 2022 in San Antonio.

Exhibit types at the expo:
  • Alternative fuel vehicle solutions & grants
  • Back-office software
  • General liability, property, casualty insurance
  • Petroleum & propane tanks and cylinders
  • Gasoline, diesel & propane dispensers
  • Gasoline, diesel & propane wholesalers
  • Gasoline, diesel & propane bobtails & transports
  • Propane service trucks
  • Fleet graphics & vehicle wraps
  • Tires and equipment for your vehicles
  • Tank truck cleaning services
  • Tank testing & inspection
  • Tank monitoring solutions
  • Leak detection monitoring services
  • Compliance services companies & resources
  • PPE & safety equipment distributors
  • Valves, compressors, vaporizers & other equipment
  • Meters, registers, and printers
  • Payment processing solutions
  • Video surveillance solutions
  • Signage companies
  • Display cases and retail counters & metal buildings
  • Website & social media management companies

Registration Information
Join us next week on the San Antonio Riverwalk for a historical partnership with over 200+ booths.

Expo Only passes are available for propane retailers to purchase as well as Full Access registration.

Get the schedule, registration cost, and register at https://cvent.me/eOgdXP.
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