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TPMS emit electromagnetic waves that may interfere with the safe operation of pacemakers. If you have a pacemaker and work in the Tire repair industry please refer to TPMS manufacturer guidelines as individuals that have pacemakers should not service TPMS. 

Contact your TPMS manufacturer for more information on this important safety notice. MSA would like to thank Royal Ford in Yorkton for bringing this industry safety information forward.


Live Virtual Training

In September we are hosting free live virtual workshops to train your Occupational Health Committee (OHC) members. OHS officers often cite members for not training their OHC members and our recognized training courses provides critical information on understanding OHC’s roles and Legislated responsibilities. To learn more or register click here:

Sept 8th Occupational Health Committee (OHC) - Level I 

Sept 22nd Occupational Health Committee (OHC) - Level II 

Refer to our training calendar for more information: MSA Training Calendar

CSL Designation

Does your company have a staff member that is a leader or safety champion? If so we would like to recognize them with our CSL Designation. To learn more about this process and how to be recognized as a CSL click here: CSL Information & Application


Do you know what needs to be inspected at the workplace? Who should be conducting inspections? Are you prepared if an OHS Officer came to your workplace to conduct an inspection?

Wouldn’t you rather find out the answers to these questions from one of our Safety Advisors before an OHS Officer potentially inspects your facility? To learn more about the inspection process click here: Workplace Inspections Poster


MSA is excited to announce its support for the upcoming Youth Safety Education Day September 10th with Service Hospitality. If you want to learn more about the free resources and how you can get involved, click here:  


Service Hospitality Youth Safety Education Day

Youth Safety Education Day Partnership Form

More  Updates

MSA Safety Advisors will be in Kelvington and Weyburn in the near future. If your business is interested in having a MSA Advisor come out at no additional charge to provide onsite safety services, contact us: info@motorsafety.ca or at 306-721-0688.

If you have any further safety information that you feel should be communicated to our industry and membership, please email: info@motorsafety.ca