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Alert #55 - Published August 4, 2021
It is nearly impossible for employer’s designated representatives to remember everything they need to know for all the different scenarios employers and employees face with ever-changing COVID-19 protocols. This article provides the most frequently used links we use and refer to our clients on a daily basis to guide them through the process of managing COVID-19 events.

CDPH Self-Quarantine Instructions for Individuals Exposed to COVID-19

CDPH Self-Isolation Instructions for Individuals who have or likely have COVID-19
CDPH Recommends Masking for Public Indoor Settings Regardless of Vaccination Status.
Federal CDC Guidance is not referenced because state and counties may override federal guidelines. 
Note from TPO: Pay close attention to any county-specific and or industry (ie, healthcare, government) requirements. As of this article, at least 10 counties now REQUIRE masking for public indoor settings regardless of vaccination status! Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito counties do not currently REQUIRE such masking. Employers may have policies that are more restrictive than federal, state, or local requirements.
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