In This Issue:
  • Big Changes Coming to the TPPA Photographic Competition
  • Can you enter the same images at TPPA that you enter in Districts?
  • The TPPA Image Competition Handbook
  • Summerfest moves to Kerrville
  • Last call for Texas School
Big Changes Coming to the TPPA Annual Photographic Competition.

TPPA is pleased to announce the addition of the new Wedding Photographic Competition to line up with PPA's Competition.

This year, TPPA will host three competitions which include the Photographic Open Competition, the Artist Competition and the Wedding Competition
Entrants may now enter a maximum of eight entries in each of the Photographic Open, Artist or Wedding competitions.

The new Wedding Competition allows photographers to enter digital files or digital albums to be judged against a standard of excellence using the 12 Elements of a Merit Image.  Images and all elements of an image in the Wedding Competition must be created during the time constraints of the actual event.

The 2019 edition of the Annual TPPA Photographic Competition has undergone some other changes in the rules and awards.  Here are the important highlights:
  • New for 2019: The Annual TPPA Photographic Competition will not be judging physical prints for 2019.  Only digital entries will be accepted for this year's judging.
  • New Wedding Competition: TPPA proudly follows the lead of PPA by offering a new Wedding Competition for images and albums that were created within the time constraints of an actual wedding.
  • New for 2019:  A new Creative Open category under the Photographic Open Competition was created to allow images that have additional elements not created by the maker.  Please note: all elements NOT created by the maker must be shown as a guide images on the canvas.
  • New for 2019:  Entries of the same subject in multiple images will be allowed, as long as the images are entirely different. (Background, location, clothing, and concept).
  • Multiple Albums may be entered:  In the past, we only allowed one album entry, but we are now allowing multiple albums to be entered in the Photographic Open or the Wedding Competitions.  Each album will count as "one entry" in its respective competition.
  • New for 2019: Entrants can now enter a maximum of eight entries in each of our Competitions:  Photographic Open, Artist or Wedding.  This will give members a chance to gain feedback on additional images and to compete for newly created awards.
  • New for 2019: We have moved to an entry fee of only $15 "per entry".
To learn more about these changes, new awards and competition rules, click here.
Is it true I can enter the same images I am entering into Districts into the TPPA Competition?
The answer is "Yes" and "No".

The rule of allowing people to enter the same case they are entering into districts is not a new rule, but an interpretation of an existing rule.

The rule states6.   Once an image has been awarded a score of 80 or above in PPA District or IPC competition, or any previous TPPA Annual Photographic Competition, it may not be entered into the TPPA Annual Competition. This includes any image from an album scoring 80 or higher.

In the past, district competitions took place and completed BEFORE TPPA's competi
tion opened.

The rule about "no print scoring 80 or above..." covered which images from district competition could be entered (images scoring 79 and below) and which ones could not. (images scoring 80 or above)

Now, with the TPPA competition so close to districts, and registration dates that are over-lapping, we interpret the rule that the images have NOT scored an 80 or above---if they are entered BEFORE June 1. That is why, perhaps for the first time ever, you can enter both competitions with the same images.

So, we added rule #5 to clarify this point:  5.   Images which are entered into PPA's District Competition are also eligible for the TPPA Annual Competition provided the images are submitted to TPPA's competition by June 1, prior to the start of the District Competition. 
Why did TPPA eliminate prints this year?
This was a decision that was difficult for the TPPA Executive Council.  Everyone on the Council appreciates the value that prints bring to the competition.   
In the past, the competition had a number of student entries from Austin Community College and this group made up the majority of all those who entered prints. With ACC closing their photographic program, an unexpected change in venue for Summerfest and PPA putting District Competition just three weeks before the TPPA Competition, we felt the need to redirect our resources to benefit the most members for 2019. 
TPPA will continue to innovate and look for ways to put award-winning photographic images, whether digital or print, in front of our membership and the public and we look forward to showcasing the talented artists who are part of TPPA.   
The Executive Council welcomes any comments or concerns you may have. Our goal to to provide the members of TPA with the highest level of service, education and community. 
TPPA Member Benefit:  TPPA Photographic Competition Handbook
The 2019 Image Competition Guide Book has been update with the new rules for 2019 and expanded to include the new Wedding Competition.
This 40 page, Photographic Competition Guide Book explains photographic competition from the guild level all the way to the World Photographic Cup and everything in between. The book covers rules, the judging process, insights from other top competitors and more. It also explains the process and the awards from State, District and IPC competitions.

It is yours, FREE with your TPPA Membership and can be downloaded when you log in at the TPPA 365 Library.

Summerfest is Heading for the Hills
Join us June 30-July 3 in Kerrville

In case you missed it, Margaritaville purchased La Torretta and will be closing the entire property for renovations.  This forced us to find a new home for Summerfest 2019.  We are excited to be returning to Kerrville for Summerfest, June 30-July 3.

Join Us in the Beautiful Texas Hill Country
When you're heading down the Texas highway and the scenery turns from flat pasture land to beautiful green, rolling hills and gorgeous limestone cliffs, then you know you have made it to the Texas Hill Country. Warm summer days on the Guadalupe River turn into comfortable summer nights by the pool. There is something special about Kerrville and we can't wait to return!

Inn of the Hills in Kerrville
The Inn of the Hills has a rich past with Texas PPA and was once the home of our summer event, long before Conroe and before the YO Ranch Resort. It is located near the banks of the scenic Guadalupe River and is convenient to downtown and plenty of restaurants and other outstanding destinations. The hotel features lush landscaping in the courtyard and three swimming pools as well as casual dining and the Inn Pub.

Summerfest is for You and Your Family
As you look at our programing for Summerfest 2019, no doubt you will understand why we are presenting some of the most relevant information you need for growing your business. At the same time, there is no other photographic event that combines inspiration and education to photographers while creating a retreat atmosphere for families. All evening activities are designed to be able to spend time with family and friends. Poolside relaxation, an old fashioned fish fry and the Awards Presentation are all open to families. Even the kids get in on the awards as they earn their ribbons from the Kids Photo Kontest. We even have supervised activities for the kids while you are in programs at the TPPA Kid's Kasa.   Learn more and register for Summerfest.
There is NOTHING Like Texas School!
Texas School is the premier event for photographic education.

Photographers come from across the US and abroad to attend this action-packed week of hands-on classes.  While many classes have already sold out, we still have several great classes to chose from...many of them only have one or two more openings.

Scholarships are also available but you must act fast. Learn more
Here are other notable dates:

                   March 2019                                       April 28 - May 3, 2019  

June 30 - July 3, 2019                            October 11-13, 2019