TPPA EVENTS You Don't Want to Miss
TPPA Events is our new, year-round calendar of classes, workshops, road trips and events. TPPA Events will be constantly evolving and rapidly responsive to opportunities to bringing you serious education and key networking events.

SPECIAL NOTICE:   The TPPA Awards Presentation has been rescheduled for
Saturday, April 25 at 8:30PM at the Renaissance Hotel in Addison. Please mark your calendar with this change and make your plans to attend.

New events are being added frequently so be sure you bookmark the TPPA Events Page to stay on top of all that we have planned.
Quit Using Your Camera on Program!
Hosted by Steve Kozak
March 7 
Grapevine Convention Center
TPPA invites you to join Steve Kozak for two outstanding photography classes on March 7 and 8.
Steve will present, "Quit Using Your Camera on Program!" on Saturday and "Fundamentals of Flash Photography" on Sunday.
These classes will help you get the most out of your camera and your flash by learning to use both in manual mode.  This is a weekend that you don't want to miss.
You can register for the classes separately or bundle them together and SAVE.
The cost for TPPA Members is only $158 for both classes! You save $20!
Fundamentals of Flash Photography
Hosted by Steve Kozak
March 8  
Grapevine Convention Center
Images taken with a flash set to eTTL are a shot in the dark!
Allowing the camera and flash to make exposure decisions will usually wind up costing you a lot more time trying to fix bad images.
Photographers need to have a working understanding of flash photography. If your idea of controlling your flash is to use TTL, then you are simply not in control of your exposure.
You will learn a ton about flash that you never knew.  Not only will this help you create outstanding images, but it will also help you if you are working on your CPP.
Birds on the Brain
Hosted by Aileen Harding
March 15, 2020 
High Island 

Learn how to photograph birds for Print Competition. 
Learn all about location, lighting, composition, behavior and technique in Bird Photography.
Then, head to one of the top 10 Birding Locations in the country! The Smith Oaks Rookery on High Island has four large decks directly across from the Rookery.  
Roseate Spoonbills, Snowy Egrets, White Herons, Tri-Colored Herons and Neotropic Cormorants are present at the Rookery.
They'll be busy with the mating and nest building season. See them at their very best...the breeding plumage is gorgeous!!
Newborns A to Z 
Hosted by Alison Montgomery
March 20
In this workshop you will learn how to style and prep for sessions, what to do when the family arrives and you will be able to photograph the poses. Alison will talk you thru the poses and show you her  workflow.  
You will also do some wrapping and you will get to practice 4 basic wraps to use in all your sessions.
Learn how Alison edits her images and how to present them to the client for the up-sell.  
Two-Day CPP Study Class 
Hosted by Steve Kozak 
March 21-22
Grand Prairie 
We would like to see you get certified and we are going to help you!
Join Steve Kozak for an exciting two-day prep class to help you prepare for taking the "Certified Professional Photographer" exam. Steve is not only a "PPA Approved CPP Instructor", he is also the author of the "Preparing for PPA Certification" study guide.
This live class takes you step by step through the curriculum as presented in the CPP Test Specifications as presented by PPA.
TPPA Annual Photographic Competition
March 28, 2020
San Antonio 
Join us in San Antonio for the 2020 TPPA Annual Photographic Competition.
The purpose of this competition is to allow photographers to enter photographic images to be judged against a Standard of Excellence and to assist the entrants in preparation for PPA District or International Photographic Competition.
You are invited to attend the judging and watch it live.  It all takes place the the Double Tree San Antonio Airport on March 28.
Registration for Entries opens February 2020   
San Antonio Studio Crawl
March 28, 2020
San Antonio 
Join us on a grand tour of some of the most successful studios in San Antonio. The San Antonio Studio Crawl is your opportunity to see the studios of Trey and Elizabeth Homan, Hayward Gaude and Ross Benton.
This tour gets you behind the scenes and inside the minds of the owners as they share how they utilized the space they have and their thoughts behind the way they have set it up for success.
Leadership Training
Hosted by Steve Kozak 
March 29, 2020
San Antonio 
Are you currently serving on the leadership team for your affiliate? Are you a member of an affiliate looking to take on a future leadership role in a local guild or even TPPA? Then this is the program for you.
Join TPA Executive Director and PPA Board Member, Steve Kozak as he shares the principles and technique for creating a successful atmosphere in an association's board meetings.
Steve will share some of the insights and education that are practiced with the PPA Board of Directors and the TPPA Executive Council.
The theme of this year's training is, "developing the priorities and vision for your association".
There is no doubt as to the value of board training and the impact this training has on the success of an association.  
Texas School Precon Classes   
April 25
Texas School is pleased to announce 6 exciting precon seminars on the Saturday before Texas School.  These full day seminars are open to everyone for the low price of $99, but if you are attending Texas School in 2020, the price for the full day is only $49.  
We are also excited to bring our very first "Joy Makers" precon event. This is a program for ladies only and also takes place on Saturday before Texas School.  This event is $199 or $149 with your registration for Texas School.
The precons are on  Saturday April 25th , the day before Texas School begins.   All will run from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM CDT.
Texas School of Professional Photography  
April 26 - May 1, 2020
One week that will change your career!
The Texas School of Professional Photography is unlike any other photo education out there.
What makes it different is the fact that you spend the entire week with one instructor in one class.
Texas School offers 36 classes with a wide range of studies from a host of world-class instructors. 
April 25, 2020 at 8:30 PM 
Renaissance Dallas Addison Hotel 
You are invited to attend the TPPA Annual Image Awards Presentation on April 26 at Noon.
Winning in Texas is a BIG deal, and receiving your award in front of your peers is nothing short of awesome.
TPPA Fellowships and the coveted PPA National Award will also be presented.
There is no charge to attend. 
From Flowers to Fine Art
Hosted by Teri Whittaker
May 9

Come join us as Teri explains her different lighting strategies and lighting sources (for example:  window light with reflector or perhaps just ambient room light).

Her background options will be discussed (which might be poster board or a wall). She will also share how she uses the color wheel to make her color choices for the subject matter, background, and borders.

Teri will also explain her post production process and will share how to make a solid digital mat as well as a "textured" digital mat.  Then, after Teri gets done talking, we will have fun photographing flowers and doing the post processing to make her "works of art".

AT&T Stadium Photo Shoot
 May 18, 9AM - Noon
This is an unprecedented opportunity to photograph inside AT&T Stadium. This landmark home of the Dallas Cowboys has granted an extraordinary exception to TPPA to allow participants to photograph throughout the stadium without the usual camera and lens restrictions.

This event takes you throughout the stadium to find the best images, the best angles and the best exposures.

One Soul at a Time: A Path to Capture the Essence of a Human
Hosted by Dennis Kelley, CPP
May 23, 2020
Ever wondered how someone became homeless or ended up living on the streets?  What's their story and how many hands have touched their soul before their defining moment?  Follow Dennis as he teaches his philosophy on capturing unique story-telling imagery of homeless people. Discovering how to capture and tell a person's untold story can be a challenge to yourself, both socially and mentally. As a photographer and artist, creating an image in which the viewer will feel the hardships of the subject can be even more challenging. Learning to challenge yourself is a critical process in taking your photography to new heights.

In this workshop, you will be guided to find your inner extrovert in an unforgettable experience of living and breathing photography on the streets in the culturally diverse San Antonio, Texas. In addition to the philosophical aspect, you will also learn about ethical boundaries and the legal aspects of street photography. Dennis will show you how to safely approach and interact with strangers to effectively capture their story. You will also learn what should be in your gear pack to give you character-defining light and much more. Everyone has an untold story... it is our job as artists to reveal the soul.
June 21-23, 2020
Part workshop, part photo walk and part vacation, this trip promises to be an experience of fun for photographers and families.
Red River is a mountain town located in the lush Carson National Forest about 30 minutes north of Taos. The summer temps are glorious and the location is perfect for any number of day trips for exploring the history and scenic beauty of New Mexico.
Our itinerary is full of opportunities to photograph in this diverse region.  From mountain forest to desert landscapes and from exploring historic Taos on foot to high mountain vistas by train, this adventure has more than enough to keep you photographing at every turn.
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