This edition of our May update has a lot of exciting news and ways for you to get involved in TPPA.  Check it out! 
Registration is now open for the TPPA Annual Image Competition
The TPPA Annual Photographic Competition takes place Sunday, June 24 at Summerfest in Conroe.

The purpose of this competition is to allow photographers to enter photographic images to be judged against a Standard of Excellence and to assist the entrants in preparation for PPA District or International Photographic Competition.

Plus, we have over 45 awards up for grabs!

To learn more about the competition or to enter, please visit the website.

TPPA Member Benefit: 
Image Competition Guide Book
The TPPA Photographic Competition Committee created a wonderful resource for our members to use in understanding photographic competition.

The downloadable book covers everything about Photographic Competition from Districts, IPC and the TPPA Annual Photographic Competition.

The book has been freshly updated for 2018. 

It is free for TPPA Members!  You can download your copy in TPPA 365

Voting for PPA Council is Now Open
If you are a member of PPA, it is time to elect your PPA Councilors.  PPA Councilors represent all of the PPA members from your home state, so make sure your voice is heard.

PPA Council elections close 11:59pm EST June 14, 2018 on the dot! Don't miss your chance to help shape your association.  Vote Here.

Registration is Open for Summerfest!
Over Three Days of Programs.
12 Outstanding Speakers
Free Family Picnic
Free Family Fish Fry
Programs for the Kids


The excitement over this year's Summerfest is electric!
  • Maybe it's because we have the Nate Peterson from Wisconsin talking about he raised his sales averages with seniors?
  • Maybe because we are putting you IN THE POOL with Diana Waguespack and models to photograph underwater?
  • Maybe it is because we are flying drones with Justin Moore?
  • Maybe it is because you get a VIP Bonus Program with Tony Corbell when you register by May 31st?
  • Maybe it is because PPA members will also receive one merit for attending?
There are hundred of reasons to be excited about Summerfest and TPPA!
And don't forget the Annual TPPA Photographic Competition. 
Get Involved in TPPA
If you are attending Summerfest, have we got a job for you! We are looking for volunteers who are willing to help out in any number of ways.

Volunteering is a great way to get involved. We love new faces. Simply fill out the form and someone will get back to you.

And don't forget, volunteers who spend at least one hour per day in service at Summerfest will receive the coveted, TPPA Star Volunteer Pin at the Awards Banquet.
The Fine Art of Photography

Fine Art Photographer and Summerfest Instructor, Karen Butts knows a thing or two about success with Image Competition. In her class, you will learn how color and composition go hand in hand in creating a stronger image.   Check out her story!
Are You Keeping Up With Your Points?
We recently welcomed 3 new recipients!

Associate Fellowship
Jennifer Fermaint 
Diana Waguespack 
Full Fellowship
Quinn Hancock

TPPA has seen a huge increase new TPPA Fellowship Awards over the past few years. You can get started on your path to Fellowship right have already earned just have to claim them. 

To get started, contact us at and tell us, "I want to start working on my Fellowship!"  We will have you set up in no time!

Here are other notable dates:



June 24 - 27, 2018                                    October 12-14, 2018


February - March 2019                               April 28 - May 3, 2019