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Free shipping on all TREMEC TR-4050 5-Speed and A41X Automatic 4-Speed kits to the c ontiguous US. Everyone else will get a comparable discount! Offer expires 1/31/2020 and cannot be combined with other offers.
See the TR-4050 installed!
The crew at Brand New Muscle Car finally got the Bronco out of the body shop and started installing the TREMEC TR-4050 5-Speed. Watch the clip above to see just the part about the TR-4050 and SST or go to our website to binge watch the entire series! You'll also find reruns of the show on MotorTrend TV and MAVTV, check your local listings.
What's more fun than running through mud and over rocks? SNOW! Order your new TREMEC TR-4050 5-speed and get it installed before all the snow melts! Also, hear what Trent McGee thought of the TR-4050 after going on the Ultimate Adventure with it!

Photo courtesy of mcgeemedia2
Tech Corner
Shane Sullivan, Tech Support
SST's newest Customer Service / Technical Service Advisor, Shane Sullivan, tells us about his passion for building and driving cars and gives us some insight into his position here at SST!
Adapting to the NP205
There are several variants of the Chevy NP205 transfer case. These are the adapters needed to mate to the TREMEC TR-4050.
NP205 10-Spline Male Input - found behind manual transmissions such as the GM Muncie SM465.

Adapters Needed:
1) Advance Adapters Part Number 50-2800 - Figure 8 to Circle 6 Adapter
2) Advance Adapters Part Number 52-9523 - 23 to 10 spline coupler
NP205 27-Spline Male Input - used behind the TH350

Adapters Needed:
1) Convert to a 10 Spline Male Input
2) Advance Adapters Part Number 50-2800 - Figure 8 to Circle 6 Adapter
3) Advance Adapters Part Number 52-9523 - 23 to 10 spline coupler
NP205 32-Spline "Short" Female Input - used behind the TH400
NP205 32-Spline "Long" Female Input - used behind later SM465 and the TH400 in straight axle, one-ton trucks from roughly 1985-1991

At this time, no adapters are available to convert the 32-spline versions.
Here are a few photos of the TREMEC TR-4050 going into a 1991 Dodge W250 pickup truck with a Cummins engine and a NP205 transfer case. You can click on the read more to see the whole post and to see more photos.
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In Development!
Complete Transmission Kits Coming Soon!
We have exciting news regarding the Heavy-Duty TR-4050 5 speed! Coming through the shop soon are a 1972 GMC K25, a 1987 Suburban, and a 1998 K1500 that will be used to develop complete conversion packages that will cover 1967-1998 GM trucks. The TR-4050 shift quality is incredible, and the build quality is as exactly as you’ve come to expect from TREMEC. This is a superior option compared to the sloppy shifting NV4500 or weaker AX-15.
Jay Leno's Garage
Did you see Jay Leno's Bronco that shocked everyone at SEMA? It has a 760 HP Shelby Mustang engine. You can't buy this engine unless you purchase a GT500. To harness those horses, Ford turned to Silver Sport Transmissions to mate up the new TREMEC TR-4050 5-Speed for 4WD. Watch as the crew at Jay Leno's Garage starts up this 1968 Bronco and gives Jay Leno the last laugh over this "gag gift" from Craig Ferguson!
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