Volume 5 | February 13, 2018
TRACEs Newsletter - February 2018
Whew. Anyone else feeling like maybe they are finally caught up after the holidays and flu season? What a whirlwind! So many exciting things to talk about. We have shared measures! The All Partner Learning Community launches on March 23 rd ! Special Projects are underway! Want to find out more? Here goes…
This is where the rubber meets the road right? Each of us offers a different and important component to building resilience. When we all track toward the same community measure, we can see if we’re collectively actually making a difference!

So many have been eager to hear back from OSU Cascades on their recommended measures set for understanding resilience and it is here! To get a copy simply go to this link and enter your information to gain access (it’s a strong measure and they want to track who is using it). One of the things we like best about it is that the very first thing it suggests is creating your own locally relevant questions. 

“There are so many great questions in this…like the very first one, ‘Do you have people you want to be like?’ I’m already planning to share this with the Relief Nursery Network around the state.”
Tim Rusk, Mountain Star Relief Nursery

Watch for more information about the creation of a learning community so we can help each other figure out how to implement the measures, track progress, and learn about what’s working. We’re in this together ☺
How do I get involved? What’s going on? What are other organizations doing? How do I connect with other partners? I get that equity is important but what can my organization do about it? That’s what the All Partner Learning Community is all about. You shared your thoughts at last year’s May 23rd kick-off, through the post event survey, through one-on-ones and at many of your meetings. Your input created a shared agenda and many of you are doing amazing things that so need to be shared! The agenda is still under refinement so send us your ideas! Then watch for more specifics about the event and location. For now, be sure to save the date!!!
 Early on there was a lot of discussion about whether TRACEs should focus on ‘all people’ in Central Oregon or be more targeted with at-risk populations. After much exploration, it was decided that the greatest impact would occur if we pursued both. So, the shared agenda (build community awareness & knowledge, adopt proven policies & programs, strengthen networks, support providers) guides our work for all Central Oregonians. The focused work emerging relates to two groups:
1 . Youth and Children in Foster Care. Why? In Central Oregon 3-400 cases have occurred where abuse/neglect was established sufficient to warrant transfer to state custody. While this number is much larger than anyone would like, it is also within range of ‘manageable’ in terms of scale. We know where these children live, we have extensive quantitative and qualitative data available, we have a connected network (Family Preservation and Support Initiative) of agencies already working on this, and most families have a trusted advocate who knows them personally. Most importantly, offering every opportunity for youth and children in foster care to thrive can create generations of impact.
2. All Babies. Why? This one is pretty simple. If every baby born in Central Oregon was offered the strength, support, and community resources needed to thrive, they would have more fulfilling lives, our communities would be stronger and the downstream challenges across all sectors would shrink drastically.  

OK, cool, but what does this mean to me? Both of these projects are in the very early stages so please contact Katie McClure if you’d like to be involved. All partners will also have the opportunity to share their knowledge and ideas at the upcoming All Partner Learning Community gathering.

Do you have an event that you’d like to share with TRACEs partners? We love promoting these on Facebook (message us with the link!) and we’re exploring how to best offer a calendar on our website (send us the dates and descriptions). Here are some cool events coming up:

  • Feb. 14-16 Trauma Informed Practice Train the Trainer (SOLD OUT… but more to come!). For more information, contact Kati Hannigan at the United Way (kati@deschutesunitedway.org).

  • March 2nd: Dr Lou Cozolino presents “The Social Brain”. Grand Rounds 7-8am at St. Charles Bend.

  • March 2nd Dr. Lou Cozolino and Dr. Mary Meador present “RESILIENCE: Understanding the nervous system to foster flexibility over a lifetime”. Noon-2pm lunch event for providers. Location: NEW Redmond City Hall, 411 SW 9th St. in Civic Room 208. All interested providers click this link to reserve your seat.

  • March 3rd: Dr. Lou Cozolino and Dr. Mary Meador present “Timeless: Nature’s Formula for Health and Longevity”. 2pm-4pm conversation with the general public in COCC’s Boyle Education Center in Room 155, located at NW College Way in Bend. Reservations are not required for this event but are requested and can be made via this link.

  • March 8th: Building Cultural Awareness presented by Let’s Talk Diversity. Details.

  • March 10th: Crook County FEAST Event. Details

  • March 23rd TRACEs All Partner Learning Community

  • DATE TBD: TRACEs Measures “Early Adopter” Learning Community launch

  • DATE TBD: TRACEs Community Conversation Learning Community launch

  • October 3th-14th Dan Siegel All Day Workshop presented by Sacred Art of Living. Details.

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