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17 November 2021

Bottom Line Up Front

17 November Uganda.jpeg

On 16 November 2021, at 10:03am local time, an explosion occurred at the entrance of the Central Police Station on Buganda Road in Kampala. CCTV footage showed a man carrying a large backpack walking past the entrance before exploding, thus at least the first blast was carried out by a suicide bomber. Roughly 30 minutes later a second device was detonated on Parliamentary avenue near the entrance to Parliament. Since claiming its first attack on 08 October 2021, Islamic State Central Africa (Wilayat Wasat Ifriqiyah / ISCA) has considerably stepped up activity in Uganda. This attack represents ISCA’s first suicide bombing. Having followers loyal enough to give their lives for a cause is an important escalation for ISCA in Uganda. Islamic State Central Africa’s expansion into Uganda is new, and its character is a completely different modus operandi than the operations in northeast Congo (DRC). It is likely that this Kampala cell utilizes veterans of the Congo (DRC) jihad, but they have been trained and funded by the Islamic State Central external operations branch, Emni. Over the past few months, new cells have cropped up where there had been no Islamic State presence before. Along with Uganda, cells have been noted in Rwanda, Sudan, Kosovo, Poland. Emni’s mandate is to start up cells, train them, fund them, and make them operational. So far, only the Uganda cell has been successful in carrying out attacks.

Other Developments

(Anonymous Anarchist)

French Anarchist 03 November 2021 Arson Attacks on Three Telecommunication Relay Antennas in Saint-Héand (Loire),

Cellieu (Saint-Chamond), and Guizay ( Saint-Etienne), France


Images: From the attack on the telecom site in the town of Saint-Héand.

On 03 November 2021, French anarchists committed two separate arson attacks on telecommunication relay antennas; the first at a Bouygues telecom site in the town of Saint-Héand and the second, a few kilometers away in Cellieu. The blackout that followed affected subscribers in Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert to Rive-de-Gier, via Saint-Chamond, La Grand- Croix or even Lorette. There was a third antenna was targeted in Guizay, but that attack was unsuccessful. Being able to commit two successful arson attacks of this extent in one night is of utmost importance. Anarchist are doubling down targets and have long moved on from smaller arson attacks on vehicles and buildings. Globally, anarchists have been increasingly targeting critical infrastructure such as electrical supplies and telecommunication networks.

(Far-Right Extremism)

The Proud Boys Shared a TikTok Video, Encouraging Subscribers to Assassinate Those Who Vaccinate Children Against COVID-19

Proud Boys TikTok Video.jpg

Images: (L) Screenshot from TikTok video; (R) Proud Boy Logo

On 15 November 2021, a division of The Proud Boys shared a TikTok video on Telegram to encourage followers to assassinate those who vaccinate children against COVID-19. The video includes a man adorning tactical gear with the caption “when you find the person who vaxxed your child without your consent.” The man then disappears, and gunshots can be heard. Notably, the video has amassed 2.7 million views on TikTok. TRAC has recently observed that The Proud Boys seem to be violently accelerating, adopting concepts popular in more extreme elements of the far-right ideological landscape. The video itself represents a wider trend in the far right movement to threaten healthcare professionals and vaccination efforts.

TRAC Incident Report:

Three People, Including Two Arabs, Hospitalized in Apparent Jewish Nationalist Knife Attack in a Park in Bat Yam, Israel


Image: One of the injured Arab men

At around 2:30 am, local time on Sunday, 14 November 2021, two Arab men, one of whom uses a wheelchair, were sitting with Jewish friends in a park in Bat Yam, near Tel Aviv, when they were approached by a group of Jewish youths who asked if they were Arabs and then left. Approximately 10-20 minutes later, the same group of men returned wearing masks and carrying knives and firecrackers; and the police are investigating whether the group also possessed firearms. The group of Jewish men proceeded to attack the Arab men with knives, which included stabbing them in the head. One of the Jewish friends, a female, was injured but was reportedly not attacked. The two Arab men and the Jewish woman were hospitalized at Wolfson Medical Center in Holon and were released later that evening. Far-right Jewish nationalism has long had an undercurrent in Israel with the most extreme manifestations occurring in the mid-1990's. Far-right ultranationalist parties have six seats in Israel’s Parliament, the Knesset and many attacks involve Jewish religious settlers in settlement outposts in the West Bank and Palestinian Authority. However, the May 2021 Israel-Gaza conflict also saw a relatively new development of inter-communitarian, inter-ethnic violence within Israel’s major cities.

On Our Radar:

Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 17.35.33.png

TRAC Incident Report: Dozens Killed in Prison Riot Linked to Gangs Affiliated With Mexican Cartels in Litoral Prison, Guayaquil, Ecuador


TRAC Incident Report: Pro-Iranian Shia Protestors Erect Gallows and Stage Mock Hanging of Cut-out of Prime Minister Al-Kadhimi, Al-Jadriyah, Baghdad, Iraq


TRAC Incident Report: Suspected Suicide Bombing in Vehicle on Remembrance Sunday Outside Women’s Hospital Kills One, and Leads to Four Arrests Under the Terrorism Act, Liverpool, United Kingdom 



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