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08 December 2021

Bottom Line Up Front

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TRAC Associate, Grace Vaule reports that on 05 December 2021, a new Telegram channel was created to promote the imminent publication of ‘Do It For the ‘Gram’ due to release on 16 December 2021. Thus far, the only content shared on this new channel is a video that includes footage of arson attacks and the caption, "FASH [fascism], FIRE, FUN." Given the focus on arson attacks, it is possible this channel is by the self-identified arsonist of the Terrorgram Collective, whose personal channel has been removed for violating Terms of Service. A day later, at least 22 other channels, collectively amassing thousands of followers, had shared the video, while two others created posters to promote the upcoming publication. It is important to note that ‘Do it for the ‘Gram’ is a phrase often used to suggest engaging in activities for the purpose of posting it on Instagram. However, in this case, it is likely a play on words, encouraging subscribers to act for the Terrorgram Collective. Like previous Terrorgram publications, the eBook will primarily target an American audience then, move onto European audiences. Given the amount of attention and praise that the last eBook, "Militant Accelerationism," garnered, the Terrorgram Collective is attempting to repeat this process to inspire attacks.

Other Developments

TRAC Incident Report:

Islamic State Makes Its First Appearance in Thailand in Unofficial Video “Messages To the Mujahideen of Thailand”


Image:  Screenshot from video showing a four-man Islamic State cell in an undisclosed location in Thailand.

Rumors began to circulate that Islamic State had had a new pledge from Thailand back on 16 November 2021, when a large weapons cache had been discovered in Narathiwat province. Dubbed Islamic State East Asia in Patani (ISEA-P), TRAC doubted the veracity of the IS rumors at the time, unless it had been part of Emni, the Islamic State’s external operations branch. With the appearance of this unofficial video “Messages To the Mujahideen to Thailand” there can be no doubt that at a least a four-person cell now exists in Thailand. It is unclear if Islamic State will accept the video as a bay'ah and declare a Wilayah and it should be noted that Islamic State under Baghdadi reign did not accept every group that pledged allegiance. However, since the loss of the Caliphate in Syria and Iraq, IS may not be as picky as it seeks to “remain and expand” operations. Equally unclear is if this cell would fall under Islamic State East Asia (ISEA) which comprises Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. There are a multitude of groups of various sizes that make up ISEA, it would make sense to fold this small cell under that umbrella.

TRAC Incident Report:

At Least 5 Dead After Military Vehicle Rams into Protest and Army Shoots Fleeing Protestors, Kyimyindaing Township,

Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)


Images: The aftermath of the ramming incident 

On 5 December 2021, a ‘flash mob’ anti-coup protest was being held near Pan Pin Gyi and Strand roads in Kyimyindaing Township, Yangon, Myanmar. Protestors carried posters of detained NLD leader and ousted State Counsellor, Aung San Suu Kyi, calling for the establishment of democracy and release of detained civilians. Around 5 minutes into the protest, around 08:50 local time, an army jeep, allegedly carrying 8 soldiers, drove into the back of the crowd of protesters. The soldiers exited the vehicle and started shooting protestors, while beating and shooting at protestors who tried to flee. At least 5 people were reported killed, and over a dozen injured and the military said it had detained 11 protestors for ‘rioting’ but made no mention of the vehicle-ramming incident. Vehicle-ramming attacks have been used by non-state actors to create a high casualty count and disperse gatherings, such as during the 2017 United the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia; however, the use of vehicles to target crowds by a state actor is much more rare, with a famous example being the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956, or the events of Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China in 1989.

TRAC Insight:

The ‘Aryan Freedom Network’ Created a Website to Promote Christian Identity and Support White Nationalist Groups Globally

Aryan Freedom Network.png

Images:  Images from the Aryan Freedom Network website

A Christian Identity group, the Aryan Freedom Network, has created a website to promote Christian Identity whilst still supporting white nationalist groups globally. While the creation of the website is not inherently unique insofar as Christian Identity groups typically operate in the online sphere and establish websites to supply and spread relevant materials, the latter element of the website is particularly notable. Although not a novel phenomenon, white nationalism, despite the fact that it is a rising threat globally, has failed to advance as a cohesive, unified, or organized movement. This is likely due to the fact that infighting is common amongst white supremacist groups. Indeed, various ideological differences characterize right-wing extremism, preventing it from gaining the traction necessary for the creation of a collective unified force. In a dangerous development, instead of amplifying existent tensions between the ideological subdivisions, the Aryan Freedom Network created a website that supports white nationalism globally – including neo-Confederate, National Socialist, Ku Klux Klan, racist skinhead, and other white nationalist organizations and platforms. Additionally, while the website does focus specifically on Christian Identity, it maintains that any white-power activism is legitimate and that these groups must cooperate rather than fight amongst each other in order to ‘save’ the white race.

On Our Radar:


TRAC Incident Report: Suspected Islamic State Khurasan (ISK-P) Rebels Assassinated a Police Inspector in Tahsel Khar Area, Bajaur, Malakand, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan


TRAC Incident Report: Protests Against Insecurity and Calls for President Kaboré to Resign Continue in Burkina Faso


TRAC Incident Report: Attempted IED Assassination of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Foiled in Nusaybin District, Mardin Province, Southeastern Turkey



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