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June 3, 2020
VIRGINIA BEACH - As part of the Laskin Road Bridge Replacement and Widening Project, travelers should expect changes to the traffic pattern on eastbound Laskin Road, from the eastern end of the Linkhorn Bay Bridge to 150 feet east of Red Robin Road.

The shift will be implemented as early as the week of June 8, weather permitting.

Contractor crews with the Virginia Department of Transportation will shift the current eastbound lanes (toward the oceanfront) in this location onto the existing feeder road, just south of Laskin Road. Westbound lanes (toward Hilltop) from Red Robin Road to the Linkhorn Bay Bridge will remain in their current configuration.

Crews will be placing flexible delineators, temporary barriers and signs to manage eastbound traffic. Access to properties within this traffic shift will be maintained at all times.

With the shift in place, U-turns will be restricted on eastbound Laskin Road between the Linkhorn Bay Bridge and just east of Red Robin Road. To head west on Laskin Road, motorists in this location must first head east and make a U-turn onto the westbound lanes using Cardinal Road.

This traffic shift, which is estimated to be in place through 2020, will allow construction activities and utility work to safely occur in the median of Laskin Road.

Motorists should obey the posted speed limit at all times.