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Travel is the ultimate escape for us all - a break from the routine, a stimulus to the mind or body, a soothing of the soul. 

TTNers are no different.  We go everywhere, do almost everything, bring back stories to tell and gifts to give.  Share our travels here, in these articles - about a search for culture in Bentonville, Arkansas; an experimental life in Paris; trips to fulfill the dreams of people in Myanmar; cuddling with grandchildren on a mini-Grand Tour; and combining a yen for distant shores with a need to serve.

It's all here.  Curl up with this issue and become a happy vagabond. 
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By Marticia Moore Madory  

They were five brave TTNers, all members of the Travel Mates SIG and "passionate travelers" with extensive personal travel repertoires.

"I have never met a group of people who are so well-traveled as TTN members," observes Livia Yanowicz, one of the Intrepid Five.

Travel Mates is TTN-NYC's second-largest SIG (Special Interest Group); it boasts more than 115 members, and maintains its own Facebook page.  All-SIG meetings are held about 6 weeks apart, and attendance is limited  to about 30 because of space requi rements.
Livia's personal impetus for the trip?
"I wanted to travel more in America," she recalls.  "I had just returned from Southeast Asia ... Read More

Ah Paris!  Ah Air B&B!  And a Toy Poodle!AhParis
By Marticia Moore Madory  

After traveling around the world for many years with her husband, Rhoda Super faced a new challenge after the death of her mate a few years ago.  How to continue enjoying extended visits to world capitals and accommodate the emotional needs of her toy poodle, who is still in mourning from the loss of its best buddy - her husband? 

"I wanted to spend a full month exploring Paris, but couldn't leave the dog behind."   So she looked into the possibility of renting a studio apartment, with pet privileges, through Air B&B.

Studying some guidebooks - particularly the one by Rick Steves, she had found that Air B&B offered the most choices and met the largest number of her requirements.  Those included price, location, and permission to bring her little dog along.  (The manager asked her to send a photo of both her and the dog. Size and breed seemed to be important considerations.)     In the end, having a dog in Paris  ...  Read More

Traveling With A Purpose- Jane McCarthyTravelingWithPurpose
By Marticia Moore Madory   

TTNer Jane McCarthy has had a lifetime of great travel experiences, including several safaris; a recent cruise visit to Cuba; and living for a year, respectively, in exotic locations such as Sri Lanka, Bermuda, and Mexico's San Miguel.

But lately she has traveled with a different purpose. It began with civic involvement -- 5 years of service on Community Board 2 (CB2) - and has led to a creative and challenging volunteer position:  Communications and Development Chair of the Cetana Educational Foundation, which trains English teachers who work in the public schools of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). 

It all started about 6 years ago when Jane chatted with  ...  Read More

Traveling With Grandchildren: Lessons from the FieldTravelingGrandchildren

By Betty Rauch

My husband and I take each grandchild at age 10, on a special trip just with us. We have travelled with two of our three: Paris in 2013; Stonehenge in 2016. #3 gets his special trip in 2018.

Here's what we have learned:
It's a little scary for a 10-year-old to go off to a strange place without parents, so if you are travelling with a grandkid that young, be prepared to be with a child exhibiting both excitement and nervousness/discomfort. Don't forget to bring the kid's snuggly bedtime animal or  ... Read More
Voluntourism - The Ultimate TwoferCheckOut

By Barbara Schreibman

Love  to travel?  Want to put your time, skills, and energ y into making a difference?  

Voluntourism may be the adventurous and meaningful opportunity you're looking for.

That's what a full house of TTNers learned on April 26th at a lively e vening produced by the Program Committee and the Travel Mates SIG at the Norwegian Seaman's Church.   The event showcased a panel of experts, breakout groups, time to mingle - even a packing demonstration that earned a standing ovation!  If you missed it ... Read More

Have you been published lately?  A book or an article?  Are there any gallery shows or shops exhibiting your art or handmade items?  Let us know and we will help publicize it for you and feature you in our TTN emails and on our website and Facebook pages.
Do we have any members who have recently been awarded a degree or an honor for their contributions to society?  Let your fellow members know and enjoy your achievements with you.  


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