Well, we never could have foreseen the year we have all been through. It has been trying at best and devastating at worst. I have been so impressed by the general resilience that we have all witnessed throughout and have never felt such respect and gratitude to so many front line workers who have kept at the fight to try to help so many through this tough time.
As we close this very difficult year there are many rays of hope that things will start to turn around and get better and they will.

We are here, and like all of you look forward to the time when we are all free to get out there and live our lives to the fullest again.

We hope you are staying safe.
Best wishes for the holiday season,

Debbie and Team

Covid travel tools
You may be interested in learning about several Covid travel tools that can be useful once we all start to plan our travels again.

Interactive COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map
The first is a new online tool that lists countries that are allowing travel. The ‘International Airline Transportation Association’ (IATA) has created an Interactive (COVID-19) Travel Regulations Map, maintaining an up-to-date, authoritative resource that travellers can reference to gauge which worldwide destinations are opening up to receive international travellers and to what degree. Map is at: www.iatatravelcentre.com/world.php .

As the world witnessed back in March, countries around the globe suddenly slammed their borders shut in efforts to curb the escalating spread of COVID-19, regulations can literally change overnight, leaving travellers confused and scrambling to adjust their plans. With this tool, users can simply click on a country to view detailed information about its current restrictions, including air-travel status, quarantine policies, eligibility parameters, exemptions and applicable documentation requirements.

Although it is impossible to guarantee the absolute, up-to-the-minute accuracy of information from any single online source, the information given for each country indicates the latest update day, in most cases the same day. Information on this site is already heavily relied upon by airlines and other aviation partners, as well as travel agents, to securely manage the passenger document verification process – in essence, to verify whether prospective travelers fulfill the requirements needed to enter each particular destination.

Another related online resource is www.travelbans.org to further inform you of current conditions and requirements. 

World’s first airlines to receive COVID-19 safety rating announced
The review and ranking agency, Skytrax, has started certifying airlines with COVID-19 safety and hygiene stars. This agency also rates customer risk and concern elements at worldwide airports. This article has the latest news.
Where you would like to go
In our last newsletter, we asked you to let us know which destinations you would like to travel to once the world is ours again. Thank you to so many of you who offered up wonderful suggestions. You came up with locales like: Galapagos, the Azores, English countryside, Norway, the Balkans, Greece, Italy, Israel and many places in Canada!

Charlevoix tour
I was so looking forward to reporting on our I-Want-to-Go-Somewhere Great Fall Getaway tour that was supposed to take place at the end of September but we decided to cancel it at the last minute. We would have been five adventurous women ready to embark on a wonderful Fall getaway. But even with a tour organized with conservative safety in mind - including a deluxe 9 passenger coach to take us from Quebec City Airport to the gracious and gorgeous 5-star Fairmont Le Manor Richelieu with less than 50% occupancy and a 15 passenger private touring coach at our disposal throughout our 5 night stay in the beautiful region of Charlevoix, an area with very low population density - it only made sense to put this lovely getaway off for another time. We knew that a second waive was expected but felt it wouldn’t happen until later in the Fall, but the current news situation was just too unnerving.

Thank you so much ladies for your adventurous spirit and we’ll keep you posted with future developments.

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