Hello Everyone !
I have been looking forward to writing a newsletter but so many times I have put a draft together only to have everything change as the roller coaster ride of these past few months has gone on and on.

Although certainly not over yet, the loads of sunshine we have been enjoying does seem to provide a healing essence to what has been a very trying time.

To me, the word ‘community’ now has a different context. It once meant a wonderful global but loose fraternity of friends, clients, and colleagues that I have always so enjoyed and appreciated. Now this word has a much deeper context as we have all communicated and dealt with the trials and tribulations that this awful pandemic has bestowed on us.
Many of you who have travelled to Asia with us will remember Darith Touch, our guide in Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Here is a picture Darith sent me of Angkor Wat with no tourists in sight. When I asked Darith how he was doing, he said he is expecting to be out of work for some time. Many of you have visited his little farm with me and met his lovely wife and two beautiful children. They are starting to raise chickens for food and to sell eggs. Each chick costs 5000.00 riel to buy (about 1.22 USD). We have just sent him enough for 50 chicks on behalf of Today’s Woman Traveller – feels good !

I feel like a little hedgehog peeking out at the light from under a big rock trying to decide when and how to venture out again into the world I know - where I can travel to all my favourite and dream destinations around the world.

Funny, a year ago my only negative thoughts on travel centered around over-tourism and now I could in fact, live my fantasy of having the Sistine Chapel almost to myself rather than having to fight off the feeling of claustrophobia experienced over the past few years. In fact, I was just reading this morning that before the coronavirus pandemic that the Vatican Museum received an average of 25000 visitors per day during high season (April to October) and now it’s open with an average of 10 – 20 % of that crowd.

It’s going to be awhile and like many of you we and our colleagues around the world are getting ready to dig in to wait it out and be here when we can all feel comfortable to get out there to see and learn about this beautiful world. On that topic, here's an article I found interesting about How pilots and aircraft keep cabin air fresher than you may think.

We are so appreciative of all the encouraging correspondence and inquiries asking how we’ve been doing. We will open the office for reserved appointments starting Monday, July 20 and after that, we'll be open Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm.

Through many conversations with travellers, we understand we all need to feel comfortable to travel again so you'll soon see our future tour list with tours commencing mid-year 2021.
We would be interested in finding out your thoughts and opinions about future travel. Just hit 'Reply' and send us a note on where and when you want to go.
We look forward to seeing you and travelling with you again soon!
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