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March 2017

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Multiply Leaders
Pastors Partnership With rMEG
Dennis Jeffery, Superintendent 
Jesus modeled multiplying leaders as vital to the mission of making disciples. He invested three years in 12 men who led the fledgling church when Jesus sent the Holy Spirit. 

Our regional MEGs (rMEG) are trained and tasked to oversee TRC's credentialing/ordination process for multiplying godly, competent kingdom leaders. They are a partner to all local FM churches in developing leaders with head, heart, and hands empowered and activated for kingdom service. 

For this system to be effective we need understanding and active collaboration between pastor and rMEG to fully develop the next generation of church leaders. 

Pastors, we need you to be an advocate with those in your church called to serve Christ as a pastor, missionary, chaplain, non-profit executive, or college / seminary professor actively encouraging their involvement in the FMC rMEG leadership development system. This includes you:
  • Being informed and involved in connecting your local leadership development mentorship efforts with the rMEG process. 
  • Talking twice a year with your rMEG representative about each ministerial candidate in your church. 
  • Making sure all your unordained ministry staff are involved with the rMEG. 
To serve our emerging leaders well please become familiar with the rMEG process so you can speak accurately with both your ministry candidates and the rMEG. (See supporting rMEG documents to understand the process.) 

The rMEG cannot replace the crucial mentorship a new leader receives from a local pastor. But the rMEG can supplement and pour gas on the fire the Holy Spirit and local church are seeing in emerging leaders' lives. For instance, the FMX (Free Methodist Experience) and Wesleyan Theopraxis seminars will empower your leaders in head, heart, and hands so their ministry in the local church is more mature, on fire, and fruitful. 

The rMEG members are competent lay and clergy volunteers who are excited to serve your church and the FMC in the development of joyous, healthy, effective Elders who will lead the church in fulfillment of the mission Christ left us. They are good people doing important work. 

Pastor, please talk to a rMEG rep in the next 10 days to continue the process of working together in development of leaders who glorify God and advance His kingdom on earth. Ask them to explain the process and then give them an update on ministry leaders you see potential and in whose lives you are investing. Let's be a winning team! When we all work together under Holy Spirit leadership we see amazing outcomes we cannot achieve without God and one another. Together let's develop incredible future servant leaders. 

Click on the Ordination Process link to download.  Ordination Process
Building a Flourishing Local Church
By Ted Haggard
I have enjoyed my pastoral service to the local church since 1975, and have delighted in seeing churches grow and flourish as people receive the life that Christ has for them. Over the years I've learned a few principles that I think are key to building a life-giving local church. Here are three that I believe are foundational.

A life-giving local church is central to God's plan for the earth. 

I appreciate the valuable contributions of para-church ministries, but they don't typically offer the family dynamic that a local church offers. The various ages, incomes, and educational levels, as well as the teamwork and humility that are required for a healthy local church day in and day out are the same qualities inherent in healthy family life at home. Every place I know of around the world where the Gospel has made a measurable impact on the community has been the result of the ministry of life-giving local churches. I don't know anyone who has ever burned out because of the ministry aspects of local church life. Sometimes the structures or administrations of local churches exhaust people, but typically the ministry portion is invigorating.


A life-giving local church requires going to the mountaintop. 

For local church ministry to enjoy the dynamic spiritual life needed for effective ministry, the leadership must have spiritual authority given by God that creates access to people's hearts. It's my prayer that when I teach the Scriptures, those listening will hear the voice of God's Spirit in their own hearts confirming His Word. So I typically go to the mountains to pray and fast, soak in the Scriptures (by listening to the Scriptures on my phone or computer for hours), rest, think, take slow walks, and sleep. I call these "dates with God" and every time, without exception, I experience increased spiritual depth after these times of prayer and fasting. I don't often sense God's presence in a significant way while I'm praying and fasting, but afterward I get the benefits of additional sanctification, revelation and wisdom, and greater spiritual authority. My personal spiritual growth often translates into church growth because God graciously gives me access to the hearts of others. His grace abounds.


A life-giving local church differentiates itself in the community by receiving and implementing God-breathed ideas. 

Often while I'm praying and fasting, God breathes ideas into me that differentiate our local church from others. Most of us work in communities that have many churches, so if we are not differentiated in some way, we'll disappear into the landscape. When I was pastoring New Life Church, we enjoyed 22 consecutive years of double-digit growth and one of our many differentiating ingredients was a dynamic global prayer ministry. All churches pray, and many had great prayer meetings. But God gave us the privilege of building a World Prayer Center that played a key role in the AD2000 United Prayer Track and produced a website that coordinated and encouraged prayer among and for more people around the world than ever in history. It helped differentiate us.

I love serving the local church, and I believe every local church can be a growing church (unless it's in a declining population area). God so desires for all to be saved and come to repentance, He'll grow our churches and cause them to flourish in our communities if we simply allow him to.
Apportionment Changes

At their recent retreat the TRC Board of Directors approved a motion by the TRC Finance Team to raise the required apportionment percentage. Last year, TRC had the lowest apportionment in FMC-USA. That rate has been assessed by TRC's Board and Finance Team as fiscally unsustainable for a healthy conference. Beginning in January 2018 the apportionment will be 9%. Beginning in January 2019 it will be 10%. 10% is the average conference apportionment in FMC-USA.
TRC Administrator

Jane Thedens joined our conference office in the role of Administrator at the beginning of 2017. However, due to a tragedy that struck their family, Jane has resigned her position as TRC's Administrator. We ask for prayer for the Thedens family during this most painful time. God being the Great Healer, we hope that He will comfort their family and bring healing to their hearts and souls.

Deb Baggett has agreed to fill the position of Administrative Assistant. She currently serves on the Nominating Committee and has worked part-time for the River Conference in the past. Deb brings a renewed enthusiasm to serve the Kingdom and the conference.
Journey Church Colorado

One of our TRC churches is in the midst of building a new church. The story is full of God's wonderful generosity and grace. Click here to see their progress.
Next Year In Israel

TRC is planing a trip to the Holy Land. Have you ever wanted to walk where Abraham, King David, and Jesus walked? Here is your chance. The 10-day trip will be in February 2018 - specific dates will come your way soon. This bucket list adventure will take you to the Sea of Galilee, Old Jerusalem, and many other Biblical sites. Mark your calendars for this trip of a lifetime. 
Lane Sandifer (left) writes: Another Soldier here started a relationship with God this week! He's not only a new father but also a new creation in Christ - the old has gone and the new has come 
(2 Cor. 5:17)
Message from Chaplain Lane Sandifer

FMC Friends,

Thank you so much for including me and my family in the eNewsletter for the conference! As a brief update for you all, I'm on week 2 of my 9-month deployment, and things are going very well. After long flights from Fort Bragg (NC) to Germany, then to Kuwait, then to northern Iraq, I finally arrived at our unit's base last Thursday evening. It's called Q-West and is south of the big operation in Mosul. There are about 900 American service members here (mostly Army, some Air Force and Navy), and I'm the base chaplain for all of them.  We're pretty safe here for the time being although there are small ISIS pockets within 10 miles of the base, but the last incoming rockets/mortars here were over 2 months ago. We have HIMARS here (mobile wheeled rocket launchers), and they're getting fire missions almost daily so we're definitely having a direct impact on the battle even from our base. Their fire missions have been destroying buildings serving as ISIS operations centers and explosives/IED factories. Some of the leaders from my unit are advising and assisting Iraqi commanders in their battle planning and coordinations for air support and fire support. Lots of good stuff.

We had our first chapel services (I do a morning and evening option for people on different shifts) with a total of about 35 people in attendance! The previous chaplain from 101st out of Fort Campbell had only about 15-20 people coming each week, so it's my hope that our fellowship will continue to grow even more. I have BIG expectations for what God's going to do these next 9 months and I know He's capable of more than I can ask or imagine so I'm continuing to pray and build relationships with folks here. We've already given out several Bibles and I'll share the Gospel in every service before Communion. Pray for the harvest to be plentiful!

Sarah and our 3 girls are doing very well back in North Carolina. I received a voicemail from the TRC admin before I suspended my phone service asking for their contact info - she can be reached at sarah.sandifer@gmail.com or 970-381-2325. Our address there is 4 Virginia Place, Fort Bragg, NC 28307.

I'm grateful for you all and appreciate your prayers and support more than you'll ever know!  Blessings, friends

Chaplain (CPT) Lane Sandifer
Q-West Airbase, Iraq
TRC 2017 Calendar of Events

12-Mar  Daylight Savings Time Begins
14-Mar  Ministerial Education & Guidance Ordination Team Conference Call
15-Mar  Asst. Supt / District Leaders Conference Call Conference Call
15-Mar  Board of Directors Conference Call
20-Mar thru 22-Mar    E3 in Hunt Valley, MD
24-Mar thru 25-Mar    E3 in Spring Arbor, MI
29-Mar thru 30-Mar    FM Church Planters Training in Indianapolis, IN
4-Apr   Ministerial Appointment Committee Conference Call
9-Apr   Palm Sunday
13-Apr Maundy Thursday
14-Apr Good Friday
15-Apr Holy Saturday
16-Apr Easter Sunday
19-Apr Asst. Supt / District Leaders Conference Call Conference Call
19-Apr Board of Directors Conference Call
We are so excited about this year's TRC's Leadership Summit. It begins at 1pm on Friday, July 14th and concludes at 1pm on Saturday, July 15th. We will be on the beautiful campus of Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado. Look for registration details soon.
Children's Ministries
Larry Roberts, Chief Operating Officer
Free Methodist Church - USA

We had a meeting of Children's Ministries Directors this past August at the W.M.C. It involved CMDs from a number of churches and conferences in the Midwest. Out of that meeting, we created a resource page on our web-site and also created a Facebook page for CMDs. The Facebook page is quite active as those who were here communicate with each other. We want to inform all our CMDs of the Facebook page and the Resources now available on our web-site so everyone  can join in on the conversation.
Join a Courageous Conversation

When you join a Micah Group in your city, you join a multiethnic, transdenominational movement of men and women leading the church to address pressing issues of justice. You'll come to the table with others to be formed as an empowered, wise leader ready to serve an ever more polarized, fragmented church.

Why Micah Groups?
  • God has called the church to be an instrument of reconciliation and justice in our fractured world
  • This requires leaders whose faith and ministry are shaped by diverse perspectives, empowered by the Spirit to serve with courage and grace
  • Any vocational call will benefit from discipleship as a "preacher"-we share the gospel in many ways, not just from the pulpit    
Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit
You have influence. Join 400,000 of your peers to learn how to maximize it with
Two Days of World-Class Leadership Training
  • Gain exclusive access to the LIVE HD telecast of the Summit at one of 600+ locations
  • Get a unique blend of vision, inspiration and practical skills you can immediately apply
  • Learn from Bill Hybels and the diverse 2017 faculty
  • Leverage the Summit as a resource to transform yourself and your community
  • Join with people from 128 countries and 60 languages who attend the Summit around the world


Bishop's Regional Meetings 
Join us at E3 and join the entire global Free Methodist Church in reaching untold millions for Christ!

The 2017 E3 Events will start with lunch at Noon on Fridays and will conclude with lunch at 12:30pm on Saturdays

Two remaining dates and locations left:
March 20-22 Hunt Valley, MD as a part of M.I.N.E.
March 24-25 Spring Arbor, MI

Registration is only $49
Please click here for more information

It is MANDATORY that Pastors attend one of the E3 Regional Meetings

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