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Finish the year off right with a TREMEC TKO 5-Speed or TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed PerfectFit Kit and get a free SST Collectors Mug designed by the crafters at Deneen Pottery.

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NEW PRODUCTS! 6-Speed Magnum PerfectFit Kits!!!
It's the end of the year and time to reflect on all the things we've accomplished in the last year. We're especially proud of the fact that we've added 5 new Magnum PerfectFit Kits to our line up over the last 12 months. All engineered here, in house, by our excellent engineering staff.  From newest to oldest, our latest new products:

1963-1967 Corvette

Our website says "Coming Soon" but the kit is HERE and we're announcing it to our subscribers first!  While the Magnum Kit does require the elimination of the ashtray, our Magnum kit makes the conversion look so natural, you'll think the C2 came with a 6-Speed! These kits are available for purchase now by calling 888-609-0023. The kit includes:
- TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed - modified by SST and includes our shifter tower for shorter throws and positive feel
- Brushed Aluminum insert and suede shift boot to give a clean, polished finish to the interior
- 6-Speed Shift Pattern Plate - modeled off the original
- Bolt-in Crossmember - Replaces the welded-in crossmember, simple installation, maintains factory driveline angles and the structural integrity of the Corvette
- Hydraulic Kit - Saves room and will give your car a modern feel
- Cutting Template and Instructions - raise your tunnel to clear the transmission, keep your console, and follow the instructions. We did all the calculations and the most difficult work so your install will be as simple as possible.
- Driveshaft and slip yoke made by Dynotech, the same people who provide driveshafts for most NASCAR teams
- Reverse Lock-Out - prevents the transmission from being shifted into reverse accidently while traveling at speeds higher than 5 mph.
- Speedo gear, speedo cable, isolator mount, hardware, warranty and more!
1971-1974 Mopar Late B-Body & 1970-1974 E-body

Our E-body PerfectFit Kit was designed using state of the art technology by engineers who've spent their entire careers working with transmissions. Graveyard Carz chose our kit for the Hemi Cuda they debuted at SEMA this year and we've already put up videos of our kit/project car on our Youtube channel. Our kit is tested and proven and is exclusively available from SST! Learn more and get a quick quote here.
1968-1971 Ford Torino/Fairlane: TREMEC TKO and Magnum Kits
You won't find a more complete Ford Torino kit anywhere else! It's a PerfectFit!  While we had the Torino/Fairlane 500 in the shop to develop a Magnum Kit, we also developed a 5-Speed TREMEC TKO kit, so whether you need a 5-speed or a 6-speed, we've got you covered!  Learn more and get a Quick Quote here.

1960-1972 C-Series Pickups
Our C10 pickup truck was a delight to work on. Full of racing fuel and without a full set of pipes, the truck could make our whole warehouse sound and smell like the racetrack. The real innovation here was adding hydraulics, but we also took the time to perfect our shifter position and crossmember as well. Learn more and get a Quick Quote here.

1964-1972 GM A-Body
Our GM A-Body Kit is perfect in everyway. In some ways, the Magnum fits better than the TKO 5-Speed in an A-body. We've released installation and driving videos with the Chevelle and even released the installation manual to the public, found on our website. Ready for a Quick Quote? Find more information and fill out the form here.

Aston Martin TREMEC TKO 5-Speed
We don't have a kit for the Aston Martin, but a customer requested this retired shifter position. We have enough parts in stock to make several more. If you're interested, give Jeff Kauffman a call - 888-609-0023.

10-10-10 PerfectPay is a great way to save!
We have had so many customers take advantage of our PerfectPay Plan. Order now, receive the $250 saving and the free SST mug and your transmission will ship when you complete your payments! It's a great way to save towards your purchase while locking in our great end of the year deal and securing the first collectors mug in the series!

How it works: First, you pay 10% down when you place the order. If your total was $3500, you'd pay $350.  After that, you pay 10% of the remainder for the next 10 months, so in our example you'd pay $315 for 10 months. Begin the plan in December and you'll have your transmission kit by October 2017!  You can pay off anytime, there's no interest, and if you change your mind and decide you no longer want the kit we'll return all your money but the initial 10% deposit. It's a great way to save for your transmission kit!

How to: Perfect the TREMEC TKO 5-SPEED 2-3 Shift

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding the TKO on the forums is having trouble going from 2nd to 3 rd.  The shifting characteristics of the TKO are different than say a Muncie, Ford Toploader or Mopar A833.  When you shift the older 4-speeds, you would go over and up to 3rd gear or just shove it over if you were really beating on it.  With the TREMEC TKO, you want to go straight forward with an open palm. The SST shifter mechanism will help guide you right into gear!
Graveyard Carz 1971 6.4 Hemi Cuda with 6-Speed
"Graveyard Carz" on Velocity needed a ground breaking car to take to SEMA 2016. First, they used the 392 cubic inch/ 6.4 litre Mopar Hemi. Mopar released this crate engine only recently with all the wiring needed to install the Hemi into a classic car. Here's a video of the announcement at SEMA. Second, they needed a modern overdrive 6-speed and they wanted it to be in the factory correct position, so they called us! Our TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed for late B-body  and E-body Mopars offsets the shifter to the factory correct location and features our short throw shifter tower. The PerfectFit Kit also includes a steel crossmember that will allow you to retain the original torsion bar suspension. See more of the build and purchase components to build your own on our website.
There's Only One PerfectFit™ Kit
Our engineering team spends weeks mapping out the tunnel of a car, calculating driveline angles, insuring our crossmember matches or exceeds the strength of the original, engineering a new, factory correct shifter position, writing a comprehensive, illustrated installation manual to make your job as easy as possible, and more. We know why it works and the reasoning behind each informed decision. This can't be replicated without the research and data we've amassed. It takes decades of experience and a library of knowledge to design our PerfectFit™ kit.
A kit by any other name is just not the same. 
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