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September 2019
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"And as a transplant recipient, having received the gift of life - often from a stranger or maybe even from a living donor - and also as families of those gifted patients, we can understand that quote even better than those less challenged, yes?"
A special congratulations to our Team USA athletes and families recently returned from a successful 2019 World Transplant Games in the UK!  
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The TRIO national board will hold its annual face-to-face board meeting in Kansas city, MO Oct 11th and 12th
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Celebrating my 25th anniversary this October 19th
with a VERY successful heart transplant
thanks to Roberto Cuebas,
my heart donor:
"TRIO thanks CareDx for their years of supporting TRIO
both locally and at the national level
for their pioneering work for the transplant patient"

. . . and see their sponsorship for the 'Honor the Gift' campaign in the later article below . . .

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TRIO congratulates . . .
Team USA Earning 156 Medals at the World Transplant Games

- story contributed by Team manager, Gary Green

The athletes of Team USA earned a phenomenal 156 medals, including 67 golds, at the XXIII World Transplant Games, August 15-23, in Newcastle, United Kingdom.

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The event featured age group competition in 16 sports among transplant recipient athletes from all over the world. Team USA finished second in the medal tally, only behind the host country, Great Britain. Team USA athletes set numerous world records and delivered outstanding performances in all sports.

The focus now shifts to Houston, Texas, which will be hosting the next World Transplant Games in 2021, the first time the event has been held in the U.S. in over 40 years.   TRIO members are encouraged to join Team USA and compete against the world in two years, with competition ranging from track and field, to darts, golf, and petanque, a sport very similar to bocce ball.

TRIO is the nonprofit partner of Team USA, which seeks in increase sport and physical activity among transplant recipients of all ages and abilities. For additional information on transplant sports and fitness, contact Team USA at

And now get ready for the US Summer Games 2020
being held in New Jersey

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A very special story:
Bride Leaves Empty Seat For Her Dead Son, Can't Hold Back Tears When She Sees Who Shows Up

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"Congratulations on Winning the Mega Millions ($$$) Jackpot!"

By Richard F. Denno

Wouldn't that be SPECTACULAR!

Last October, Steven Everhart from New England Donor Services and myself were speakers at the Annual Session of the CT Prince Hall Freemasons. I went first, and Steve followed. At that time the Mega Millions Jackpot had grown to $1.5 BILLION (that's right, not million but BILLION!) I asked Prince Hall's MWGM David Pinkins, "Can I tell them?" Having no idea I was going to ask him this question, he quizzically replied, "Sure, Tell them." I then said to the audience, "You're all coming with me to Bermuda next May for FREE!" I instantly became the most popular person in the hall.

"Of course, I do have to win that Mega Millions prize to make good on my promise." Doing the math; taking the prize in one lump sum amount, after paying the taxes, I will end up with a paltry $400 Million prize I said. How can someone get by on such a small amount of money? What followed next proved very eye opening.

After inquiring about the children of the family of one woman in the audience, I asked "If you were the lucky winner of the the $400 (net payout,) how much of that $400 million would you be willing to part with if it would provide a lifesaving organ transplant? What wonderful precious moments would you share together if you and the family member had an additional 10-20 more years together? Wouldn't you be so proud at their graduation, at their wedding, or the birth of their children. You could experience all those moments that make life so special.

"All of it; the entire $400 million", she replied. Since that day in October, I have asked that same question of over 100 people. The answer is ALWAYS the same, "All of it; the entire $400 million." Facing the death of a loved one, who among us hasn't looked to the heavens and pleaded to our Supreme Being, "PLEASE, let me have just (fill in the amount of years) more time! You can have everything I own. For those people, doesn't that put the value of a lifesaving organ transplant at $400 million? Since none of these people have $400 million, isn't that organ transplant actually priceless to them? Imagine being able to give the precious 'gift of life' to another, simply by going to and becoming a donor. You wouldn't even have to give up 'your' prize money.

More importantly, your kind donation will impact the lives of many in need of something that even $400 million can't provide. Finally, if you do, by chance, become one of those lucky lottery jackpot winners, my email address is And don't forget a generous donation to the New England Donor Services, to assist them in their efforts to increase donor awareness and register donors at

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