October / 03 / 2017
TRITORC PowerPacks - A wise choice!
Introducing A Wide Range Of PowerPacks Suitable For All Your Needs
ATEX Certified Electric Pump for Hazardous Zones
  • Hydraulic Pump With Three-phase Electric Motor
  • ATEX Certified Version Ce Ex Ii 2 G K T3
  • ATEX Zone-2 Class T3 Gas Group IIA 
Our Torque Pumps Series:
T RITORC offers a wide range of hydraulic torque wrench pumps, with electric or air motors to power single or double-acting hydraulic torque wrenches. Safe and efficient new TRITORC HPL & APL series pumps are made especially for repetitive bolting tasks.
  • Fully Automatic Power Pack
  • Temperature Management
  • Oil Immersed Motor
  • PLC Controlled System 
  • Powered by a rotary air vane, 3 HP motor (3,000 rpm).
  • Equipped with a filter-lubricator assembly & air muffler.
  • Adjustable relief and 12' remote controlled pendant on all models.
  • Higher cross-over pressure for faster cycle times and tool operation.
Our Tension Pumps Series:

T RITORC BPL & BHP Series Air operated Tension Pumps are designed considering the total safety, reliability & maximum operator comfort. All the pressure connections are facing away from operator.
  • Return connections on all pumps.
  • Robust design.
  • Aluminium tank.
  • Easy and simple maintenance. 
  • Hydraulic pressure is held without energy consumption.
  • Explosion Proof,requires no electrical power or connections.
  • Ideal for stop start applications under full load.
  • Easy to install and operate.