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Former Chief of Staff


National Security Council

Alex Gray, member of the American Foreign Policy Council and

Senior Fellow in National Security Affairs, is our luncheon speaker this Wednesday.

His comments on international affairs have been published in the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, National Review, Naval War College Review, and Foreign Policy Magazine.

Alex is a board member of OCPAC FOUNDATION in addition to his role as leader of American Global Strategies which he founded with former National Security Advisor, Robert C. O'Brien.

He brings to us fresh perspectives on China's strategy for international dominance and the danger of ignoring the Stalinist-Marxist core of their ideology.

It is imperative that we understand that they intend to capture the U.S.A. through an ideological victory combined with brute force.

Danger comes from a refusal

on the part of U.S. elites to see this

as a re-structuring of civilization itself.

~ Alex Gray







The grassroots best friend, Senator Nathan Dahm, will be dropping by our meeting this Wednesday to say hello and to highlight what is before the GOP in Oklahoma for the coming years.

With heavy grassroots support and an endorsement from outgoing chair, A.J. Ferate, Nathan was a clear favorite of the statewide GOP who gathered in Tulsa last weekend to conduct the party's business.

Bring your family and friends this Wednesday to the Oklahoma History Center. However, do not forget to bring your pastor and offer to buy his lunch!

The future of a nation depends upon its shepherds to guard, protect, and guide the people of God that we may perform our roles well in both family and state.


Please bring your friends, family,

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Communism's Broad Devastation


May 25 Meeting


Communism's Broad Devastation

This past weekend saw a state-wide GOP convention which was covered in prayer and welcomed the numerous references to our nation’s Christian roots.

German-born political scientist, Dr. Eric Voegelin, would have approved.

He fled Hitler’s Germany for America’s Christian freedoms and, in 1941, published Science, Politics, & Gnosticism. In the book, he states that:

Energy, pride, and the will to rule can indeed establish the despotism of a spiritually corrupt elite, but not a just government. When Democrats rave about freedom and equality and forget that government requires spiritual training and intellectual discipline, they are on the way to tyranny.

Immense theological and political education was on hand at America’s founding. Quite a contrast to the intellectually vacuous American voices dominating today’s calls for the dismantling of the most profound and culturally nurturing political documents ever penned.

The China threat, our Wednesday topic, will suggest that educated churchmen re-establish a well-informed and Biblically-mandated concern for the earthly affairs of mankind.

Our Puritan foundations are not a shield against the terror which advanced to the European stage in the midst of its latent ecclesiastical orthodoxy.

If the church does not awaken to its civic duties, the following one hundred-year-old story from Michael Malice's White Pill will be tomorrows news:

In 1921, Alice Rosenbaum, born in Petrograd (Later, St. Petersburg), Russia, watched a student give an anti-communist speech during student council elections.

Alice never forgot the shock of discovering that the young man had been arrested in the night, and was sent to a slow, terrible death of Siberia.

By the end of the school year, there were no more anti-Communist speeches on campus, and there were no more anti-Communists on the student council.

The brutal expropriation of her father, other shopkeepers, and the murder and dismemberment of the Russian royalty and their children told her that the ideology of Communism itself was evil.

When at last leaving for America, an older person pulled her aside and asked her to make him a promise:

Tell them that Russia

is a huge cemetery

and we are all

dying slowly.

In an interview with a U.S. Congressman, having changed her name to Ayn Rand, she noted:

Imagine what it is like if you are in constant terror from morning until night and at night you are waiting for the doorbell to ring, where you are afraid of anything and everybody, living in a country where human life is nothing, less than nothing, and you know it. You may have friends who spy on you. There is no law and any rights of any kind.

She spoke also of mass graves and:

Barely-living kids and the elderly were tossed alongside the dead in order to save the extra trips. Their last hours on earth would be spent slowly dying, surrounded by the corpses of their countrymen.



The Musical genius, Dmitri Shostakovich, also endured the constant fear of becoming one of many known to have had night visitors, curtesy of Joseph Stalin. Many were his friends who were never seen again.

Testimony, The Memoirs of Dmitri Shostakovich, was related to his close friend, Solomon Volkov. In the opening pages we read:

They usually came for their victims at night. Shostakovich did not sleep. He lay listening in the dark.

The constant anticipation of arrest affected his mind. For nearly four decades, until his death, he would see himself as a hostage, a condemned man.

He felt himself alone – his friends died or disappeared, or worked on their careers – but he was used to that too. The world turned permanently gray.

Quoting Shostakovich:

I see nothing but ruins, only mountains of corpses. When I started going over the life stories of my friends and acquaintances, I was horrified. Not one of them had an easy or a happy life. Some came to a terrible end, some died in terrible suffering, and the lives of many of them could easily be called more miserable than mine. And that made me sadder. I was remembering my friends and all I saw was corpses, mountains of corpses.




Born in Gorky, Soviet Union, Vladimir Ashkenazy wrote about Shostakovich's life under Joseph Stalin in his forward to Testimony:

We know without a shadow of doubt that Shostakovich deeply detested the system in which he lived. We knew how much he suffered from it and how helpless he felt about being unable to do anything except express himself through his music.




Stephane Courtois is a Historian at the French National Centre for Scientific, a research professor at the Catholic Institute of Higher Studies in La Roche-sur-Yon, and director of a collection specialized in the history of communist movements and communist states.

In The Black Book of Communism, he states:

Time and again the focus of the terror was less on targeted individuals than on groups of people. The purpose of the terror was to exterminate a group that had been designated as the enemy. Even though it might be only a small fraction of society, it had to be stamped out to satisfy this genocidal impulse … How do we describe a crime designed to exterminate not merely individuals or opposing groups but entire segments of society on a massive scale for their political and ideological beliefs.

It is why Ayn Rand and Dmitri Shostakovich so detested the Marxist ideology. It is one of many reasons that Dr. Eric Voegelin called Karl Marx "a swindler" and his master, Hegel, a charlatan who played "con games."

It is an ideology that is devastating the youth of America who are exposed to elements of atheism which strips humanity from any possible sense of meaning and purpose for existence.

In addition, our youth are trained to bestow blind trust in the government who is directly educating the vast majority of them.

Elinor Lipper, in her book Eleven Years in Soviet Prison Camps, penned this profound statement on the impact of Communism on our youth:

The search for truth, the urge to understand the meaning of life, is wholly alien to the younger generation which has passed through the school of the Communist Youth Organization.

For them, all problems have been solved; there is a standard answer to every question.

The language of these intellectually impoverished young people is larded with ready-made phrases.

They quote Stalin instead of thinking for themselves; they derive their opinion from Pravda editorials.

They are arrogant and complacent, and everything that pertains to them is the greatest things there is: Their country, their power, their leader.

Theirs is also the greatest misery and oppression, but they are unaware of this, for they have never known anything but Soviet life.

The members of this younger generation have neither sympathy nor understanding for their elders; there is no bond between them.

If anyone puts forth a thought which does not fit into the pattern laid down by Stalin, they do not argue against it, but they react with such suspicion of the other’s true intentions and hidden thoughts that he quickly learns to keep his ideas to himself.

Thinking of the endurance Shostakovich demonstrated under the close scrutiny of Joseph Stalin, a cruel and murderous tyrant, authors Allan B. Ho and Dmitri Feofanov challenge each of us as they wrote in Shostakovich Revisited:

We have fewer reasons to compromise. Our lives are not endangered, and our biggest enemies are merely complacency and the status quo. They provide a poor excuse for refusing to face the truth. Shostakovich always did, and we owe him at least this much.

A few thousand of you read this newsletter each week. I would challenge you to connect with us through our meetings, or by email and get involved in bolstering the Christian cultural foundations of Oklahoma that we may cast a light on our nation, the last bastion of freedom in the world.

Christianity is the very foundation of human thought.

It is the foundation of free & prosperous societies.

We are in desperate need of returning

our nation and our state to Biblical foundations.

Thank you for your activism.


This Wednesday's luncheon!

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God bless!



May 25, 2023

State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Ryan Walters, and the State Department of Education, invite you to attend their May 25th public meeting.

Your comments and presence are sought as the foundation of the future of Oklahoma's children is being established. The SDE offices are on the northeast lawn of the Oklahoma State Capitol.


State Department of Education

Oliver Hodge Education Building

2500 N. Lincoln Blvd, OKC, OK

Thursday, May 25, 2023

8:30 a.m. Gather for fellowship and prayer.

9:00 a.m. Sign in for option to speak.

9:30 a.m. SDE meeting begins.

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