It's hardly a surprise that trust is paramount when marketing products and services. A recent study of consumers confirmed that trust has emerged as a top priority for brand marketing. Among those respondents,"70 percent say trusting a brand is more important today than in the past" — a shared belief among age, gender, and income. (Edelman)

What's more, print has emerged as the most trusted medium in a marketing mix....

The reason? Print is real, physical, tangible – once you receive it, you own it - it's yours. This durability builds trust - the all-important trust factor.

On the other hand, digital media are ephemeral: online news, Twitter, TikTok, social posts, and viral videos are available one minute and gone the next.


DIGITAL FATIGUE - We receive approximately 10 mailing pieces a day versus hundreds of emails (never mind FB, Twitter, TikTok!).

TOUCH HAS POWER - Touch has the power to enrich our memory, enhance our learning experiences, and ultimately influence our buying decisions. (Sappi Global Haptic Touch study)

LONGER SHELF LIFE - Studies say a mailing is held for 17 days before being recycled. (RetailWire)

YOUNG PEOPLE LOVE MAIL! - Research shows millennials and Gen Z want it both ways: Appreciate receiving the mailing piece and then do the research online. As we know, they want it ALL - a good thing! (BrandUnited)

BRAND TRUST - The "aha" moment of recognition when you see a favorite print catalog, treasured nonprofit mailing, and - from a distance - a larger-than-life graphic (Target?). We then make the connection and welcome that feeling of trust and familiarity.

And yet, it may seem to be more difficult to create a printed catalog, a direct mail piece, or an environmental graphic. Indeed, it could be pricier in the short run but not necessarily in the long run. Adding a printed piece along with your digital marketing tools complements each medium (note the recent uptick in mail delivered from your dogged postal worker!).

Here are a few samples of clients showcasing their brand

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