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Winter 2017 
Vol. 11, Issue 1

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In This Issue
Region Projects, by Jack Crawford, National TSA President
Campaigning 101, by Zac Quinby, National TSA Vice President
What CTE Month Means to Me, by Erin Sullivan, National TSA Secretary
National Student Leadership Week, by Javonate Williams, National TSA Treasurer
The Countdown Begins, by Aala Nasir, National TSA Reporter
Three Ways to Fundraise for the American Cancer Society, by Lauren Kim, National TSA Sergeant-at-Arms
Region Projects
By Jack Crawford, National TSA President

During the fall national officer regional Google  hangout with state presidents a discussion of assembling region projects took place.

This is the second year in a row that state delegations have participated in region projects that offer states the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with other states within their TSA region of the country. 

Last year, the five regions focused on fundraising for the American Cancer Society and increasing membership. This year features new ideas focused on each of those initiatives.

Region 1 discussed a variety of ideas ranging from membership growth to community service and finally settled on organizing a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, TSA's national service project. One popular fundraising idea mentioned was hosting a video game tournament with all funds and proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. The state delegation representatives of Region 1 have continued to meet semi-regularly to solidify their region project.

Region 2 is the birthplace of the region project idea and for the third year in a row will be focusing on the American Cancer Society. State presidents discussed using incentive-based programs to raise money such as auctions and penny drives.

Region 3 is considering a number of options for their region project and will make their final decision later this winter.

Region 4 chose to fundraise for the American Cancer Society. During the Google hangout, state presidents brainstormed video game fundraising tournaments.  

Region 5 followed the precedent set by several of last year's projects and decided to emphasize membership growth. Specifically, the region wants to explore and discuss growth through the use of social media and toolkits available on the National TSA website. The national TSA officer team is currently enhancing the membership toolkit as well adding one other toolkit to the TSA website. Make sure to check out these toolkits in the early spring to access incredible resources for your chapter and state.

State presidents were encouraged to have all ideas approved by state advisors and the presidents will have another opportunity to discuss the progress and final details of their region projects during the 
February 19, 2017  regional Google hangout. Please contact your state presidents with any questions or suggestions you may have concerning your region's project!

See a list of states in each TSA region here

Campaigning 101 
By Zac Quinby, National TSA Vice President
In my experience, I have found there is no perfect way to approach a campaign. It can be difficult to win people over or to outrun your competition. It's a hard battle but completely worth it. At this point in the year you have probably been thinking about how to properly give back to your organization.
There is no better way than to serve than as a regional, state or national officer! To help you know where to begin, I have put together a basic list of how to go about the officer campaigning process:
1. Think about it. Make sure you spend a large amount of time thinking about your decision to run for an office. Do you have the time to commit to representing TSA? Do you work well as a team? What skills do you bring to the table? Do you have good communication skills?
2. Talk about it. After making sure this is something you really want to do, reach out and communicate with your advisor and possibly a past officer who served in the office you want to be a part of. Ask them questions; get a full understanding of the duties and what will be expected of you.
3. Gather information. Make sure that you are up to date on all TSA programs and its bylaws. Use your state and national TSA websites to find all of the information you might need. Watch prior year TSA conference general session videos to get an idea of your role on stage throughout the conference week. If running for national office, make sure to email Mrs. Orr at the national TSA office to request a national TSA officer candidate application ( Look over the application very carefully and pay close attention to all of the included documents.
4. Plan your campaign. By this time you have all of your paperwork turned in (ON TIME) and you are thinking about your campaign! Remember, no one ever won an election by the amount of money they spent on their campaign. You want your campaign to be original and to represent you and what you have to offer! Make sure you stay within the guidelines but think outside the box.
5. Write your speech. This is one of the hardest parts of campaigning; you only have a short time to tell us everything. The speech is where everyone gets a feel of who you are and what you are going to do. This must be strong and your points must be well-covered. Make sure to know your speech like you know your name but don't lose your emotions in it.
6. Do your best. The decision to campaign and run for a TSA office is a huge one! Go have fun and make memories doing it. Be the best you can possibly be! Remember, no matter the results of the election you will be admired for your dedication to TSA and the courage and heart you showed to stand up and try your hardest. 

What CTE Month Means to Me
By Erin Sullivan, National TSA Secretary

The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) has chosen "Celebrate Today, Own Tomorrow" as the theme for celebrating Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month® in February. This public awareness campaign that ACTE sponsors is the perfect chance to spread the word about the value of career and technical education. But why is this important? CTE is the reason we have Career and Technical Student Organizations. Without CTE, there would be no CTSOs. Without CTSOs, none of us would have the association that we love so much: the Technology Student Association.
CTE month is about celebrating today. Celebrate your achievements in TSA or another CTE-related activity. Celebrate the countless hours your CTE teachers and advisors spend making sure that you and your fellow members are as prepared as possible for your future career.
CTE month is about owning tomorrow. Fittingly, the theme of this year's national TSA conference in Orlando, Florida is "Defining Your Future." The two go hand in hand. How could you own tomorrow if you have not defined your future? This February, spend extra time thinking about how you will define your future. Stay in the spirit of CTE month and use your ideas about the future to own the world of tomorrow. 
This month, do not focus solely inward. Help your classmates and your community appreciate all that CTE does for each person. Volunteer at a middle or elementary school and invest in the younger generation.
I think that the key to the CTE theme "Celebrate Today, Own Tomorrow" is focusing on "owning tomorrow." How, at this very moment, are you making plans to own your future? 

National Student Leadership Week 
By Javonate Williams, National TSA Treasurer 

As a national student organization it is always important to support attention given to young leaders.  This is especially true when there is a special week dedicated to celebrating the leadership and service efforts of high school and middle school students.

National Student Leadership Week (NSLW) is a week set aside each April by the National Association of Student Councils and the National Honor Society to celebrate student leaders. This year's theme "Making a World of Difference" will dominate the week of April 16-22. 

TSA, let's help celebrate this week by making "a world of difference" in everything we do! Every effort counts-from small gestures to bigger community projects. As TSA members we are leading and serving in our schools, states and nation every day. So, let's tell others about the good work we do.

Share updates, videos, and links showing how you are making "a world of difference" in TSA by using #MadeInTSA on social media. 
The Countdown Begins
By Aala Nasir, National TSA Reporter
The countdown to the national TSA conference is on as we are a little under 150 days away! This year, the conference will be held at the beautiful Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida from June 21st to June 25th.  From Website Design, to Junior Solar Sprint, to On Demand Video, middle and high school students will compete in various STEM based competitions against the best of the best from across the nation.
The theme for this year's national conference is "Defining Your Future." With TSA's new leadership initiative, LEAP, members are encouraged to check out the competitive events guide so that they are aware of the changes to competitions and the addition of LEAP resumes. The national TSA conference presents students with many incredible opportunities including networking among states and exploring the wonderful city of Orlando. Participation in the national TSA conference equips us with the skills necessary to lead in a technical world. 
Aside from competing, members can attend various leadership workshops, trade pins during the conference kickoff, and participate in onsite training sessions for the Student Leadership Challenge Experience. 
Don't forget to mark your calendars, work hard, and get ready for an incredible national TSA conference! Be sure to check here regularly for conference updates.

Three Ways to Raise Money for the American Cancer Society
By Lauren Kim, National TSA Sergeant-at-Arms 
It is always important to think of ways to give back. Our duties as TSA members do not only entail competing in events but serving the community around us. A major way that TSA members can make an impact in the lives of others is through the TSA/American Cancer Society (ACS) Spirit of Service Awards Program. Below are easy ways you can fundraise for the American Cancer Society. Your TSA advisor and school principal will know the fundraising guidelines for your school district and community, so be sure to talk with them first before starting any fundraising efforts.
  1. Hold Fundraiser Nights at Participating Food Chains and Restaurants: Some companies donate percentages of their daily sales to a cause. To hold a fundraiser night, members can fill out the fundraising form on a company's website. Most forms require a 501c3 form document or a non-profit letter, along with a W-9 form. Some restaurants that host fundraisers include California Pizza Kitchen, Chipotle, Panera, Applebee's, and Jack-in-the-Box. These fundraisers are easy and accessible, making them great ACS fundraisers.
  2. Host a Community Event: Community events can not only raise money for the ACS, but they can also provide services to people in town. Some examples of community events are car washes, babysitting nights, and spaghetti dinners. In addition, these fundraisers can publicize TSA and bring TSA members closer together.
  3. Selling Treats: This is a great fundraiser for individuals. Members and advisors can purchase candy bar or lollipop boxes in bulk at wholesale club stores. Selling individual items can raise money quickly and effectively.
Fundraising does not have to be daunting! With these three ideas, TSA members can help the American Cancer Society save lives, one penny at a time. Be sure to record your fundraising here and be recognized at the national TSA conference in Orlando, Florida!

Compete in LEAP Legacy Chapter 

Showcase your chapter's leadership skills and win cash prizes when your chapter competes in LEAP Legacy Chapter
  1. Submit Portfolio: Chapter members complete and submit a portfolio detailing their leadership activities and skills. The portfolio submission deadline is March 30, 2017.
  2. Compete: Selected LEAP Legacy Chapter semifinalists will present their achievements to national conference attendees and be judged anonymously at the national TSA conference Meet and Greet.
  3. Win Big: National LEAP Legacy Chapter semifinalists will be recognized onstage at the national TSA conference. First through third place middle and high school chapters will receive trophies and $1,000, $500, and $250, respectively. 
  For information on how to compete in LEAP Legacy Chapter and to learn more, visit the TSA website.
TSA Advisor Appreciation Week 

February 13-17, 2017 is TSA Advisor Appreciation Week! Show your advisor how much you appreciate everything they do, and give them a shout out on social media using #MadeInTSA. Check out the TSA website for ideas and resources for celebrating TSA Advisor Appreciation Week.

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