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As we approach the end of the first semester, I want to encourage you to stay focused on our mission. Thank you for being flexible, creative and going above and beyond to meaningfully engage students and families whether they are in your classroom or online.

I continue to be amazed by the compassion our students and staff demonstrate during the holiday season. We want to highlight those community outreach efforts in a story on our website. If your school, club or employee group will be participating in a food drive, collecting items for the animal shelter, creating cards for soldiers deployed overseas or another activity, please share information and photos with Sue Scott by Tuesday, December 15.

Thank you for your continued diligence in finishing the semester strong.

Scott Hanback
Students at grocery store
East Tipp Middle School collected nearly 12,000 pounds of food during its annual food drive.
Holocaust education opportunity
The Greater Lafayette Holocaust Remembrance Committee is sponsoring the Gedalyah Engel Education Award for teachers in Tippecanoe and surrounding counties. 

Click here for an application.

Proposals are due January 31, 2021.

Deadline for Anne DeCamp Award approaching
All regular contracted teachers, media specialists and counselors in the TSC can apply for the Anne DeCamp Award for Creative Teaching. The winner receives $500 to use toward a classroom project, activity or professional development.

The award is presented annually in honor of the late Mrs. John DeCamp, a former TSC board member.

Click here for more information and to apply online. The deadline to apply is December 18.

Four phishing scams to watch out for during the holidays
phishing image
The holiday season is a busy time for many people as they prepare for celebrations and shop for gifts. But it's also a busy time for scammers as they devise ways to cheat and steal, sometimes through phishing campaigns that try to trick people into divulging personal information. Here are four phishing scams to watch out for during this time of the year.

Fraudulent shipping notifications
As most people shop online due to the coronavirus pandemic, cybercriminals are more intent on launching phishing emails that impersonate shipping notifications. To avoid this scam, don't open attachments from suspicious email addresses and do not click on links for external pages.

Charity frauds
This type of scam typically tries to trick the recipient into believing that they're donating money to a charity. To avoid this scam, check the charity.

Gift card/Coupon scam
Gift cards and coupons are an easy way to get money, one reason this type of fraud is popular among cybercriminals. To avoid this scam, be wary of any coupons that offer great deals and discounts on popular items.

Travel phishing scams
With most people stuck at home in lockdown mode, a vacation to an exotic location sounds enticing. So you book your trip. But then you receive a notice informing you that due to the pandemic your booking has been canceled. The email notice asks you to fill out a form to claim your refund. Only the external form is a malicious one designed to capture your personal information. To avoid this scam, check the sender address on any such suspicious emails you receive.

December - Energy Management - Holiday choices
Click here to read about four ways to make it easier to be healthy before getting into the holidays.

TSC INtegrate employee discount guide
Fearless Fitness is a new vendor listed in the TSC INtegrate Employee Discount Guide.

Please email us at [email protected] if you have any suggestions for a gym or vendor that you would like to add to the discount guide.

TSC State of Mind
with Megan Ulrich
December 2020 will bring a holiday season like no other considering our current circumstances and the ongoing unpredictability. It’s a great reminder to use “both-and” thinking...the holiday season can be both wonderful AND stressful and we need to continue those practices that keep us in a safe place physically and mentally while also building our resiliency. Here are some resources from NAMI and USA Today that address mental health safety and resiliency during the holiday season.
TSC State of Mind
Consider a personal coach
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with Kathy Nimmer

In this season of gift giving, I recall some of the most memorable presents I've received: the Barbie supermarket in fourth grade, the leather book bag in college, the homemade cheese log with crushed almonds pressed into it from a student. I also remember presents I have given, including the first one I bought for my mom with my own money. Sometimes, though, the best gifts are conveyed in the written word inside a simple note. Second-year Wea Ridge Middle School science
teacher, Ashley Lee, wrote, "I received a card of appreciation from a student and she stated in her card that science is a class she looks forward to each day." I'm pretty certain that when Ashley retires decades from now, she'll still have that card. It reflects intentional outreach; that kind of giving is both precious and doable.

Carla Roberts
Employee Name: Carla Roberts
Years with TSC: 9
Position: Aide, Southwestern Middle School
How this employee demonstrates the TSC State of Mind: Carla is amazing because she values relationships and she loves all of our students. She will do anything to reach our studentsincluding making the coolest Tik Toks! Our students and staff adore her, and we are so grateful to have her as a member of our Wildcat Family!
Shelly Reichart
Employee Name: Shelly Reichart
Years with TSC: 22
Position: First grade teacher, Woodland Elementary School
How this employee demonstrates the TSC State of Mind: Shelly is fully committed to her classroom and students while also contributing to a community of teachers within the building to better the school. She is adaptable, creative, and will always sacrifice for the needs of her students and coworkers.


December 18 - End of the first semester
December 21 - No school, winter break begins
January 4 - Staff and students return to school