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Newsletter for employees of the Tippecanoe School Corporation
TSC Matters
Message from the superintendent
Dear TSC Staff,
These are weird and strange times. The COVID-19 has challenged our resolve and wreaked havoc on our routines. We’ve been caused to question our assumptions and live with an uncomfortable level of uncertainty. If you are like me in this time of uncertainty and weirdness, you're wondering what to do next. Our corporation priorities have shifted and look nothing like what was intended three days ago, three weeks ago, or three months ago. As we focus our collective efforts in the coming days and weeks, please consider these three overarching goals for the TSC:
  1. Health and safety. Be diligent with your own health and that of your family.
  2. Student access for remote learning. With flexibility, creating the best possible learning scenario under these unusual circumstances. Remote learning will never replace the magic that otherwise happens inside our classrooms, but we will do our best to engage student learning.
  3. Communication not isolation. #TSCMind warns in times of crisis people tend to retreat and isolate. Now more than ever we need to stay connected; albeit remotely. Connect and communicate with your family, colleagues and students.
Remember that unless you are scheduled to work, there will be no building access between now and March 29 so that custodians and maintenance teams can clean.
I am grateful for everyone's patience and flexibility during this unprecedented time. I appreciate us all working together to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and protect our children and employees. I will do my best to keep you informed as things continue to rapidly change.
I’m continually amazed at the hard work and dedication exhibited by our employees. We're in this for the long haul it seems so there’s no need to panic. Stay in the moment. Think ahead but make only those decisions that need to be made today. We will all get through the intensity of these days by working together.

Scott Hanback
TSC teacher receives Lilly Fellowship
Gina Boyd with student
Lilly Endowment Incorporated awarded Mayflower Mill Elementary School teacher Gina Boyd with a Lilly Endowment Teacher Creativity Fellowship. She is among 100 Indiana teachers who will have a chance to nurture their own curiosity and development through a $12,000 grant .

TSC honored for expanding propane bus fleet
The Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition presented its Clean Air Champion-School Fleet Award to the Tippecanoe School Corporation. The annual award recognizes companies and organizations advancing alternative fuels and technologies.

TSC Staff Recognition
The TSC Staff Recognition Night scheduled for Wednesday, April 22 has been cancelled because of the CDC limitations on the size of gatherings. We will recognize the honorees in another way. Stay tuned!

March - Mindfulness: addressing anxiety
Do you ever feel anxious? Click  here  to learn ways that may help ease your anxiety so that you can focus on things that are more meaningful to you.

Mindfulness Matters
with Anne Marshall
As we all adjust to life in a pandemic, a couple of tips:

  • A mindfulness tool for you to try: EAP offers a free 2-3 minute recording meditation line. The 24 hour number is 317-962-6463.
  • And, as Dr. Bruce Perry says, “the most powerful buffer in times of stress is our social connectedness.” How do you plan to stay physically distant but emotionally close? Make a plan! Use the #TSCMind to share your connections. 
Mindfulness Matters
Sending you well wishes: may you be safe, may you be healthy, and may you be happy.

#TSCINtegrate Award
The #TSCINtegrate Award recognizes employee efforts to help promote healthy living principles (nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress management, mindfulness, etc.) through personal example, influencing peers and/or students and/or serving the community within the Lafayette area.   

**EXTENDED SUBMISSION DATE**  - Nominations are due by Friday, April 17.
Click  here  to learn more about the inaugural #TSCINtegrate Award. 
Click  here  to nominate a peer for the #TSCINtegrate Award.

More Integrate options
As we work to adhere to federal, state, and local guidelines to help mitigate the threat of COVID-19, you may be glad to know that TSC employees have access to the following benefits through the TSCINtegrate staff wellness initiative:

NuStart’s tele-coaching (through the NuStart Health App and/or tele/video conferencing)
  • This program is based on habit formation principles, practical healthy-living (nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress management, and mindfulness) guidance, and mindfulness practices. You can set goals, practice self-awareness, and develop lifestyle strategies that can positively impact your health, energy level, and the way that you feel. Click here to get started or contact Bryce Lindsay.

Green Bean Delivery (contract-free grocery home deliveries), 844.476.2326
  • Receive 20% off your first three orders using promo code “NuStart"

Engage Steps Challenge
We’re excited to kick off a challenge that you can do with your fellow coworkers and friends (furry ones, too!). The challenge for TSC health insured employees runs April 6 – May 3. Enrollment begins March 30.

Walk with Friends is a social steps challenge in the Engage app and when you
participate, you can win prizes like a $100 Visa gift card, tickets to a comedy show and more.  More information .

How to join:
1. Download the Engage app if you don't already have it
2. Register or sign in
3. Join Walk With Friends from the home screen

Annual weight loss challenge
Due to the COVID-19, the TSC/LSC Health & Wellness Clinic annual weight loss challenge final weigh-in has been extended to May 1.

Spring break password reset postponement
password reset icon
The required password reset scheduled for Monday, April 6 has been postponed until further notice. As a reminder, staff can reset their password at any time from a Windows computer on the TSC network by typing CTRL+ALT+DELETE and choosing the 'Change a password' option.
with Kathy Nimmer
A warm smile is the universal language of kindness." - William Arthur Ward

March could be my least favorite month because it promises spring but so often rescinds that promise with some of the coldest, dampest weather of the year! Warmth sounds good about now, so this quote made me pause. What if our gauge of temperature was based not on degrees but on smiles? How warm would your day be? How much warmth have you given to others? I think I might adjust my March negativity if I adopted this smiling mindset!

David Ungaro
Employee Name: David Ungaro
Years with TSC: 6
Position: Media Center Aide, Southwestern Middle School
How this employee demonstrates the TSC State of Mind: Dave is an unsung hero at SMS. He's always the first in line, willing to lend a hand whenever and wherever he is needed. He fosters positive and meaningful relationships with staff and students alike.

Tract Trice
Employee Name: Tracy Trice
Years with TSC: 23
Position: Special education teacher, Wyandotte Elementary School
How this employee demonstrates the TSC State of Mind: Tracy is a passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable educator. She is always putting the best interest of her students first. She works hard to develop strong relationships with their families to help them succeed.

March 23-27 - No school, spring break
May 26 - Last student day