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Welcome back superheroes
Are you a superhero comic book fan? Perhaps you enjoy the superhero movies? Do you like Marvel or DC? For me I'm not as concerned with the brand but rather my interest is the particular superpowers on display. I especially appreciate when the superheros unite their unique powers coming together for the common good.

As we approach another school year I'm reminded how important every single employee's "superpower" is to the operations of the Tippecanoe School Corporation. Your role matters and most importantly you carry out your role to the very best of your ability for the common good of the TSC. And like all good superheros, one has to be in the right "state of mind" to function at the highest level.

As public school employees it is imperative we take care of ourselves for the sake of the students we educate and serve. What's your state of mind in your role? What's your superpower? Are you rested, rejuvenated and ready? There's no challenge too difficult when superheros unite. In the words of the great superhero philosopher Iron Man, "It's not the armor that makes the hero, but the man inside." This is going to be our best year ever!

I look forward to seeing you Friday, August 9 at our kick-off celebration,

Dr. Hanback
Kickoff celebration
All TSC employees are invited to the Back-to-School Celebration :

Friday, August 9
Doors open at 8:15 am (breakfast)
Program begins at 9 am
Wea Ridge Middle School

TSC receives Resilient Youth Grant from North Central Health Services
North Central Health Services (NCHS) has awarded a $1 million, three-year grant to the Tippecanoe School Corporation. The initiative will assist schools in developing programs to address the social and emotional learning of students.

Classroom Superstars Sought
Schools, clubs and various organizations are invited to collect donations for Food Finders Food Bank as part of the Classroom Superstars program. Groups can win $1,000.

Click here to learn more.

boxes filled with cans of food
Classroom Business Enterprise Workshop
Discover how your students can flourish by starting and running a real money classroom business. K-8 teachers are invited to a one-day workshop, Wednesday, September 25 at Purdue University.

Click here to learn more.

Backpack Splash
volunteers help families with school supplies and other information
A great, big thank you to our TSC Volunteers for the TSC Backpack Splash held at Wea Ridge Middle School on August 3. A special thank you to Fred Roop, Dan Peo and Rose Moe for hosting the event. Our co-captains Sarah Robey and Brandy Shiflett did an amazing job and we appreciate you. We would also like to acknowledge the work of our steering committee, with a special shout out for Kathy Hudgins, Jessica Wallace, Carrie Painter, Paul Leubcke, Debbie Beckett, Angie Cloud, JoEllen Hayworth and Jodi Day.

Apply for the Anne DeCamp award
The all regular contracted teachers, media specialists and counselors in the TSC can apply for the Anne DeCamp Award for Creative Teaching. The winner receives $500 to use toward a classroom project, activity or professional development.

The award is presented annually in honor of the late Mrs. John DeCamp, a former TSC board member (1974-1982).

Click here for more information and to apply online.

Therapeutic Crisis Training
More than 20 TSC staff members participated in an intensive, five-day training in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention in June at Wea Ridge Middle School. Cornell University conducted the sessions that equipped participants with the skills and experiences needed to share the course with others.
group of educators who completed the training
TSC welcomes new administrators
Courtlon Peters
The Tippecanoe School Corporation is pleased to announce it has hired Courtlon Peters as the new assistant principal of Wea Ridge Elementary School.

Sarah Gustin
The Tippecanoe School Corporation is pleased to announce it has hired Sarah Gustin as the new principal of Southwestern Middle School. 

Mileage info
The mileage rate, set by the IRS, is 58 cents for calendar year 2019. Please make sure you use the 2019 mileage reimbursement form when claiming mileage .

Financial webinars
The Teachers Insuran ce and Annuity Association (TIAA) will be hosting regular webinars for TSC employees on different financial topics.   

August 13 - All about IRAs
August 14 - Market-proof your retirement
August 15 - Demystifying life insurance

For more information and to register click here.

KnowBe4 simulated phishing email messages and training
As part of the TSC's efforts to improve its cybersecurity practices we will continue to conduct social engineering exercises to help educate staff, which include the dissemination of simulated (fake) phishing email messages. Staff who fall victim to one of these messages will receive a brief explanation that outlines the suspicious aspects of the message in question. Additional training resources will then be made available. More information about KnowBe4 and the types of exercises the TSC conducts can be found here .
If staff believe they're on the receiving end of a phishing email message, they're encouraged to use the "phish hook" button in their Gmail mailbox (orange fish hook icon in below image).
If the message is suspected to be spam, staff should use the Report Spam button in their Gmail mailbox (exclamation point icon in below image).
August - Mindfulness and looking for the WIN
Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the moment. How do you practice mindfulness.  Click  here  for tips on how to practice mindfulness by looking for the WIN – WIN.

How do you INtegrate?
“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.” ~Mother Teresa

Be sure to use #TSCINtegrate to encourage others when you tweet and post pictures of how you are integrating movement into your daily routine.
Mike and Kim Pinto at Estes Park
TSC INtegrate employee discount guide
Discounts a re available to TSC employees at Parkwest Fitness, Sunshine Yoga Wellness Spa and more. Check the TSC Discount Guide and on how you can save.

with Kathy Nimmer
I was emcee at a charity concert this summer featuring Matthew Whitaker ,
a blind jazz musician whose talent is enormous. At several points
during the performance, this 18-year-old played two instruments
simultaneously! I considered why he loved doing what appeared to be
nearly impossible. The answer was clear: passion. Matthew's passion is
unquestionably music. When we find a way to live within the center of
our passion, "impossibility" becomes "fulfillment." Today, be uplifted
by Matthew's passion.

Kimberly Johnson
Employee Name: Kim Johnson
Years with TSC: 17
Position: Aide, Burnett Creek Elementary School
Why this employee makes TSC great: Kim works wonders with our struggling students. She builds a great relationship with each student to create conditions for success. Students trust and count on her.
Alisha Miller
Employee Name: Alisha Miller
Years with TSC: 14
Position: Third-grade teacher, Wyandotte Elementary School
Why TSC is a great place to work: I love coming to school each day! My great privilege is to partner with parents to make sure the students grow emotionally, socially and academically.

August 9 - Professional day - staff only
August 12 - Professional day - staff only
August 13 - First day of school for students
September 2 - No school - Labor Day