Newsletter for employees of the Tippecanoe School Corporation
Safety Matters
The recent school shooting in Florida reminds us all of the importance of safety and security in our schools.

Please read this message from TSC School Resource Officer Aaron Gilman and reflect on how these tips apply to you and your building.

When you see something, say something.
Klondike teacher recognized
Kaitlin Christopher
The Lee University Office of University Relations named Kaitlin Christopher as a winner of the 2018 Young Alumni Professional Development Grant. Christopher teaches grade 2/3 high ability at Klondike Elementary School. She will use the grant to attend the Indiana Association for the Gifted meeting to develop skills to better serve gifted students in the classroom.
Grant opportunities
SIA spring grant applications now available

The SIA Foundation is now accepting applications for its spring grants.

The foundation awards cash grants to support funding of specific projects in the area of health, education and arts.

Click here to apply. The deadline is March 31.
Deadline for PIE grants approaching

Evonik Corporation, Tippecanoe Laboratories, is now accepting applications for its Partners in Education (PIE) grants. The grants are available to local teachers to promote enrichment and educational excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) curricula.

PIE grant applications and guidelines are available. The deadline to apply is March 2.
TSC elects to participate in voting program
McCutcheon and Harrison High Schools will serve as early vote centers for the primary election May 4 through a partnership with the League of Women Voters. The first-time voter education program is aimed at engaging and educating high school students. Read more .
Kindergarten Roundup
The Tippecanoe School Corporation will host Kindergarten Roundup for the 2018-2019 school year Wednesday, April 11, at all 11 of its elementary schools.

Parents/guardians enrolling an incoming student must contact the school before roundup to get a username and password for online registration.

Thinking about retirement?
Giving notice

We will soon begin the process of staffing for the 2018-19 school year. If you plan to resign or retire at the end of this school year, please turn in your letter to your principal as soon as possible. You will be leaving big shoes to fill and we need a headstart to get the best candidates available.
Calculating retirement

Have you calculated how much income you may need each month in retirement?

TSC Technology Tip
Expanded search options in Google Drive
Have you ever found yourself scouring Google Drive for a file someone previously shared with you? If you know who created the file (the Owner), the expanded search options in Google Drive can help you quickly locate the file in question. To use the expanded search options, simply click the drop-down arrow in the search field. From there, enter a "Specific person" into the Owner field and search your Google Drive for files they own and have shared with you.
Health Matters
The Anthem formulary will be updated on April 1. To maintain the highest level of clinical integrity, while delivering cost savings to members, Anthem regularly adds/removes drugs or make tier changes to their drug lists. Medications may move to a higher tier or be removed from Anthem's drug lists twice a year. Anthem will be reaching out to members who may be impacted by the April drug list changes.

Visit Prescription Management to learn how to access Anthem's online pharmacy tools.

Visit Good Rx for coupons on your current prescriptions (save up to 80%).
TSC Nutrition Services

Here are some exciting new updates from the TSC kitchens. Click here to see what's cooking.

Additionally, we are implementing some fun learning activities. This month we created a guessing-game with clues for our elementary school and middle school students. Feel free to download our clue sheets and use them with your class. For the elementary school version click here ; for the middle school version click here .
Heart Health - Sodium

Sodium (salt) is not a villain. It’s necessary for good health and is found naturally in many foods. However, the average American consumes too much sodium in their diet which could cause major health problems over time.

Click here for helpful strategies regarding sodium – at restaurants, at the grocery store, and at home.
Personal coaching program
Logo for NuStart
Are you ready to live healthier and feel better? Click here to apply for NuStart's healthy living program. The coaching is now available at the TSC/LSC WeCare South Clinic, along with the TSC/LSC WeCare North Clinic and the app.

INtegrate movement challenge
Golden shoe and $100
A new INtegrate Movement Challenge is underway – the Golden Sneaker trophy and $100 will be awarded to the winning school/team. All you have to do to help your team win is to move, hydrate, participate and complete the weekly survey on the NuStart Health app.

Contact NuStart if you need technical assistance with the app. Make sure you sign up to get the app and register so you can participate in the challenge. Feel free to email Bryce Lindsay or call him at 260-274-0311 if you have any questions.
Inspiration Matters
With Kathy Nimmer
It is so easy to feel solitary in our professional and personal lives. The irony of a culture dominated by social media and texting is that feelings of loneliness and isolation are on the rise. We can feel disconnected as we stumble forward seemingly without purpose.

That is why videos such as this one are so meaningful; they remind us that we are indeed not alone and that, in contrast, the beauty of community is incredibly alive. For the times when it seems you are separate from others and thus less important than everyone else, watch these 650 plus teenagers sing the National Anthem from hotel balconies, just because it is a good, uplifting and significant thing to do. Every voice matters here, and the collective voice rings forth with breathtaking power. The result is affirmation that we are all better because of each other.
Employees Matter
Carrie Painter
Employee Name: Carrie Painter
Years with TSC: 3
Position: English Language Learners (ELL) Coordinator
Why is TSC a great place to work:
I love the supportive work environment. I have had more opportunities than I can count to grow professionally as a leader at TSC.
Brenda Cunningham, TSC Transportation Secretary
Employee Name: Brenda Cunningham
Years with TSC: 31
Position: Secretary, Transportation Department
Why this employee makes TSC great: Brenda is dedicated and always puts the mission of TSC first. She is a valuable asset to our corporation.
TSC Calendar

March 9 - End of the third nine weeks
March 26-30 - No school, spring break
May 29 - Last student day