Newsletter for employees of the Tippecanoe School Corporation
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Fire alarm procedures
Based on guidance published by the Indiana State Fire Marshal's Office and consultation with the Indiana Fire Chiefs Association, the Tippecanoe School Corporation will not be changing its standard response to a fire alarm. TSC Director of Safety Steve Tobias says TSC will maintain an immediate evacuation upon activation of a fire alarm. This review follows recent legislation that would allow a three-minute delay to evacuate during an unscheduled alarm.

Future Administrator Seminar
The Future Administrator Seminar program is created to identify potential administrators among the TSC faculty and provide them with appropriate training and leadership opportunities. 

If becoming an administrator is one of your career goals, consider being a part of the TSC Future Adm inistrators Sem inars.

Contact Pamela Flora before October 18 if you have questions or would like to participate in the program.

Visit with author Ben Hatke
Lafayette native Ben Hatke will be visiting the Tippecanoe County Public Library at 6:30 pm, Tuesday, October 9. Ben is the author and illustrator of the graphic novel “Zita the Spacegirl,” which is a New York Times Bestseller. His graphic novel “Mighty Jack” is a current Young Hoosier nominee."
Author visit Ben Hatke

A healthier lifestyle with nutrition

How do you feel? How much energy do you have? What you choose to eat can play a significant role in the answers to these questions. Click here to learn some tips on what foods will help you live life to the fullest.

How do you INtegrate?
Even if you’re on the right track you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” (Will Rogers) Be sure to use  #TSCINtegrate  to encourage others when you tweet/post pictures and videos of how you are integrating movement into your daily routine. 
TSC puts icing on the cupcake run
Thank you all TSC employees and students who helped make the Public Schools Foundation Cupcake Run a success. Proceeds will help fund teacher grants.

Harrison High School received the traveling "School participation Champ" trophy for having 109 teachers, students, parents and alumni participate.

Top teacher finishers:
  • 5K Men's Race - Kyle Spray, Southwestern
  • 10K Women's Race - Megan Ulrich, McCutcheon
  • 10K Men's Race - Jeff VanArsdel, Harrison
Runners at the starting line of the cupcake run
Kyle Spray holds first place sign
One America Mini Marathon
Ready to try the Indy Mini-Marathon?
Have you ever wanted to run the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon , but don't want to go it alone or how to train?

McCutcheon counselor Megan Ulrich will be organizing an Indy Mini-Marathon training group.

Complete this survey to get started on your next INtegrate journey.
Google Drive Team Drives now available to TSC staff
Google Team Drives are shared spaces where teams, grade levels, departments, etc. can easily store, search and access their files from anywhere, from any device (no VPN required).

Unlike an individual user's Google Drive, files in a Team Drive belong to the team instead of the individual user. If members leave the team, school, or district, the files stay exactly where they are so your group can continue to have access.

Users who create a Team Drive can invite others to join and can delegate access (editors, viewers, etc.). Files can be moved from an individual user's Google Drive to a Team Drive. A single file can't be stored in both locations, however; a copy of the file would need to be made.

Please review this resource created by the TSC Connected Learning Team for information about using Team Drives and best-practices for their use in the TSC environment.

TSC receives PATINS Project grant for AEM resources
The TSC has been named a recipient of an Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) grant funded by the PATINS Project .

Through the grant, TSC will eventually deploy two new resources ( Snap&Read and Co:Writer ) to support students in utilizing Accessible Educational Materials.

TSC Instructional Staff: Please take this short survey on Accessible Educational Materials to help us get started. More information will be available in the coming months.

Health insurance cards
Anthem mailed out new insurance cards last week to all members. Your old health insurance card is no longer valid. 

If you did not receive a new card, you need to go to , log in or create an account, print a temporary copy of your card, and request a new card .

You can also access a digital copy of your health insurance card on your computer or phone using Castlight . Castlight is a medical transparency tool that can help you choose a doctor or service based on quality and cost before you make an appointment. 

Check your paycheck
The paycheck you received on September 5, 2018 was the first check of the new plan year for Health, Dental, Vision, Group Life Insurance, Supplemental Life Insurance and Long Term Disability.

The paycheck you received today, October 5, is the first check of the new plan year for American Fidelity Products (Cancer, AD&D, Critical Illness, Life, and TX Life), HSA contributions for health insurance effective October 1, and United Way.

NOTE: Due to the plan year change from November 1 to January 1, American Fidelity is not offering Flex Spending Medical Reimbursement or Dependent Care October - December. These plan deductions will start on the January 5 payroll.

Please use the Payroll Portal to check to make sure your premium deductions are accurate. 

Flu shot clinics
The TSC/LSC Health & Wellness Clinic will be having flu shot clinics for all TSC health-insured employees, spouses and dependents (4 years of age and older) October 3-18.

Click here for details on dates and locations.
You can also visit a TSC/LSC Health & Wellness Clinic to get your flu shot during the month of October. No appointment is necessary.

  • North Clinic, 2529 Schuyler Ave, Lafayette - 765-772-7098
  • South Clinic, 3000 South 9th St, Lafayette - 765-772-7097
Benefit open enrollment
Open enrollment #2 will be October 30 - November 16, 2018 for plan changes effective January 1, 2019. An email will be sent out on October 30 with plan changes.

With Kathy Nimmer
Little girl on floor with Nacho
At the airport in Washington DC waiting for a return flight to Indiana, I was overwhelmed by the noise and chaos. Hundreds of people, centered on themselves and their upcoming flights, pushed this way and that with little consideration for each other. Then, three feet in front of me, a different noise broke through. The giggles of a 15-month-old child sparkled like a star in the midnight sky. Mixed with the giggles were barks belted out in the same delighted, blissful tones! A child, waiting with her parents for a flight to Ohio, had seen Nacho! For five minutes, she embodied pure joy as she befriended my dog. No words were exchanged, just happy vocalizations and gentle pats, snuggles, and kisses. Everyone who saw or heard the relationship blooming on the floor of Gate 40 slowed and let go of their urgency. For five minutes, the right things mattered and every man, woman, child, and dog smiled.

Casey McDonald
Employee Name: Casey McDonald
Years with TSC: 6
Position: Secretary, Klondike Elementary
Why is TSC a great place to work : I absolutely love my job! The staff at Klondike is amazing and everyone is always willing to go above and beyond to help each other out. I also love that my job allows me to interact with the 1,000 students and their families on a regular basis. 
Gail Emerick
Employee Name: Gail Emerick
Years with TSC: 24
Position: Systems Specialist, Technology
Why is TSC a great place to work: I enjoy helping others and that no day is the same. The changes to technology during the last 24 years have been amazing. Being a part of those changes has taught me a lot.
October 12 - End of the first nine weeks
October 26 & 29 - No school, fall break
November 21-23 - No school, Thanksgiving