JUNE 2016  

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Just Launched: TSC Learning Center

TSC Learning Center is an exclusive online educational platform and hands-on learning experience that provides
guided practice on using TSC tools and services designed to help address issues related to product sustainability
in supply chains. Through a series of videos, quick write-ups, and easy-to-understand exercises, users can
connect with and deeply understand TSC content and how it can be applied to their organizations and work.

The Education Modules provide users an opportunity to learn
  1. The value of TSC mission and methods.
  2. How to measure and assess supply chain sustainability.
  3. How to prioritize issues, set goals and policies, and identify sourcing regions.
  4. How to train teams and establish partnerships globally.
Users can also practice responding to KPIs and access all TSC resources in one central location. 

Want to learn more about this new offering from TSC? Members have access to this center free of charge. 
Learn more and see pricing for non-members.

TSC Learning Center: Sneak Peak and Coming Soon

The TSC Learning Center helps users become comfortable with the framework of KPI's before they are required to submit a survey response requested by a retailer or manufacturer using TSC KPI's. 

The picture above is a sneak peak into this exclusive tool only offered by TSC.

Coming soon to TSC Learning Center:
  • Deep dive into TSC tools, how to use them, and their benefits: Users will understand the science behind Category Sustainability Profile and KPIs, as well as how to use TSC tools to assess supply chain performance and the business benefits of the resulting data analysis
  • PSN training for suppliers and others responding to surveys, as well as those sending out the surveys: Users will understand how the SAP Product Stewardship Network operates, how suppliers can register and respond to surveys requested by their customers, and how the results are displayed and interpreted on both the buyer and supplier sides
TSC Staff Visit Arkansas Poultry Facilities 

TSC visits the Arkansas Agricultural Research and Extension Center (AAREC) poultry facilities. AAREC staff took TSC's Fayetteville staff through a up-close tour of the laying hen and broiler chicken life cycle from egg to slaughter as well as feed milling. Thank you to the AAREC staff for sharing their vast knowledge!

Standardizing Measurement of Logistics Emissions

Thank you to Global Logistics Emissions Council for their previous work on TSC transportation toolkit development. 

Please note their upcoming launch:

The Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) of industry initiatives, associations and leading multinationals involved in freight movement led by Smart Freight Centre, invite you to celebrate the launch of a universal and transparent way of calculating logistics emissions: the GLEC Framework 1.0. The meeting will be at WRI Offices in Washington, D.C. on June 23. 

Register for TSC Service Provider Training

Join TSC staff experts for the first ever training for advisory, verification, and training service providers interested in working with TSC Tools. Learn how to use TSC tools and services to enhance your services to the consumer goods industry. Topics include TSC research methodology, metric design, data collection, and business integration.

Space is limited. Sign up now! If you are interested in participating, click here to register. You will be notified when your participation is confirmed and be provided with payment information.

Member: $195
Non-member: $895 (Includes Product Sustainability Toolkit License - $699)
Register for Animal Welfare Workshop 

For TSC Members or TSC Invited Participants only. 

As part of the development of Product Sustainability Toolkits for animal welfare in Batch 12, TSC will be hosting an in-person meeting in Fayetteville, AR for TSC members and invited participants. The schedule has been set to allow travel time on the morning of Monday June 27th and the afternoon of Tuesday the 28th.

Register here.

List of Toolkits
Laying Hens, Broiler Chickens, Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle, Pigs, Farmed Fish
Taking the Impact Report On Tour! 
TSC is on the road taking our impact report and our call for collective action on the road. We will be visiting members in cities across the U.S., holding webinars for all domestic and international members and will be speaking at sustainability-related conferences throughout the year.

Keep an eye out on our social media feeds, on TSC events listed below, and on our website for updates on where our staff will be next.

Follow us on twitter @TSC_news. Use #TSCImpact to join the conversation.

TSC Staff On The Road!





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