Tricia Sloan Dance Center
Recital 2021 - Rehearsals
Wednesday & Thursday, June 23rd & 24th

**Please note the "Finale Rehearsal"
on Thursday June 24 @ 6:30 is for
Dance Company Members Only**

**Mask requirements for dancers and audience to be announced at a later date**

Important Rehearsal Tips

  • Dress Rehearsal is very very important.

  • It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that every dancer attends dress rehearsal. All of us must become fully acquainted with the stage, backstage area, dressing rooms and theater.

  • Dancers should be fully dressed in their recital costume with hair style and makeup—just like the recital.

  • Dancers, please do not eat or drink while in costume.

  • Dancers may go home once their scheduled rehearsal(s) is completed.

  • Put your dancer’s name on all parts of the costume, accessories, tights, shoes—everything.

  • Please check your area when you are leaving--we always find items that are left behind.
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Recital Dates & Times
Fri. June 25th @ 6 PM: Dance Levels 3 & up
Sat. June 26th @ l PM: Dance Levels 2 & under