It's hard to believe that we're closing in on the end of 2017 already.  We have three exciting and relevant workshops on two coasts.  While the first is a personal growth workshop, all three can be used for personal growth as well as training.  We hope you'll join us and add your thoughts, feelings, and vitality to the group.

September 22-24, 2017 
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Kate Hudgins , Ph.D., TEP 
Monica Forst, M.Ed., CCC, ICADC, RP 

This is a healing workshop for men and women who have unresolved past and/or present grief.  Building resources and becoming aware of defenses through TSM, you'll be able to experience and express the pain of loss while being held with compassion by a team of highly-skilled therapists and a group of like-minded individuals.  Please see flyer for registration information. 

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East and West Coast  in November, 2017.


November 10-12, 2017 
Media, PA
Kate Hudgins, Ph.D., TEP
Scott Giacomucci, LSW, CETIII 

The Therapeutic Spiral Model's (TSM) "Trauma Triangle" is a unique configuration that clarifies the destructive cycle of victim, perpetrator, and abandoning authority.  In distinction to Karpman's Triangle, this last role was created by TSM to explain the subtle, yet damaging, presence of someone who was absent-not there to rescue-i.e., there was no appropriate authority.
The Trauma Triangle represents a closed circuit of energy embedded in the personality structure of those who have survived cruelty or trauma, repeating itself as life-long patterns of abuse and neglect. This training provides tools that empower transformation of self-neglect to self-care and that instill healthy problem-solving.  
Contact Scott Giacomucci,
for more information and to register.

Sylvia Israel, LMFT, RDT/BCT, TEP 
&  TSI Action Healing Team: 
Joy Liu, LMFT  &  Gregory Burns, L M F T

 A  TSI workshop that was first introduced in the early 90s to help people who suffered the ravages of early childhood sexual abuse.  We have now re-introduced it with an emphasis on building the strengths to face life's challenges without the veil of addictions, including alcohol, food, sex, love, work, exercise, etc.
This workshop is for those who are currently in therapy or on a personal journey of healing and recovery.  It is also for professional who want to learn therapeutic tools in addition to personal work.
For information, please contact:
Joy Liu, , (510-999-6380);
Gregory Burns, , (925-223-7228).

 Please check our website Calendar for a full list of upcoming workshops. 
Thank you. 
Kate & all the TSI Trainers

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