S olstice 2016
News Update

Welcome to our Solstice News Update for 2016 -- very special since, for the first time in 70 years, there is a full moon at this solstice. Much is happening as TSI continues to grow in breadth and depth with Kate's and other TSI Trainers' and Team Leaders' workshops filling fast.  Just this week, the June Women's Salon meets at Kate's home in Charlottesville, VA. An international group of women support each other to find those strengths that come out of a history of generational trauma.

In July 2016, there is a new  East Coast Training Group beginning in Malvern, PA, where Kate will present Transforming TSM's Trauma Triangle to a group of experienced therapists. Following this training Kate has been invited to conduct a private event -- a one-day workshop: Resilience in Action: Self-care for Professionals -- at Mirmont Hospital, Main Line Behavioral Health in Malvern. The 2nd training workshop takes place in October as M onica Forst, an international expert on trauma and addictions, conducts the group with TSI AL Shawn Mattas, M.D. (Lifting the Veil of Defenses: Helping Clients Access Their Grief). Kate and the Action Healing Team round out the year of training in April, 2017 with the workshop Change Your Brain: The Neurobiology of Trauma.

While the  East Coast Training Group has moved to Pennsylvania, a more centralized location, the  West Coast Training Group still centers in the San Francisco Bay area. Kate will be working with Sylvia Israel (our Interviewee this month), Armand Volkas, and Vlada Zapesotsky. CEUs are now available for psychologists and nurses for our West Coast Training workshops. Both Coasts are running full training groups and the workshops are filling fast into Spring of 2017 -- so get your registrations in.  (See our Workshops' Section below for all the current information.) 

We now have an increasing number of certified Trainers and Team Leaders in the Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM), who teach and conduct workshops all over the world.  Many have developed TSI Action Healing Teams, which are crucial to provide safety when working in groups dealing with trauma. Clients who wish to have a  personalized, intensive day or weekend dedicated to their specific issues can arrange to have a Team work with them.  In fact, Dr Kate has just come back from a weekend in the Greater Toronto area where she worked with Martha Peirce, M.Ed., Registered Psychotherapist and TSI Assistant Leader in private TSM sessions.

Since our last News Update, TSI has welcomed one new Assistant Leader (AL), Gabriel Thibaut LMFT, and two certified Trained Auxiliary Egos (TAEs), Coleen Moreno LCSW and Vlada Zapesotsky MA, PAT. All are from our West Coast training group. For more information about our Trainers and Team Leaders and on becoming a TSI Trainer and Team member, please visit our website, where you will find an updated tab for TSI Certification.

In this edition we spotlight three new TSI publications and other very interesting articles pertaining to all aspects of psychodrama and neurobiology of stories.  We also continue our format of interviewing a TSI Trainer. Last November we had the privilege to interview Ben Rivers, a brilliant international trainer working in Egypt, the Mideast and India. If you missed that interview or would like to read again what Ben is doing, including photos of the serenely beautiful Darshur Centre, please click here. Then in March, Linda Ciotola agreed 'to visit' us with a tour of her extensive professional and beautiful personal life--chock full of accomplishments, love and beauty. Click here if you'd like to visit Linda again -- a trip worth taking. 
Now we're happy to introduce Sylvia Israel to you. Sylvia has an extensive background in the expressive arts and has been involved with TSM for over 20 years. Kate and she conduct wonderfully-full training groups on the West Coast. They'll be doing an advanced clinical training on The Dance of Transference and Countertransference this September and another workshop on Projective Identification scheduled for March 2017. Very exciting!

We also continue the feature "Dr Kate's Musings" -- her thoughts and feelings about a variety of subjects. Here she tells us of her experiences with 3 Psychodrama stages, the last being her own in Wisconsin that was dedicated to Zerka. Her musings are thoughtful, insightful and a delightful story complete with pictures.

And speaking of Zerka, hundreds of you have viewed our special birthday wishes sent out on June 13th, her 99th birthday. Your comments expressed the love and admiration you feel and were very much appreciated. If you want to visit Zerka again, this  link is an interview that Sergio Guimaraes did with her at her home a few years back. In it she clearly explains her views on the Director and the Protagonist.  Zerka is still a treasure to us and we miss her terribly.  

Once again, Kate and I are happy that you've joined us. We hope to keep the conversation going, so if you have any comments and questions, please contact Kate at drkatetsi@mac.com. And please check out Kate's schedule of workshops for the coming year (see below).

Wishing you brightness and light from 
the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains 
of Virginia,

Francesca Toscani, TEP

Sylvia Israel

Trainer Interview

   Among Sylvia Israel's (LMFT, RDT/BCT, TEP) many licenses and certifications, she is a creative, caring, and highly skilled trainer and practitioner in the Therapeutic Spiral Model for working with Trauma Survivors. Sylvia is also a founding member of Bay Area Moreno Institute ( BAMI) and  IMAGINECenter for Creativity & Healing, her own center in San Rafael, CA. 
        From her professional and personal experience, Sylvia has seen that the essence of healing work is accepting oneself fully -- the parts or roles that are not as 'acceptable', as well as the wished-for roles that lead toward fuller development and fulfillment.  She believes that developing self-compassion opens to new ways of being and she enjoys supporting others in this journey by identifying and accessing strengths (TSM's Prescriptive Roles), calling on ancestors, and healing childhood wounds. Being a child of Holocaust survivors herself, Sylvia finds gratification and a calling to work with others whose lives were affected profoundly by this trauma.
          In all of her work, she skillfully and creatively draws from expressive arts therapies, including drama, art, movement and sandtray, and from somatic, cognitive, transpersonal and psychodynamic therapies.  Sylvia is a 'worker-bee' with many talents that she humbly and gracefully shares.

Kate & Sylvia's Training Group, 2016 

Click here  to read  Sylvia's full interview,
including photos.

2016-2017 Workshops

We have a full selection of stimulating and inspiring workshops, both for training and personal growth. They are planned for the c oming seasons -- in the East & West Coast United States, Canada, Taiw an and China. Please note that CEUs are available for psychologists and nurses in West Coast Training.  TSI Trauma Certification credits and hours toward psychodrama certification are also given at all workshops.  

Click here  for information from the flyers and visit our website to view a full calendar of events.

Dr Kate's Musings
3 Psychodrama Stages

A young woman, in a recent group at my home and new to psychodrama, asked about the picture of me on the psychodrama stage at the Psychodrama Theatre of Protection in Black Earth, WI in 1996.  This led me to talk about the 3 psychodrama stages that I have been privileged to work on in my 30+ years as a psychodramatist and clinical psychologist.  So, as a bridge from the people and places who are some of the historic figures in the psychodrama world to the many people who many never meet them, I am happy and honored to take on a new role (for me) as oral historian.  

It started for me in 1980 at the original Beacon Theater in Beacon, NY. It was there that I saw the first stage when I attended a training, along with the group of psychodrama interns from St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, DC. It was a magical introduction to the depth and wonder of psychodrama in its original setting -- walking the grounds that many patients had; working in the theater where both JL and Zerka Moreno developed psychodrama in the USA, and eating at the long table with others who were seeking training...

(Including photos never seen before)

Recommended Reading
Articles & Books
Recent articles, books and blogs are bringing the acceptance of Psychodrama and other experiential methods into the broader clinical psychology and medical arenas. This is due to the extremely professional work, research and publications by psychodramatists.

Dr Kate's latest article,  An Introduction to the Therapeutic Spiral Model, appears in the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association's ( IEATA) 2016 Newsletter Edition 1 of their Professional Exchange.

And coming up is a chapter that she is assiduously working on for a new book: Hudgins, M. K. (In Press). PTSD Unites the World: Prevention, Intervention and Training in The Therapeutic Spiral Model. In C.E. Stout and G. Wang (EDs).  Why Global Health Matters: Guidebook of Innovation and Inspiration.  Amazon Publishing.

TSI is also well-represented in the Spring 2016 Journal of Psychodrama, Sociometry, and Group Psychotherapy ( www.asgpp.org). 

The section on Theory and Research has a clear and beautifully-written research article that emerged from Veterans' groups that Dr Kate and TSM trainees, Rebecca Perry and Kyla Saby, et al. conducted in 2013. As the editor-in-chief, Tian Dayton, states, "... Psychodrama Intervention for Female Service Members Using the Therapeutic Spiral Model ... (is) a beautifully laid-out study of the effectiveness of the Therapeutic Spiral Model developed by Hudgins in treating PTSD in the military..."   

And Linda Ciotola, M.Ed., TEP, TSI Trainer shares her beautiful and sensitive poem, The Sleeping/Awakening Child, that she wrote following a TSM drama in which she was the Body Double (BD), experiencing with the protagonist a range of emotions. Since the poem is not long, we reprint it here with Linda's permission:

The Sleeping/Awakening Child
"I know now," she said, "God saw my pain
and wept."

And, in that moment, I knew
the truth of it.
In every nerve and sinew,
In the deep bony marrow,

The meaty muscle, skin and cell;
The truth leapt upon my heart
Like a Divine Dancer.
Body in Spirit, Spirit in Body
The knowing breath of "yes!"
My "sleeping child" had rested
In the arms of God;
Now awakening.

At one with the music and the movement,
The dancer and the dance,
The voice and the vision,
And the lullaby of life, singing.
And I turned my eyes inside
To God

And dried the tears.

Scott Giacomucci, a new TSI Team member and sponsor of the East Coast Training Group in Malvern, PA, has written a short, readable piece about the healing power of psychodrama, specifically in role-playing and role reversal.  This appears in the online Women's Health Source of Main Line Health (page 8).


The following links to articles tell interesting accounts, including how stories affect biological and neurobiological processes, i.e, our guts and our brains. And how they help the brain in recovery from stress.  Click on them and enjoy.


A new book, Group Therapy Workbook: Integrating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Psychodramatic Theory and Practice, by Thomas W. Treadwell, Debbie Dartnell, Letitia E. Travaglini, Maegan Staats, and Kelly Devinney, is recently published by Outskirts Press. 

Their online review calls it, "An Introduction to Cognitive Psychodrama Group Therapy and Its Application to Handling Distressing Events." And goes on to say, Cognitive Psychodrama Group Therapy (CPGT) is a group therapy model that integrates the techniques and theories of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Psychodrama. CPGT enacts positive change in clients through the use of Automatic Thought Records and Psychodramatic techniques. Psychodramas unfold as the group members begin to understand their core beliefs and cognitive distortions in a way that enhances the power of the action and healing that takes place within the psychodrama.

We hope you 
enjoy your 'summer' reading!

Dear Friends of TSI,

I hope you've enjoyed reading our TSI News Update for Summer 2016. We have enjoyed putting it together and chatting with you about TSI Trainers, TSM trauma work, and psychodrama itself.  I also hope you will join us for one of our exciting 2016-2017 workshops and I look forward to seeing you.  
But, before I sign off, I'd like to explain something you might already have noticed: the increased use of TSI where TSM had previously been used.   
TSM (Therapeutic Spiral Model) is the psychodrama modality that we developed over 25 years ago to work safely with persons carrying the effects of PTSD.  We used it for years to describe all of our work, including naming our trainers and team members with it.

TSI (Therapeutic Spiral Institute), developed years later, establishes the International Certification in Trauma Therapy that has certified thousands of people at different levels in 30 countries to do TSM work as Trainers, Team Leaders, Assistant Leaders, and Trained Auxiliary Egos.  
Previously our trainers were "TSM Trainers," but now they're "TSI Trainers."  Yes, they're trained in the TSM model, but they have been certified by the Institute.  So, you'll take a TSM workshop and you'll get TSI credit hours toward certification.

Now, there's another TSI (Therapeutic Spiral International) whose logo heads this newsletter, the overarching corporation and organization that holds it all -- the TSM trauma work and the TSI/Institute credentialing. 

Fairly early on, it became an important name to reflect the international reach of all our TSM work. This name means a lot to me because I feel a bond with everyone throughout the world with whom I've worked these many years.

When starting TSM, I could only dream that it would develop like this. Then on January 1, 1995, Francesca and I knew it was time to bring our TSM work into a broader scope than childhood sexual abuse.  Within days of this decision, Collette Harrison (now a TSI Trainer) secured an invitation for us at the UN NGO Conference for Year of Women. 

It was the beginning of our international work that eventually became Therapeutic Spiral International (TSI).

We hope, as you learn more about the Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM) and our International Certification in Trauma Therapy, that you will find what you are looking for in terms of trauma training and personal growth. Thank you again for your interest in our work and for helping make TSM-TSI what it is today. If you have comments, questions, or thoughts you'd like to share, I'd love to hear from you at any time.

With very best wishes for a healthy, 
peaceful and enriching 
Solstice Time.

Blessings and Balance,

Kate Hudgins
Therapeutic Spiral International