The Pasco Education Foundation/ Take Stock in Children Pasco annual Board of Directors retreat was held yesterday. Thanks to Stacey Capogrosso for her leadership and arranging this meeting as the Foundation/TSIC prepare for greater things to come for the students & teachers at Pasco County Schools. Truly an amazing board of directors & staff! Thanks to Lexus of Wesley Chapel for their amazing hospitality in hosting our retreat at their gorgeous location.
FANG-tastic and meaningful conversation with your mentee is a BOO-tiful thing!
Check out this quick 13-minute presentation which explores the basic communication characteristics of each phase of the Mentor/Mentee Relationship and provides insight on how to create a lasting bond with your mentee.
Two of the hardest questions teens face as they work their way toward high school graduation are:
  1. What are you going to major in?
  2. What career are you working towards?

The issue with these questions is that teens have a limited exposure to the wide variety of subject areas and career choices available in today’s economy. They also lack the work experience needed to understand their interests and the relationship these interests have to their skill set. This understanding takes time to develop but, in the meantime, teens can raise their awareness of their interests and strengths by noticing key characteristics as they mature. 

So instead of asking what do you want to be, we can help teens become more aware of their interests and skills sets by asking these questions:
  1. What academic subjects interest you most?
  2. What is the first subject you choose to study?
  3. What activity or area of study seems to come easier for you than others?
  4. If you have to spend an hour in a lecture, what topic would you choose?
  5. If you have to spend an hour doing an activity, what would it be?

In what subjects does your student say, "This is easy?" What subject does your student choose to study first? What types of books or topics does your student gravitate toward? How does your student choose to spend their free time?

As you begin to observe the areas of interest and areas of easy learning (a/k/a talents) in your student, consider helping them sort the interests and talents between what may be a hobby, a job, or a career.
Progress Reports will be out on Friday, November 16.

The week of November 19 - 23 schools will be closed and students will be enjoying their Thanksgiving Break. Make sure to plan your mentor sessions accordingly since you'll be losing a week in November.

Click here to view the Pasco County Schools calendar for the 2018-2019 school year.
Do you use the TSIC Mentor Tool Kit during sessions with your mentee? The activities inside are based on interviews and focused discussions with educators, university personnel, and experts in the fields of mentoring and education. The activities can help you "break the ice" if you need ideas for your weekly discussions. If you need a copy of the tool kit, let us know. It is also available online in PDF format here which can be useful when printing out copies of exercises you and your mentee want to complete together. What's your favorite activity in the Mentor Tool Kit?
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Last Chance to RSVP for the Mentor Luncheon...BONE appetit!
7227 Land O Lakes Blvd [Building 2, Citrus Room]

11/07/18 11:30am - 11/07/18 1:00pm

This a great opportunity to meet and network with fellow mentors. Plus meet our new Mentor Coordinator, Gina Granger.
I'll be there!
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