Welcome Take Stock Class of 2022
W e are excited to welcome 25 freshmen in to the Take Stock family. Our 9th graders join the program with an impressive average GPA of 3.6 and attend seven high schools throughout the county. Seventy percent of these scholars will be 1st generation college students. By providing college scholarships and the support of a caring mentor, we are investing in a bright future for these deserving students!
Student Spotlight – Huskie Pride
Shania Rodriguez
As a senior at Hagerty High School, Shania Rodriguez loves both art and science . She participates in the Art Honor Society and thrives in her science classes. She plans on applying to the University of South Florida, University of Florida and Florida Gulf Coast University to prepare for a career in Environmental Biology. As the youngest child in a single-parent home, the Take Stock in Children scholarship gives her a path to an Associate’s degree and a way out of poverty.
Half Honduran and half Caribbean, Shania immigrated to the United States 10 years ago with her mother. Her favorite subject last year was U.S. History and her favorite genre of books is mystery or science fiction. An avid reader, she just finished “The Five People You Meet in Heaven.” Shania is at her local PetSmart most Saturdays volunteering with an animal rescue group to find her furry friends forever homes.

Thanks to the support of her mentor and Take Stock, Shania is college ready and college bound!
Mentor Spotlight – Supporting Student Success
Michael Heald, CPA
“Without a doubt, my greatest joy is seeing my students succeed. It may be scoring well on a test, reaching a goal of not missing any assignments, doing well at a sporting event, or hearing about a special time with his family. It is truly fulfilling to be able to not only share in those moments, but to witness a young man grow and mature before my eyes.”
A Seminole County resident since 1997, Michael Heald started his own accounting and consulting firm in January 2017. A successful CPA, he wanted to give back to his community honoring his greatest passions: education and helping children. This lead him to the Foundation for Seminole County Public Schools six years ago when he joined the board of directors. Through his board work he learned about the Take Stock in Children program and became a TSIC mentor. For the last four years, Michael also served on the TSIC Leadership Committee guiding the program and helping it grow.

Alumni Spotlight – Paying It Forward
Tara Hagood
“I’ve personally gone through a lot of struggles growing up and getting through high school, and I think I have a lot of guidance to give to a student who may be going through similar circumstances – both personally and with my career experience. As a TSIC mentor, I’ll be able to share a lot of knowledge with a mentee.”
Like many freshmen, Tara learned a lot about time management and priorities her first year of college. Balancing work, school and a social life is hard for anyone, and Tara was no exception. Luckily, she realized her grades weren’t as good as they could be and learned from her mistakes. She is on track to start her junior year in Spring 2019 at the University of Central Florida, and she credits TSIC for helping her accomplish her academic goals. 

Does your business offer its employees opportunities to volunteer in the community? Take Stock staff will come to your office and talk with your team about the program and what it means to be a mentor.
If workers can devote one hour a week to provide a student with support, encouragement and guidance, contact Beth Arigo or call 407-320-0301.  
Foundation Mission
The Foundation's mission as a non-profit organization is to enhance the quality of education in Seminole County Public Schools by: raising and distributing funds and in-kind donations; fostering involvement in schools by business and the community; and providing recognition and rewards for outstanding contributions to, and performance within, the school system.