April 2019
Items Highlighted in the Issue:
  • Thank you Governor Lee for Your support
  • 2019 Love Never Dies Quilt and International Loss Wall Dedication
  • Regional Highlight: Two New Survivor of Suicide Loss Groups
  • Thank you for your Service to TSPN Amy!
  • License Plate: An Update
  • Get to Know Your Leaders Across the State:
  • Advisory Council: Katie Valentino, BS, CPRS
  • Emeritus Member: Clark Flatt
  • Intra-State Departmental Member: Carol Coley McDonald
  • Volunteer and Donation Recognition
Thank you Governor Lee for Your Support
TSPN is pleased to announce that its strategic plan to refine and deepen outreach of its national model of prevention-intervention-postvention to reduce stigma and save lives has received the endorsement of the Governor. The Governor’s comprehensive and inclusive multi-prong approach assures sustainability of various programs and services proposed for citizens in dire need of assistance to live out their lives. TSPN welcomes the proposed funding investment to expand its statewide infrastructure platform. TSPN’s leadership is deeply uplifted and inspired by this new funding and will continue to leverage and strengthen the public-private partnership mechanisms to seek innovative ways to increase the quality of life of all Tennesseans. TSPN’s Executive Director, Scott Ridgway, MS, is excited about this increase in opportunity, noting that “with the continued support of this administration, TSPN and its volunteers will be able to reach more Tennesseans than ever. The Governor believes in our Network, he has seen our outcomes, he sees the passion of our Network and Advisory Council appointed by his office, and we are thankful for his support.”  See the official Press Release here.
2019 Love Never Dies Quilt and International Loss Wall Dedication
Fri, May 17, 2019 9:00 AM CST
Open House for the International Suicide Memorial Wall
TSPN Main Office, Nashville
If you have not yet registered to attend the Open House for the International Suicide Memorial Wall, please register today!

Also, if you would like to memorialize your loved one from Tennessee on the 2019 Love Never Dies Memorial Quilt, please reach out to Karyl Chastain Beal with the following information as soon as possible, as space is limited.

1. Send an e-mail to Karyl, Arlyn's mom, at karylofcolumbia@cs.com with QUILT SQUARE in the subject line.
2. Attach a good clear photo of the person to the e-mail. (If you aren't sure which photo would be best, it's okay to send more than one to pick from.)
3. Include the following information in the text box.
~ About the person to be memorialized ~
 1. His or her full name
2. His or her birth date - date - month - year (Spell out the month.)
3. His or her death date - date - month - year (Spell out the month.)
4. Home location (City and state)
5. Person's connection to you. She or he is your
~About you~
 6. Your name
7. Your e-mail
8. Your telephone
9. Your city and state
TSPN is excited to announce the launch of two new suicide loss survivor support groups in Tennessee, one in Spring Hill and the other in Knoxville. The Spring Hill meeting will take place the first Tuesday of each month, contact Karyl Chastain Beal for more information. The Knoxville meeting, in coordination with Peninsula, will take place the second Monday of every month; see flyer to right for more information. Many thanks to Karyl Chastain Beal and Carol Nugent for making these support groups possible through their dedication to healing and suicide prevention.
To find a loss support group in your area, visit the TSPN website, http://tspn.org/for-survivors-of-suicide
Thank you for your Service to TSPN Amy!
It’s with great sadness, that TSPN wishes to announce that Amy Dolinky, our East Tennessee Regional Director, has submitted her resignation from her post. Her last day with us was Friday, March 29th.

Amy has served as TSPN's East TN and West TN Regional Director, respectively, since 2014. She has been offered, and has accepted, the position of Substance Abuse Response Coordinator for Knox County Health Department. While we are happy for Amy's newfound opportunity and wish her well in her new job, we at TSPN are sorry to see her leave.

Amy has proved herself as a talented and compassionate professional who did much to raise awareness of suicide prevention in different parts of the state, most recently in East Tennessee. Amy is a Master Trainer in numerous curricula, including QPR and ASIST, as well as a trainer in so many more including Youth Mental Health First Aid and SafeTalk. Amy spearheaded the now statewide Speak Up-Save Lives project, from a small idea in West TN, to an effort reaching thousands.

She has pledged to stay involved with TSPN even as she takes this new position, and we believe that this will, in time, create additional opportunities for the Network's outreach in the Knoxville area. We wish Amy all the best in her new job and look forward to working with her in the future.

As a Network, TSPN is composed of our dedicated volunteers; without you TSPN would not be what it is today. As staff changes and restructuring takes place within TSPN, we move forward with the singular hope of supporting and growing with the volunteers of this Network. One life lost to suicide is one too many, and with your support this Network prevents suicides each day. 

**Amy asked to extend a huge thank you to everyone that supported her through the last 4.5 years!!** To reach Amy and thank her for everything, akdolink@gmail.com or 847-309-4340.
Wed, Jan 2, 2019 10:30 AM CST
2018 License Plate Reservation (2)
Simply click on the 'Tickets' button to the left to reserve yours today!!
We have already reserved over 400, lets keep it going!! Follow us on Facebook (@TSPNorg) to join the #tspnlicenseplatechallenge to help us get to 1,000 and be the first in the Nation to have a suicide prevention plate!
Get to Know Your Leaders Across the State!
TSPN would like to thank those that make suicide prevention possible in Tennessee. We are going to begin this with Advisory Council, Emeritus Member, and Staff highlights. Nothing we do at TSPN is possible without the dedication of these individuals and their continued time and commitment to TSPN and suicide prevention, and for that we must thank you! Email them and thank them for what they do!
Thank you to all those who have donated time and funds to TSPN!
We can not do it without you!

Thank you for Volunteering Your Time and Expertise:
~Postvention response team for Memphis response to Rev. Dr. John Kilzer ~Ben Dickey ~Lori Kent ~Lindsey Blevins ~Dr. Audrey Elion ~Butch Odom ~Dennis Jones Living Well Network ~Donna DiClementi ~Jason McCown ~Jon Jackson ~Caryn Schmitz ~Marisa Whitsett ~Mike LaBonte ~Sean Jones ~Jeff Shepard ~ Dana Townsend ~Robin Butterfield ~Susan Erdman, LCSW ~Allison White, LCSW ~Sarah Thornell, MSW intern ~Dan Wilborn ~Joe Ranager ~Kobena Charm ~Scott Rogers ~Posey Cochrane ~Jacqueline Blackwell~

Thank you for supporting TSPN Monetarily:
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Donated i n Memory of Chris McKinney
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Field Placement Students with TSPN:
John Bazzano, Austin Peay State University ~Tiffany Stinson, University of Tennessee ~Keri Frantell, University of Tennessee ~Crystal Perry, Union University ~Brittany Maldonado, Austin Peay State University ~Amanda Parker, Columbia State Community College ~Grace Perry, Trevecca University ~Joanna Hernandez, Trevecca University