December 2018
Items Highlighted in the Issue:
  • Thank you for Your Support During the Holiday Season!
  • CDC Releases National Data on Mortality
  • Help us Spread the Word! TN Suicide Prevention License Plate
  • Get to Know Your Leaders Across the State:
  • Advisory Council: Philip Barham
  • Emeritus Member: Jennifer Harris
  • Intra-State Departmental Member: Deputy Commissioner Breece
  • New Staff Member: Michael Anderson, Upper Cumberland Regional Director
  • Donation Recognition
Thank you for Your Support During the Holiday Season!
Whether it be through our Website, Facebook, or in Memory of a Loved One, TSPN thanks you for all donations! We use the funds donated to Tennessee solely in our state of Tennessee, for resources for trainings, survivors of loss, and so much more! Each month we recognize those that have donated and organized donations to TSPN in this E-Newsletter; we thank you all and could not do it without you!
CDC Releases National Data on Mortality
Three new CDC reports show Americans' life expectancy fell to 78.6 years, marking the second time in three years U.S. life expectancy has declined. The trend is largely driven by the twin crises of drug overdose deaths and suicide. In 2017, more than 70,000 people died of a drug overdose (the highest number on record) and in the same year about 47,173 people died by suicide, a 33 percent increase since 1999. Here in Tennessee, our numbers, and rates of suicide have also increased from previous years, withe 2017 number reaching 1,163 at a rate of 17.3 per 100,000 people. To find out more about the problem of suicide here in our state, with updated stats and the effect in your county, visit our website at .
License Plate: An Update
Sun, Jun 10, 2018 7:00 PM CST
2018 License Plate Reservation
Simply click on the 'Tickets' button to the left to reserve yours today!!
We have already reserved over 351, lets keep it going!! Follow us on Facebook (@TSPNorg) to join the #tspnlicenseplatechallenge to help us get to 1,000 and be the first in the Nation to have a suicide prevention plate!
Get to Know Your Leaders Across the State!
TSPN would like to thank those that make suicide prevention possible in Tennessee. We are going to begin this with Advisory Council, Emeritus Member, and Staff highlights. Nothing we do at TSPN is possible without the dedication of these individuals and their continued time and commitment to TSPN and suicide prevention, and for that we must thank you! Email them and thank them for what they do!
Thank you to all those who have donated to TSPN!
We can not do it without you!
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