January 2019
Items Highlighted in the Issue:
  • Welcome to 2019 from our Executive Director
  • International Suicide Memorial Wall
  • Farmers and Veterans Suicide Prevention Task Forces: An Update
  • Regional Highlight: Upper Cumberland Christmas Parade
  • License Plate: An Update
  • Get to Know Your Leaders Across the State:
  • Advisory Council: Becky Stoll, LCSW
  • Emeritus Member: Sabrina Anderson
  • Intra-State Departmental Member: Terry Love, MS, CPC
  • Staff Member: Tosha Gurley, BS
  • Donation Recognition
Welcome to 2019 from our Executive Director, Scott Ridgway, MS
The year 2018 saw the achievement of several long-term objectives for TSPN, as well as innovations in local suicide prevention outreach at a time when our state needs it most. It was our most successful year yet in terms of training sessions and general outreach. Record numbers of Tennesseans received suicide prevention materials at community exhibits, learned about TSPN through newspaper articles and mentions on local news programs, partook of one of the free suicide prevention training curricula our agency provides, or received postvention/debriefing services from TSPN staff and volunteers in the wake of a suicide death in their community.
TSPN had another legislative success, signing the Suicide Prevention Act of 2018 into law, authorizes the Commissioner of Health to create the Tennessee suicide prevention program. This team appointed by the Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Health will address the growing number of adult suicides in Tennessee. TSPN is proud to have played a part in the adoption of this bill and is indebted to the support of Senator Crowe, Representative Ramsey, and the General Assembly for taking the first steps for adopting this legislation. We thank Governor Bill Haslam and his office for their continuing commitment to TSPN. Commissioner Marie Williams has also been a strong supporter of TSPN as Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (TDMHSAS), and we are ever grateful for the Department’s support.
Most importantly we must thank our volunteers, Advisory Council Members appointed by the Governor, staff, and Mental Health America for their administrative oversight. We look forward to working with you all in 2019 to prevent suicide and save lives in Tennessee!
International Suicide Memorial Wall
TSPN is excited to announce the new home of the International Suicide Memorial Wall at our TSPN Main Office located in Nashville. We are forever indebted to Emeritus Member Karyl Chastain Beal for the creation of this wall at her former home in Columbia, TN and are proud to be able to host this wall and the many memories each picture holds. Of the over 600 images on the wall, there are lost loved ones represented from around the world, including New Zealand and England, just to name a few. If you would like to view the wall during business hours you are more than welcome and outside of business hours by appointment. Simply email tspn@tspn.org for this and more information!
Farmers and Veterans Suicide Prevention Task Forces: An Update
TSPN is excited to announce that the first Farmers Suicide Prevention Task Force took place December 7th to great success! (Pictured left) Those present represented all facets of the farming industry, including Farmers, Industry organizations, and College and University extension campuses and researchers. The three committees formed at this meeting, Prevention, Intervention/Postvention, and Research, already have conference calls scheduled to get started on this great work!
The Veterans Task Force had its third meeting already in December, and were honored to receive Commissioner Grinder, who addressed the Task Force, thanking them for all of their work during her time as Commissioner and moving forward as she is transitioning from this roll at the Department of Veteran Services. (Pictured right)
Regional Highlight:
Upper Cumberland Christmas Parade
The Upper Cumberland Region hosted a float in this years Cookeville Christmas Parade. The theme was 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' and our very own Executive Director was the Christmas mouse (see right). This beautiful float, put together by TSPN volunteers and made possible by community partners, is the first solo TSPN float to be in a parade. Thank you so much to all the volunteers who made this possible, and a special shout out to Jessica Pruett and the Pruett Family, Anne Stamps, Brenda Harper, and so many others!
Sun, Jun 10, 2018 7:00 PM CST
2018 License Plate Reservation
Simply click on the 'Tickets' button to the left to reserve yours today!!
We have already reserved over 352, lets keep it going!! Follow us on Facebook (@TSPNorg) to join the #tspnlicenseplatechallenge to help us get to 1,000 and be the first in the Nation to have a suicide prevention plate!
Get to Know Your Leaders Across the State!
TSPN would like to thank those that make suicide prevention possible in Tennessee. We are going to begin this with Advisory Council, Emeritus Member, and Staff highlights. Nothing we do at TSPN is possible without the dedication of these individuals and their continued time and commitment to TSPN and suicide prevention, and for that we must thank you! Email them and thank them for what they do!
Thank you to all those who have donated time and funds to TSPN!
We can not do it without you!
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