From the CEO

I am often asked how I wear the hats that I do in my business.

As TSS, Inc. has grown over the years, many new products and services have been added to our offerings. Twenty-one years ago, drug screening was the only service we provided. Then, we added CPR/First Aid training. After that, came background screens and phlebotomy, and so on. With each new offering, I've had to quickly learn, understand and master the ins and outs of what we are selling to our clients and why. 

Every year, I assess what employers and companies are telling me they need to meet their industry standards or help keep their employees safe. I investigate how I can support my fellow business owners in those areas and then train my staff to provide the information and services to fulfill these needs. As a safety company, it takes many hats to keep all that going and I am proud that the team at TSS is diligent in learning new things right along with me.

In the spring, three TSS team members and I attended the National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association conference in St. Louis, Mo.