From the CEO
Spring is just around the corner!
It’s almost time to “spring forward”. In many ways, that’s very welcome news.

The end of winter is near. We’re seeing our construction folks begin preparations for seasonal projects, tourism is stirring a bit and spring break vacationers are chomping at the bit to get going.

All of that is wonderful and I am excited to move forward... Cautiously. We’ve worked hard over the past 12 months to keep each other safe from this COVID 19 virus. We’ve spent weeks away from work, restricting ourselves to our homes, not seeing our families, not going to school. While I am the first one to be ready to get back to my regular life, I also do not want to see virus spread spike again.

Let’s be mindful about what the regulations say where we live. Know the rules about testing in areas that you might be traveling to and research what you need to do when you return. At the very least, wash your hands and wear your mask, when required or if you are susceptible.

Many people will be vaccinated in the coming months, some will choose not to be. That’s a very personal decision that each of us must make. As you start to venture out please consider that others may still be at risk. Regardless, I wish you a healthy spring season. Get outside and enjoy the sunshine, safely.

Best regards,

Renee Schofield