From the CEO

FOURTH QUARTER IS HERE! What needs to happen right away?
1. UPDATE your drug screening lists.
2. Did you complete third quarter testing? THIS IS CRITICAL.
3. Review your records to be sure you have everything for an audit.
4. Start thinking about 2022. Soon we’ll be into the holidays and time will fly by. We’re working hard on several projects at TSS to prepare for the next year. Here are just a few:
  • The Ketchikan office will be getting new flooring. Consequently, we’ll be a construction zone over the next weeks. Please be careful and pay attention to all signage when you arrive at our offices. Safety is our business, and we want to ensure that all of us are alert to our surroundings.
  • The 2022 Drug Testing Contracts will be out in November. As always, we look forward to working with you next year and are preparing for a strong season in your industry.