July 2020
Self-Storage Report Monthly Newsletter
Data Paints Picture of
Pandemic Impact
by Jennifer Jones and TSSA Staff

Industry performance is measured by data and numbers. It’s how we gauge the health of our business and prepare for the future.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on individual families in America, on the other hand, has been measured with number of breaths and ultimately, heartbeats.  

After looking at feedback from members, it quickly becomes apparent that different facilities experienced different things and approached the pandemic...
Legislative Advocacy
The Unsung Hero of Your TSSA Membership
by TSSA Legal Counsel Connie Heyer

Members are probably familiar with most of the services and products TSSA provides: educational seminars, lease forms and the TSSA Goldbook © to name a few. However, an invaluable service not often discussed is TSSA’s legislative advocacy.

In addition to TSSA legal counsel and staff, TSSA has, for years, retained a professional lobby team, headed by Laura Matz of Matz & Company. All three parties work together, along with TSSA’s Government Affairs Committee and full board of directors, putting in major overtime during the legislative sessions to advocate for...
Monthly Membership Tip
From the Desk of Holly Barr,
Director of Membership & Engagement

This month, we're spotlighting the TSSA Lease Video available on txssa.org.

Watch this short video to learn more about the lease video!
2020 TSSA Annual Conference
October 11-13
Fort Worth Convention Center
Fort Worth, TX

You would normally have all the Annual Conference information by now, but this year is a little different as we are considering how to safely host this event. We are exploring all our options and would appreciate your feedback on one question below. We will update you as soon as we have all the information, and we thank you for your understanding.
Ideas for Education?

 Do you have a topic you'd like to discuss or learn about?

We would love to hear your ideas for topics you would like to see at conference, or even as a webinar or networking event. We know that these past few months have been unique, so let us know what topics would benefit you and your business right now.
I need to access some units to make repairs. How do I notify the tenants? What if they turn out to be the hard-to-reach kind, and I cannot contact them. Can I still perform the repairs?

If you are using the TSSA lease, you should not have any trouble performing the repairs. Paragraph 18 of the TSSA lease outlines your right of entry. Paragraph 18(4) gives you the right to send the tenant a letter requesting access to the space (TSSA Form SP-1) for a number of reasons, including repair. Your request needs to outline the time and the date of your requested entry, which may be no sooner than seven days from the mailing of the request. If the tenant fails to provide you access at the time and date requested, you may then enter the unit. Paragraph 18 also provides that if you enter the unit after you have provided the requisite notice and the tenant has not responded, the tenant must pay for your lock removal charges. TSSA legal counsel has prepared a form for you to use when requesting access to the tenant’s space pursuant to paragraph 18 of the TSSA lease. Form SP-1, Request for Access to Tenant's Space, can be found in the Members Only section of txssa.org.

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