We met the challenge!!! Many thanks to the 90% of our members who contributed to our annual appeal. Mike Rosenberg has graciously agreed to donate an extra $5,000 to our Temple!
This is a testament to all of our members who participated in our challenge and we could not be more grateful for their gifts. With the money that we raised, we can continue to grow and make TSSB an even better community. THANK YOU to all and thank you to Mike!

Sunday, March 25th: Community Passover Seder at 5:00pm
Join us for delicious food, fun games for kids, and a wonderful Seder!
Members: $35/Adult $15/Child
Non-Members: $45/Adult $20/Child

Friday, April 13th: Israel Shabbat Service
5:45pm: Young Family Service
6:30pm: Dinner
7:15pm: Soulful Shabbat Service
Invite to Come.

Update from Morah Ellen, 3rd and 4th Grade Teacher:

"We’re accelerating our Hebrew learning as we head into the final months of the school year. Fourth grade just learned the vowels that make the “O” and “OO” sounds; there are two of each. I was impressed to hear them read real Hebrew words that include those vowels. They not only know the vowels’ shapes and sounds but have “memory clues” to help differentiate one from another.  

Both third and fourth grades began our Pesach study talking about what we remember from our family Seders and the Pesach food we love to eat every year -- chocolate covered matzah was top of the list. We began learning “The Four Questions” and since the students know so many letters now, they could read many the words in Hebrew as well understand meanings and even some basic grammar. Very exciting!
Rabbi August stopped by to teach us the Avadim Hayinu Passover song. We like that her teaching includes hand movements that help us remember the meaning of the words we’re singing. Third grade also began learning the items on the seder plate as they began drawing plates that have both the Hebrew and English names for each item."

Please save the date for our next Religious School Passover Celebration. .. Exodus to the Beach on Monday, March 26th! I t might be chilly, so please send your child with a jacket! Parents are invited to walk with us to the beach.

Monday, April 2nd: NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL
7:00 pm in Room 4 at TSSB

This is the last of the three part series! You are welcome even if you haven't been to the others!

Thursday, March 15th: Did the Exodus from Egypt really happen? Join us to find out! Some scholars believe, since there is NO evidence, that the story may not be true. What do you think?

If you have something to share with the TSSB community, please let us know. We love to include Mazel Tov's or any family or life events in our newsletter.

We are also starting a new tradition during our Friday Night Services where Rabbi August will be reading the names of our loved ones who are ill and need our prayers for healing. If you have loved ones who need healing, please send us the names you would like to be read out loud.
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