THIS Sunday, March 25th: Community Passover Seder at 5:00pm
Join us for delicious food, fun games for kids, and a wonderful Seder!
Members: $35/Adult $15/Child
Non-Members: $45/Adult $20/Child

Friday, April 13th: Israel Shabbat Service
5:45pm: Young Family Service
6:30pm: Dinner
7:15pm: Soulful Shabbat Service
Invite to Come.

Save the Date: Cantor Lily's Rabbinic Ordination!
Monday, May 28th, 2pm at Stephen Wise Temple
RSVP to Cantor@templeshalomsb.org. Invitation to follow..
From Morah Barbara:

"What a wonderful time our third graders had Monday at our special Passover Seder. Our Seder plate served as an example of all of the special foods we eat which are not eaten on ordinary nights.

We learned the reasons for eating matzoh, as the Jewish people fled Egypt without time to add yeast, which would have made the dough rise. The shank bone reminded us of the lambs the ancient Jews used to offer to G-d. The roasted egg represented the birth of a new season. We ate bitter herbs to remind us of our past life in slavery. The charoset was sweet, representing the sweetness of hope and freedom and looks like the mortar the Jews in Egypt used to build the pyramids. Lastly, the saltwater represented the tears we shed. After sampling all of the foods we were treated to matzoh ball soup and macaroons.

We prayed that those still suffering from oppression in the world will soon be free. We thanked G-d for our freedom and each other for being part of our own, special third grade family at Temple Shalom of the South Bay."

This Monday, March 26th: Exodus to the Beach!  Parents are invited to walk with us to the beach at 4:45pm . Dress accordingly ...i t might be chilly, so please send your child with a jacket! (sunscreen and hat would be wise as well.)

Monday, April 2nd:  NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL

We want to extend our condolences to Howard & Lorraine Maycon and their children, Taylor, Skylar & Jonah, over the loss of Howard’s late father, Robert Miles Maycon, z”l, may his memory always be a blessing. 

Known as “Grandpa Bob” to his grandchildren, he will be missed by them all. Robert was an avid Eagles fan, a man who loved life and was devoted to his family. May the family find comfort and healing during this difficult time.

Rabbi Toba August

If you have something to share with the TSSB community, please let us know. We love to include Mazel Tov's or any family or life events in our newsletter.

We are also starting a new tradition during our Friday Night Services where Rabbi August will be reading the names of our loved ones who are ill and need our prayers for healing. If you have loved ones who need healing, please send us the names you would like to be read out loud.
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